More Bully Cops – NY State Police Don’t Know The Law! (Video)

Published On October 2, 2015 | By Jeff Stevens |

Here’s another prime example of cops acting like bullies, exhibiting absolutely no respect for the law.

Of particular note in this particular clip is the moment when the trooper tells the camera operator that he doesn’t care what the Supreme Court says about his rights.

But then again, a few seconds later his supervisor appears and apologizes, sending him away. But not before the camera operator gets him to admit that he was wrong for harassing him.

The video was presented by capitaldistrictcopblock, who in his words “finally had enough” of “having my rights violated and Police lie to get their ticket quota, “adding “Now every chance I get I will record Police to make sure they do not abuse their power on me or anyone I come across.”

Capitaldistrictcopblock goes on to state his mission, writing: “Cop Block is committed to highlighting the double standard often granted to those in uniforms and badges. We do this by raising awareness and providing support to victims of police abuse and other related institutional injustice. By documenting police actions whether they are illegal, immoral, or just a waste of time and resources, then agitating against the individuals responsible (ideally while recording and then later sharing), we can work together towards transparency and a real impact on issues of police accountability.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Cop Block is a grassroots organization working to make police accountable for their actions. The organization’s members and volunteers attempt to draw attention to alleged or evident police abuses that happen across the United States, and work to film police to force transparency and accountability within their ranks.

The video is accompanied by the following text:

When I started this journey of looking into the police I thought that there were only a few bad ones. Now I would love for someone to show a good one. Here the main trooper Fougere had a look of hate, anger and he clearly wanted to use violence. All because he did not get his way. He did not care what the supreme court has said. He doesn’t care what the law is. These are the same people we give so much unchecked power too…. The second trooper Maniscalco just stood there and watched as the first trooper tried violating my rights. Did he speak up or stand up to the bad (ignorant) cop? No he just stood there watching. It took a Sgt. who was worried about making the lawsuit bigger. They don’t care about the law and are too quick to resort to violence.

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Jeff Stevens

Jeff Stevens

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Jeff Stevens