Military Conducts Surprise Helicopter Raids On Downtown Minneapolis, Apologizes For Scaring The Shit Out Of People (VIDEO)

Published On August 19, 2014 | By james |

Residents of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota are upset about an unannounced and unsettling training exercise being conducted by the U.S. Special Operations Command and Department of Homeland Security over the city’s skies, prompting an apology from the military.

On Monday night at dusk, several military helicopters including Blackhawks began buzzing the downtown skyline, prompting a flood of 911 calls and sending terrified residents to social media for answers. One helicopter reportedly had what turned out to be Navy Seals rappelling on to the roof of the Federal Reserve building.

Apparently, even local law enforcement were caught unaware, as reported by

The St. Paul police watch commander initially had no information on the exercise. He was later informed that it was a training exercise involving Homeland Security and local law enforcement.

St. Paul city council member Dave Thune was “furious,” saying;

“It’s incredibly unsafe. When you’ve got Blackhawk helicopters flying between buildings full of people in the middle of the night, it’s just not safe. … It’s absolutely wrong for us as a civilian police department to be engaging in military exercises. It shouldn’t happen here.”

Lynda Hanner – who lives on the 27th floor of a downtown sky-rise, was concerned of one low-flying aircraft, telling;

“At first I thought he was in distress  – in the process of crashing. It was very frightening. They were playing dangerous games in my back yard, and I didn’t appreciate it.”

And with the country – and the world – focused on the militarization of our police forces following massive civil unrest and inept policing in Ferguson, Missouri brought on by the shooting death by police of an unarmed black teen, others questioned the timing of the exercise;


Those residents who are sensitive to the unrest in Ferguson just might have a legitimate gripe; Bring Me The News reports that;

One city official told Pioneer Press that there was an understanding that local law enforcement would get military equipment in exchange for use of the cities for exercises.

The operations are expected to continue through Thursday evening.

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