Lawmaker: Supreme Court ‘Cooperating With Demonic Spirits’

Published On May 26, 2015 | By Dave Kilby |

A couple of weeks ago, (5/4/15) the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to New Jersey’s law, banning conversion therapy. This, of course, sent the Religious Wrong into a tizzy. (Doesn’t everything?) Leading the Colorado contingent of crazies is Colorado state Rep. Gordon James Klingenschmitt. (A Republican. But, you’ve probably already figured that out.)

You may remember Klingenschmitt from the time he was kicked out of the military for refusing to obey orders. He was serving in the navy as a chaplain and claims that he was booted out for praying in Jesus name. Like a lot of things this man claims, that’s a lie. He was court-martialed for wearing military garb at a political event, in violation of military regulations. There were other charges as well, but not one of them had anything to do with using J.C.’s name in a prayer.

Never one to let facts get in the way, he’s built a post-military career on his being persecuted by military heathens. In fact, his website is entitled “Pray in Jesus Name” He also hosts a TV program “PIJN”. Both espouse his wing-nut religious views.

In 2014, he was elected to represent Colorado’s 15th District on the east side of Colorado Springs, becoming a perfect example why religion (particularly wing-nut religion) and politics should never mix. Examples forthcoming.

It was on his PIJN TV program that he came out with his latest of a long line (see below) of weirdness. In response to the Supreme Court turning down the suit against banning conversion therapy, he claimed,

What the judges are doing, is cooperating with the demonic spirit inside of the homosexual addict and those judges are now reinforcing the sin and saying you cannot be delivered, you cannot cured, you cannot be healed.

According to Klingenschmitt, only “Christian” psychotherapists can cure homosexuality because,

There is a demonic spirit … inside of the addict that is controlling the voluntary choices, or at least has contracted with them and is manifesting through them in this sinful addiction. And what is the only way to treat that? It’s to get the Devil out and to get the Holy Spirit in.

Klingenschmitt knows that for a fact, since he, himself, has exorcized gay demons.

Never mind the fact that the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organizations all recognize that homosexuality is not a mental problem, let alone a symptom of demonic possession.

This is just his latest mouth fart. His earlier gas passes include:

  • 41xvY9hPl9L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

    A booklet by Klingenschmidt.

    When you smoke pot, you are inviting a “demonic spirit of drunkenness” to take control of you. (Demonic spirit of drunkenness? Hmm, wonder if he’s any relation to Seilenos, the Greek god of the wine press?)

  • Claiming LGBT types sexually abuse their children and crave adopting heterosexual children to recruit them into the world of homosexuality.
  • Suggested “Christian” photographers, who are forced to shoot gay weddings, should print bible verses like Romans 1:32 on the back of their photos. “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
  • Obama is trying to rid the military of Christians and turn it into an all atheist military. Not only that, he has armored personnel carriers and ammo stockpiled to help with the eradication.
  • Speaking of Satan Incarnate, I mean Obama, Klingenschmitt has written a book, The Demons of Barack H. Obama, (Free on Kindle, and worth every penny.) that claims he’s possessed by 50 demons. (Obama, not Klingenschmitt! Although, I wonder about that.)

There’s a bunch more here, but you get my drift and I’m getting tired of this hot, steaming pile of Bovine bowel movement. (Male variety.)

Stay tuned! I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from this troglodyte.

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Dave Kilby

Dave Kilby

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