White House Secret Service Fail Brings Out The Worst Of The Far Right

Published On September 29, 2014 | By james |

Guest post by Busta Troll 

Late Saturday Evening the Washington Post ran an article detailing their investigation of the incompetence of the Secret Service protecting the First Family.  The article was disturbing, detailing how Secret Service agents were given a stand down order after shots were fired, presumably to allow the gunman to get away.  The piece was an in-depth, well researched bit of journalism that is sure to raise doubts about the loyalty of some SS agents and pose questions as to the motives of the shooting.

By Sunday afternoon the story had spread far and wide.  Finding something the Post had missed would no doubt pose a challenge for journalists, so the reporting has been mostly links and quotes from the original story.

The Blaze, a conservative blog owned by Glenn Beck, reported on the story in the same fashion.  It must have been difficult for them to resist spinning the story into an anti-Obama hate fest, as is their motif, but not to worry, their fans filled in the gaps in the comments.

Cap 1

Well there you have it.  The Secret Service isn’t interested in hiring the best candidates, they are only interested in what race they are.  I wonder what race that poster has decided the agents in question are?  If only they’d use some sort of stereotype us race-baiting liberals would be able to point out the error of his ways.

cap 2


Yes, that will do nicely, thank you.

Of course it doesn’t stop at race.  A little more reading and you can also laugh along with the ignorant as they disrespect the First Lady.

cap 3

Now that race and disrespect have been covered it’s time to move on to more serious agendas.  The whole thing was staged so the gubmint’ can come and take yer guns.  Never mind that the President is a center-right Democrat who supports the 2nd Amendment, people firing live rounds at his children is all a part of his master plan.

cap 4


That about covers it.  It shouldn’t be long before this angle expands to a police state being declared and loyal patriots being shipped off to FEMA camps for reeducation.

Now it’s time to be educated further on the hiring practices of the Secret Service.

cap 5


According to the Secret Service Website, applicants are put through a rigorous vetting process that requires them to have top-secret security clearance, subjects them to polygraphs and requires them to be citizens of the United States, so certainly you wouldn’t be to require a background check on them.

The issues with the Secret Service are internal failures that will undoubtedly be addressed and investigated.  The President’s children have been placed in harm’s way, something no parent in their right mind would wish on anyone.  The people who prey on these kinds of stories looking for any reason to smear the President and his family border on psychotic themselves, and one can only imagine the action they would take given the opportunity to approach 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the dark with a loaded weapon.  These are the people being cultivated by sites like the Blaze.

Their owner and editors must be ever so proud.

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