5 Things You Should Tell Conservatives About Obama And Jobs

Published On August 26, 2014 | By Jeff Stevens |

In his 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama put forward an agenda to expand opportunity for all Americans, so that everyone who works hard can get ahead.

That agenda starts with creating more new jobs by investing in American manufacturing, exports, energy and innovation.

Conservative are always going on about their FAKE 40+ jobs bills they claim to have passed, while accusing President Obama of doing nothing to expand employment opportunities.

WRONG – It’s just more conservative spin!

Here’s 5 things you should tell conservatives about Obama and jobs:

Five Things You Should Know

1. Businesses have created more than 9.7 million private sector jobs in the past 52 months. Learn more …

2. After nearly collapsing, the U.S. auto industry has added nearly 250,000 jobs — the fastest pace of job growth in more than a decade. Learn more …

3. American manufacturers have added more than 500,000 jobs since January 2012, the strongest period of job growth since 1989. President Obama wants to boost that trend. Learn more …

4. Since 2009, the Small Business Administration has helped distribute more than $93 billion in loans for 166,000 small businesses. Learn More …

5. President Obama’s middle-class tax cuts, first signed into law in December 2010, are providing tax relief for 160 million workers to help jumpstart the economy. For the typical family, that’s $40 extra with each pay check. Learn more …

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  • Nicko Thime

    Why tell them?
    These are facts and as we all know facts which don’t agree with rightwing ideology can’t possibly be true.
    Might as well try teaching pigs to sing as present facts to conservatives.

  • OHDisqusNSA666100

    If Obama is creating so many manufacturing jobs, how come he is changing the classification so that stuff manufactured overseas is going to not be considered manufactured overseas anymore?

    • William Carr

      Where’d you hear that, on Hannity?

  • wifather2000

    They never mention how many jobs were taken overseas by the take over of Delphi, the former Delco-Remy, parts supplier of both GM and Dodge by Mitt Robme and Singer how this the real cause of both auto companies. This added to the Green Tree take over and dismantling of GMAC financing!