Rampant GOP Corruption, Continued: Ex-Connecticut Gov. Rowland Convicted

Published On September 20, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

The hits keep coming for GOP Governors, past and present.

With the conviction of former governor Bob McDonnell (R – VA) and his wife, and the indictment of Governor Rick Perry (R – TX) behind us and the ongoing investigations of Chris Christie (R – NJ) and Scott Walker (R – WI) still to come, the justice system took a break to remind us that such things are nothing new for the GOP by convicting former Connecticut Governor and Republican rising star John G Rowland of corruption charges.

Rowland, who resigned in disgrace in 2004 while pleading guilty to bribery charges, was convicted once again on Friday on seven counts including obstructing justice, conspiracy, falsifying documents and violating campaign finance laws.

The charges stem from work Rowland did on behalf of GOP Congressional candidate, Lisa Wilson-Foley in her 2012 bid. Assistant US Attorney, Christopher M Mattei explained part of Rowland’s legal trouble.

“Hiring John Rowland on your campaign is like giving your opponent a loaded gun and saying, ‘Shoot me,’”

Mr. Mattei said, quoting the testimony of one of Ms. Wilson-Foley’s campaign aides.  In March, Foley and her husband pleaded guilty to conspiring to make illegal campaign contributions. Brian Foley went on to become the government’s star witness against Rowland.

At the core of the case was a contract between Rowland and a nursing home company owned by the Foley’s. Rowland received $35,000 from the company which the state contended was actually an illegal payment for campaign services.

Rowland, who served 10 months for his earlier conviction, now faces a maximum sentence of up to 57 years.

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