GOP Candidate Almost Stopped From Primary Voting Because He Forgot ID: Voter ID “Not A Burden”

Published On October 17, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

In a debate Thursday, Arkansas GOP contender for the Governor’s office Asa Hutchinson argued the need for an ID requirement at the voting booth.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone, but a simple requirement to verify who you are when you go into the voting booth is not an unreasonable burden,

he said, speaking of the law that was thrown out in a unanimous decision by the state’s Supreme court on Wednesday.

This, from a man that was turned away from the voting booth in the primaries earlier this year because he forgot his ID.

Hutchinson was still able to vote that day by sending an aide back to fetch his ID and bring it to the polls. Maybe that’s what he expects the rest of us to do. After all, he said he wanted to make it easy. It wasn’t so easy for thousands of others though, whose absentee ballots were thrown out because there was no copy of an ID stapled to the form. But then, they must not have had a staff member available to take care of it.

Hutchinson’s Democratic opponent, Mike Ross, applauded the move eliminating the unconstitutional law.

“Back when they passed the law, they couldn’t provide one example in the state of Arkansas where someone had voted fraudulently,” Ross said. “I’ve always consistently said there was no need for it, and I think the Supreme Court made a good decision.”

Apparently Mr. Hutchinson has a different definition of the word “easy”  than the rest of us.

On a completely related note, the latest case of actual voter fraud in Arkansas comes from none other than the Republican candidate for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who earlier this month was purged from the voter rolls for having multiple registrations.

Come on, Republicans – projecting, much?

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