WATCH: S**tfaced Cop Caught On Cell Phone Video

Published On December 24, 2014 | By james |

WTSP in Miami, Florida is reporting that a troubled Hialeah Gardens police officer is now likely in a lot more trouble.

Last week, motorist Gary Nelson saw a silver Nissan “weaving in and out of lanes,” telling CBS4 News;

“I thought at first that he was texting. Then I realized that he was drunk.”

While he was on the phone with 911 dispatch, he witnessed the Nissan side-swipe a tractor-trailer. Once the vehicles pulled over, Nelson used his cell phone to videotape the scene. The video clearly shows officer Angel Gonzalez – the driver of the Nissan – staggering around the scene. Said Nelson;

“I thought he was a private security guard or something, but then when I saw that he was an officer, and seeing a gun obviously fully loaded, ready to fire, and the officer drunk, it’s not a pleasant scene.”

The police report reveals that three officers at the scene reported that Gonzalez had;

“…an odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath, his eyes were glassy, his gait was unsteady and his speech was thick-tongued.”

Gonzalez appears to have a troubled history with Hialeah Gardens PD. In an interview, Police Chief Van Toth told CBS4 that in 2012 the department tried to fire the officer after he was involved in an accident with his patrol car. In that case, Gonzalez returned to the police station and went home without reporting the accident. He was ultimately suspended for one year and demoted.

In another case, the officer was involved in a fender bender in which he fled the scene. That case was dropped when the other motorist failed to testify.

Because Gonzalez refused a breathalyzer at the scene last week, his licence will be suspended for one year. The Hialeah Gardens PD will also make another attempt to fire Gonzalez.

Reports CBS4;

Gonzalez is suspended with pay, pending criminal and internal affairs investigations. Given that he was allegedly reeking of alcohol and intoxicated shortly after ending his shift, among the questions being asked is whether he was drinking or drunk while on patrol.





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