WATCH: Dem Rep. Hines To Tinfoil Hat C-Span Caller: Get Off The Fox News, Bro (VIDEO)

Published On July 23, 2014 | By james |

Wednesday’s episode of C-SPAN’s Washington Journal took a surreal turn when the airwaves were accosted by a ranking member of the Fox News-educated anti-Obama Tinfoil Hat Brigade.

Representative Jim Hines of Connecticut (D) could barely contain his bemusement when “Bob,” a caller from Michigan, took to the air.

“Bob” rattled off a list of right-wing conspiracy talking points with a cadence so impressive it suggested that either his brainwashing was a smashing success or “Bob,” was actually either Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes themselves, reading directly from a white board in a Fox News Production meeting. “Bob” demanded Hines “defend;”

“Benghazi, dumping illegals, lying about illegal deportations, the NSA, the AP, James Rosen, Fast and Furious, Bowe Bergdahl, The I.R.S., the V.A, the A.T.F, Russian reset, Syria, healthcare, Keystone, E.PA., climate ‘unchange’…” 

“Bob” then tried to blame President Obama for the latest government shutdown – explicitly giving Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) a pass – and then deftly barfed out a few other non-issues before he was finally cut off by the host.

Hines first appeared to gamely want to pick the caller apart, and then realized what he was dealing with, saying,

“Look, with all due respect, Bob, maybe a little more C-SPAN and a little less Fox News. That was the grab bag of everything that Fox News and my friends on the Republican Caucus of the House in particular have tried to hang on the president.”

Hines then chose to address the manufactured Benghazi scandal and debunked it, point by false point, finally concluding that;

“All of it was utter baloney…”

Watch via Politico;



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