Dartmouth Students Troll The F**k Out Of Rick Perry With Anal Sex Questions At Appearance (VIDE0)

Published On November 11, 2014 | By james |

Several outlets including The Young Turks are reporting that Tea-Party Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry was met with some off-color questions at a Sunday appearance at Dartmouth College.

Perry handlers said that the event was meant to give the Koch Industries-owned governor a platform to discuss “U.S. border security, energy initiatives, and foreign policy.”

However, in a move that was designed to “mock the individual and event,” protest organizer Ben Packer had distributed a list of questions based on homosexuality and anal sex to for students to refer to if they were called upon to present a question to Perry:

Perry questions

Packer asked the first question, asking if Perry;

“(disliked) bootysex because the peeny goes in where the poopy comes out?”

Senior Emily Sellers followed up, asking Perry if he would have anal sex in exchange for;

“$102 million in campaign contributions.” 

Last year, Perry described homosexuality as a;

“pop culture… flavor of the month.”

Packer said in an interview to Campus Reform;

“This particular question occurring in the background of Perry’s moral opposition to anal sex, was motivated by the fact that if Perry has any moral boundaries that have not been carefully selected by a team of campaign managers to appeal to specific constituencies, he has almost certainly had to violate those moral boundaries for campaign contributions. You can see the irony, right?… Rick Perry has been closing down abortion clinics in my home state and winning elections by playing off of the socially reactionary fears of the racist and sexually traditional poor and middle class, while soliciting mass donations from the rich and crafting economic policy in their favor. He uses those donations to convince people to vote against their economic interest, broadcasting economic ideology more consistent with class status of his donors rather than his core constituent [sic].”

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