COP: “What Are You Going To Do If I Violate His Rights?” Bolts When Sees He’s Being Filmed (VIDEO)

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Based in part by a nation horrified by what they saw on television in Ferguson, Missouri as local police used sometimes brutal force against peaceful protestors in the wake of the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, the nation’s militarized police forces have seen themselves come under increased scrutiny of late, and rightfully so.

Since Brown’s killing last August, several citizen’s activists groups have supported the Film The Police action started by an organization called Cop Watch. Film The Police reminds us;

Documenting the actions of police employees can help protect you and others because it creates an objective record. You have the right to record anything in public – including, and some would say, especially – police employees.


Though police employees are people just like you and me, courts have ruled that police can lie to you, and that they may not be held accountable for their actions per unfair legal doctrines and practice like “sovereign immunity” and “acting under color of law”.


Recording your interaction preserves the truth for anyone to see. The camera is the new gun. It is the great equalizer. Film the police!

Indeed, one such incident was just captured by Kory Watkins of North Texas Cop Block. When Watkins witnessed a young African-American kid being detained by the police, who one officer claimed had arrest warrants. Watkins took out his phone and started filming. At one point, another cruiser pulls up, and the officer inside challenges bystanders as to what they are doing there.

When one activist responded with “making sure you don’t violate his rights,” the officer  – not knowing he was being filmed – gets out of his cruiser and says;

“What are you going to do if I violate his rights?”

Almost immediately, he notices he is being filmed and retreats back into his police car. After almost 2 minutes, he slowly drove away.

And THAT’S why you Film The Police.

Watch via North Texas Cop Block:

H/T to our friends at The Free Thought Project.



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