Scott Walker Trounced By Mary Burke In WI Debate – But Mostly He Was Beaten By The Facts (VIDEO

Published On October 13, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

Scott Walker, the Koch supported Tea Party Wisconsin governor and 2016 presidential hopeful, showed the country just what a lightweight he is when he faced his challenger, Democrat Mary Burke, in their first debate on Friday.

Burke came out quickly, pounding Walker with his broken promise to create 250,000 jobs, cutting taxes for the rich while raising them for the rest of the state and promised to restore education funding that Walker had cut.  After leading with a call for an open and honest discussion, Walker tried ineffectually to counter her blows with vague rhetoric and an attempt to spin his dismal, 33rd in the country, job production record.

What was, perhaps, the highlight of the night came on the very first question. It centered on the state’s reprehensible voter ID law which Walker had proudly signed, but which the US Supreme Court knocked down just 24 hours earlier. Burke laid out the importance of every registered voter having their chance to vote and bolstered her case with an actual case of an individual who would be prevented by the new requirement and cited the statistic that 300,000 people would be affected by the law.

When it came to Walker’s turn, he talked of protecting the integrity of the elections saying,

“…I was asked how many cases of fraud there have been. I said, does not matter if it was one or a hundred or a thousand. Who was that one person who would want to have their vote canceled out by a vote cancelled illegally?”

The fact, however, is that there have been no cases documented of voter fraud in the state that could have been prevented by an ID.

Burke’s response was perfect;

“It is shocking to me to hear that the Governor would say that he does not care if there was only one instance of fraud, and would put these roadblocks in front of 300,000 people who would find it difficult to get the ID and to vote, even though there are no identified cases of fraud and it could cost millions and millions of dollars to implement. That is just not common sense and is not what I would do as Governor.”

Walker countered with claims of massive fraud. Massive turns out to equal 3 – all republicans who voted multiple times. Ultimately, Walker dodged the question by saying he didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

On a question over minimum wage, Ms. Burke proposed raising the state minimum to $10.10 in 3 steps and linked it to reducing the need for state assistance.  Walker tried to deflect the question, talking about trying to attract higher paying jobs. He also tried to take credit for increasing state money to technical colleges until Burke pointed out he had actually slashed that budget. Walker parroted a republican talking point about Wisconsin not having a jobs problem and the moderators hit him for dodging the minimum wage question. He simply dodged it again.

Walker took more blows on the question of Wisconsin’s ant-woman abortion laws and his cuts to women’s health clinics. He was hammered on his refusal to take federal dollars to expand Medicaid and $250 million cut in healthcare funding and for changing the rules for an out-of-state strip mining company (that is also a Walker campaign contributor). Investigation into that case is ongoing.

Walker was repeatedly prodded to answer questions he either ducked altogether of danced around with platitudes and talking points. Burke continually came back with facts, statistics and solid examples. In the immortal words of heavyweight boxing champ Joe Louis,

“He can run, but he can’t hide.”

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Watch a clip via Crooks and Liars, or view the whole debate HERE. 

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