Tea Party Kook Joni Ernst Backpedals From Her Own Whack Bill (VIDEO)

Published On November 3, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

Tea Party extremist and Koch brothers darling, Joni Ernst, now leading in the polls in her race to become Iowa’s next Senator, is trying very hard to unsay what she’s been saying for more than a year.

She has been supporting a failed bill in the Iowa state legislature that would outlaw abortion for any reason, ban human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, as well as make illegal some forms of birth control. She now wants to say,

“That amendment is simply a statement that I support life.”

A check of the facts determined otherwise.

In April of 2013 she, along with 20 other state Senators (every Republican except one) proposed a bill, Senate Resolution 10, changing Iowa’s Constitution.  The change would have declared,

“the inalienable right to life of every person at any stage of development shall be recognized and protected.” 

Such a declaration defines life as beginning at conception. It would give the status of a living person to an embryo from the moment of fertilization through birth.

In a debate, Ernst even advocated the criminal prosecution of any doctor performing an abortion;

“I think the provider should be punished if there were a personhood amendment.”

But the bill goes beyond that into potentially prosecuting women who’ve had an abortion as well, or even if they simply miscarry, though advocates of personhood amendments claim otherwise. Women who have already gone through one of the most devastating experiences that life can offer may then be required to prove the loss was not due to any deliberate action. They could be investigated as though they were criminals. Because the personhood amendment focuses on the rights of the fetus and not on the act of abortion, such action becomes a very real possibility.

Now Ernst is saying that we shouldn’t worry about her bill because it would never pass in its current form.

“If you look at any sort of an amendment at the federal level … they come together through consensus,” she said Wednesday. “And, honestly, we don’t have a consensus.”

Maybe not today, but Joni Ernst and so many other Tea Party Republicans are trying to change that. We can’t afford to let a few more into Congress and the Senate and still hope that saner heads will prevail enough to keep their most extreme ideas from passing as written.

Joni Ernst would vote for this bill in a heartbeat.

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