McConnell Lies About Bused-In Rally Supporters, Campaign On Ropes Amid Grimes Surge

Published On October 24, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

Is Koch backed, Tea Party Republican Mitch McConnell’s campaign on the ropes? He is certainly showing signs of desperation.

In his effort to hold on to his seat and the Senate Minority leadership post that goes with it, McConnell has been appearing at rallies all across Kentucky, but attendance has been sparse.  So sparse that he’s been busing in “supporters” to fill out the crowds. There have been reports that these supporters are not even from Kentucky; that they’ve been recruited in Ohio and bused across the border on promises to pay their expenses.

When called out on the obvious ploy, McConnell did the one thing that came most natural to him, he lied.

“We had some staff people staffing the events. Ninety-five percent of the people, you were there. Were you there? Ninety-five percent of the people were local.” 

The problem was, people noticed. Some witnesses tweeted about the difference between reality and McConnell’s statement.

Democrats have been quick to criticize the ruse. Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman, Don Logsdon said,

“It should surprise no one that Mitch McConnell is left to purchase grassroots support after he and his allies have spent more than $50 million running from his failed 30-year record in Washington. Momentum is clearly on Alison’s side as she draws record-breaking crowds of Kentuckians and runs laps around McConnell’s rusted DC-based campaign.”

This is just the last step in McConnell’s downward spiral. First, there was his disastrous showing in his debate where his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes beat him so soundly on the issues that a McConnell friendly press could only counter by repeating ad nauseam the question about for whom she voted in the last two presidential elections.

Then after rumors spread of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee pulling funding for Grimes’ campaign, new polling came in showing Grimes gaining on him and the DSCC announced it was holding $650,000 for commercials to run on Grimes’ behalf.

As the McConnell campaign falls apart, he desperately scrambles to keep up appearances that he is still leading, that his popularity has not collapsed.  And most importantly that the polls showing him clinging to a lead, however narrow, are not completely bogus.


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Bob Rowen

A lifelong politics junkie with particular interests in privatization and other business and labor issues like minimum wage and immigration.Robert Rowen is also a writer of fiction.His first novel is called The Ballad of Llewellynn.

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