Defiant Obama Ready To Use Executive Powers In Face Of GOP Threats (VIDEO)

Published On November 14, 2014 | By james |

On Friday, multiple sources are reporting that executive action from President Obama on immigration reform is imminent.

In a press conference, the president chided GOP lawmakers for not acting;

“They have the ability to fix the system. What they don’t have is the ability to do is expect me to stand by with a broken system in perpetuity… It’s way overdue. We’ve been talking about it for 10 years now and it’s been consistently stalled.”

As Politico reports, Obama is saying that action will happen “before the end of the year,” putting the pressure squarely on congressional Republicans to present their own immigration legislation;

“I gave the House over a year to at least give a vote on the Senate bill. They failed to do so… I indicated to Speaker Boehner several months ago that if Congress failed to act, I would use all lawful authority that I possess … That’s going to happen. And that’s going to happen before the end of the year.”

The executive action is expected to extend deportation relief to parents of children who were brought to the United States illegally currently protected under the DREAM Act, as well as undocumented parents of children that were born in the United States.

The president is also expected to act unilaterally on climate change legislation.

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Watch via CNN;



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