Gov. Brownback’s Kansas Latest Example Of GOP Economics FAIL

Published On September 16, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

This just in, GOP economics don’t work.

Nowhere is this clearer than in conservative Kansas where GOP Governor Sam Brownback has presided over a veritable test bed of Tea Party policies including the largest income tax cut in state history. Now Brownback’s reelection bid is in trouble. In reliably red Kansas where every state-wide office is held by a republican, that’s significant.

Those tax cuts have left Kansas with a $300 million budget shortfall. Credit ratings services Moody’s and Standard and Poor have reduced the state’s credit ratings which in turn, will increase financing costs and lead to further widening of the budget gap.

Brownback’s opponent, Democrat Paul Davis, has been hammering away at that record, saying in a debate at the State Fair;

“It’s damaging our schools. It’s hurting our economy. It’s jeopardizing our future.”

In an interview with the Topeka Capital Journal, Davis went further;

“This downgrade will cost Kansans even more money at a time when we can least afford it. Sam Brownback’s irresponsible policies are blowing a hole in the state’s finances, putting our schools at risk of more cuts and causing our economy to lag behind our neighbors’.”

Of course, damage to a state’s economy driven by right-wing ideology is not limited to Kansas. In New Jersey, tax cuts under GOP Governor Chris Christie have resulted in similar down grading of state credit ratings and mismanagement of pension funds has led to billions in lost revenue potentials.

Scott WalkerMichigan, under Republican Governor, Rick Snyder, has seen more than 10 municipal bankruptcies and consistently bottom of the barrel unemployment figures. Wisconsin, led by GOP governor, Koch Brothers favorite son and Tea Party darling Scott Walker, has seen the double-blow of tax cuts and massive cuts in spending resulting in that state’s 42nd in the nation ranking last year for jobs production prompting comparison between that state and the worst performers in Europe.

Europe is possibly the clearest example. While the American Republican party cannot be blamed for policies being followed there, conservatives in Europe have been following the same playbook, institution the same disastrous course of tax cuts and austerity as states like Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin. Only in Europe, their actions are not balanced by states like Massachusetts and Minnesota or by a Democratic president and, for the first two years of his term, a Democratic Congress.

The result in Europe has been a six-year non-recovery the Washington Post compared unfavorably to the Great Depression;

“It’s a policy-induced disaster. Too much fiscal austerity and too little monetary stimulus have crippled growth like almost never before.”

Whether at home or abroad, GOP/Tea Party/Conservative economics are the same, tax cuts for the rich and austerity for everyone else.

They are fine if you happen to be a billionaire, buying up properties and businesses at bankruptcy sale prices. But for anyone else they don’t work, certainly not for the average, or even the solid middle class American.

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A lifelong politics junkie with particular interests in privatization and other business and labor issues like minimum wage and immigration.Robert Rowen is also a writer of fiction.His first novel is called The Ballad of Llewellynn.

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