“I Am A Republican” Web Ad Is “Fixed” By A Democrat (Hilarious Video)

Published On October 7, 2014 | By james |

We recently ran a popular story about the epic failure of a recent Republican PR campaign called, “Republicans Are People Too.”

The campaign, designed by former Mitt Romney campaign strategist Vinny Minchillo, featured a You Tube video attempting to portray the Republican party as a melting pot of people of various ethnicities and ideas. It also launched with the hashtag #IAmARepublican. 

As we reported, within 24 hours the hashtag had been hijacked and scores of people used it to mock the campaign on Twitter. The results were hilarious:


The campaign took another hit when it was revealed that, in fact, the campaign used stock photos to depict the so-called “Republicans” in the ad.

Now, You Tube User Billy Goat has taken it upon himself to “fix” the actual web video. Once again, the results are hilarious.

Internet: 2 GOP: 0

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DISCLAIMER: The video is a tad off-color and the statistics portrayed are not meant to be accurate.



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