Warren Named Strategic Policy Adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee

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On Thursday it was announced that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren had been named to a senior leadership position within the Democratic party as the new Strategic Policy Adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.

Warren will serve as a liaison to liberal groups and “help steer policy and communications decisions.”

The Nation reports;

Senate Democrats have a number of important decisions to make as the minority party in the coming two years: which Democratic proposals to highlight, which Republican bills to aggressively oppose, and what amendments to propose to must-pass legislation. (Soon-to-be Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he will embrace an open amendment process.) Senate Democrats will also be an important potential counterweight to any compromises that President Obama may try to work out with Congressional Republicans if Democratic votes are needed. 


The source close to Reid said Warren will be a “crucial” voice and vote at the leadership table when strategic decisions are being made. It’s hard not to conclude that progressives will thus have a stronger ability to steer the party’s strategic course going forward. 

The Boston Globe reports that in a brief interview after the announcement, Warren said;

“Being part of leadership means I’ve got a seat at the table… (it) creates an opportunity to talk, to persuade and sometimes to lead.”

Best known for relentless attacks on big banks, her tireless attacks against Tea Party obstructionism, the Republican-led war on women – and a host of other issues that are important to liberals and progressives – Warren has been elevated to rock-star status within the party, and there has been a push for her to mount a presidential run in 2016.

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