GOP Used Twitter Accounts To Share Secret Polling Data In Possibly Illegal Election Day Scheme

Published On November 17, 2014 | By james |

 CNN is reporting that it has learned that Republican and outside “dark money” groups may have used Twitter to share internal polling data in real time during the 2014 mid-term elections, a potential violation of election laws.

Via CNN;

The Twitter accounts were hidden in plain sight. The profiles were publicly available but meaningless without knowledge of how to find them and decode the information, according to a source with knowledge of the activities.

Because so-called “Super PACS” and other “dark money” nonprofits are not supposed to coordinate directly with campaigns, the tactic raises questions about its legality.

The scheme worked by tweeting out what appeared to be random sets of numbers that would appear to be meaningless to anyone that didn’t know how to decode the information. In one case, a tweet reading “CA-40/43-44/49-44/44-50/36-44/49-10/16/14-52–>49/476-10s” was actually transmitting data about California house races.

CNN reports that two of the anonymous accounts – @brunogianelli44, and @truthtrain14 were being followed by the nonprofit American Action Network, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and Karl Rove’s superpac American Crossroads.

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Watch via CNN;



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