Fox News Contributor Blames Racism On – (Wait For It) – OBAMA!

Published On August 21, 2014 | By Bob Rowen |

2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate and regular Fox News contributor, Wayne Allyn Root, said in a radio appearance Wednesday that

“police had been cowed into submission by (President) Obama.”

In the last few days, police in the St. Louis area have used tear gas and rubber bullets on African-American citizens exercising their 1st amendment rights, harassed and arrested reporters, and shot a suspect in a robbery just four miles from Ferguson. If this is a police force that’s been cowed into submission, I’d hate to see what an aggressive one looks like.

Root went on to say;

“Is it not a racist overreaction by the police department that is scared to death of being called racist to allow people to loot and burn and do nothing but stand by while stores are being looted and burned because the people doing the looting and burning might have dark skin, and therefore if you hit one of them, if you arrest any of them – if you kill one of them in a gunfight – you’ll be charged with even more racism? It’s like we’re reliving the 1960s with Barack Obama… He didn’t come in to help us end the specter of racism, he brought it back, folks… ”

As if it ever went away.

When Barack Obama first won election in 2008, Stephen Colbert asked guest, Cory Booker, then the mayor of Newark, NJ, “doesn’t it mean Racism is over?” Those on the right had not yet figured out that Colbert was satire and took the suggestion seriously. People like Root declared racism over because we elected a black man President and spent the next six years proving it wasn’t true. Then, when called out for their racism, turned the finger around to point at their accusers.

Saying racism no longer existed gave the racists cover. It meant they could treat minorities with the utmost disrespect since their actions could not be racist if racism no longer exists. Only by mentioning race could it be a factor. And whenever racism was called out, they were quick to jump on the accuser and turn the accusation back on them.

When President Obama was elected in 2008 – and again in 2012 –  it did not prove America was over its racism. While a majority of the voting public did voice their approval for a black man as leader of the country, over 59 million people voted against the idea.

154 years ago a majority of the country decided that slavery had no place in a nation founded as a bastion of freedom. It still took four years of bloody civil war to put that notion to bed.

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Bob Rowen

A lifelong politics junkie with particular interests in privatization and other business and labor issues like minimum wage and immigration.Robert Rowen is also a writer of fiction.His first novel is called The Ballad of Llewellynn.

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