McDonnell To Lose Pension Because Of Law He Signed (VIDEO)

Published On September 6, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

Karma: the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.

In other cultures it’s called poetic justice. It describes a situation where the punishment not only befits the crime, but seems especially tailor-made for it. In the news this week is a perfect example.

This Thursday, in the latest development in the recent wave of rampant Republican corruption, former Virginia Governor, Republican Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were convicted on multiple counts of felony corruption, 11 for him and 9 for her, stemming from gifts, vacations and loans received totaling over $177,000 in return for political favors. Now the speculation turns to the sentences they will receive.

In addition to losing rights to own or carry firearms, convictions for felonies can bring sentences of up to 20 years in prison each, enough to keep the disgraced former governor in prison for more than 200 years, but with no prior convictions, and given the nonviolent nature of the crimes, Former US Attorney Chuck James said it is also possible that the couple could receive no jail time at all – but that is highly unlikely. The bureau of Prisons will assess the pair and make recommendations for sentencing scheduled for January 6, 2015. Both the former Governor and his wife are expected to appeal.

That’s justice, now for the poetry. While he was in office, McDonnell signed into law, House Bill 2095

Virginia Retirement System; loss of benefits for certain felony convictions.  Provides that a member of any of the retirement programs administered by the Virginia Retirement System forfeits his retirement benefits if it is determined that he has been convicted of a felony that arose out of misconduct in any position covered under the retirement programs administered by the Virginia Retirement System.

Sounds pretty clear cut and tailor made for McDonnell himself. Karma just came up and bit him going the other way.

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