Some Idiot In Dallas Not Wearing Protective Gear While Transporting Ebola Patient (VIDEO)

Published On October 15, 2014 | By james |

NBC 5 in Dallas is being deluged with inquires from outraged viewers after airing live footage of Ebola patient Amber Vinson being transferred to Atlanta for treatment.

The footage they aired clearly shows a man on the tarmac just feet from the patient not following proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols – and viewers of the station justifiably want to know WTF.

Nobody seems to know who the mystery man is.

Clearly, he seems to be putting himself and potentially others at risk of contracting the deadly disease.

Via NBC 5:

The man, wearing only slacks, a buttoned-down shirt and sunglasses, appeared out of place and outraged viewers who wanted to know why he was unprotected while everyone, including Vinson, was covered from heard to toe. Two of the workers who helped her from the stretcher even wore respirators.

The unidentified man stood very near another hazmat-suited worker and then took what appeared to be a container from one of the suited workers. He placed it on the steps to the jet and walked out of view.

The Center For Disease Control lists the following protocols for air transporting a patient affected with the Ebola virus:

3. Personal protective equipment and procedures

  • The following PPE should be available for use by personnel providing direct care to the patient or with potential exposure to the patient’s body fluids, such as during cleaning:
    • Disposable gloves
    • Disposable gowns that are fluid-resistant or impermeable
    • Facemasks that cover the mouth and nose
    • Goggles or face shield (Corrective eyeglasses alone are not sufficient protection.)
    • Rubber boots that can be easily disinfected or disposable shoe and leg covers
    • Fit-tested, disposable respirators (at least as protective as fit-tested NIOSH-certified disposable N95 filtering face piece respirators), for use during aerosol-generating procedures if needed.
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