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An Open Letter To Ruth Ginsburg By Madison Kimrey

Published On July 3, 2014 | By james |
 by Madison Kimrey

Dear Justice Ginsburg,

I would like to offer my thanks to you in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby. As a young woman, this decision was especially troubling for me. It’s deeply disturbing that a corporation could decide to ignore medical science and make decisions about the healthcare of employees based on falsehoods. What the decision in Hobby Lobby’s favor has done is reinforce misconceptions about birth control among those who, for various reasons, want to limit the choices we women have over our health and our own bodies.

I want to thank you for the pro-life stance you took in your dissent. You addressed the fact that women of child-bearing age pay about 68% more than men do in healthcare costs. You addressed the medical necessity of women having access to all FDA approved contraceptive methods. You addressed the fact it would cost up to a month’s pay at minimum wage to pay for an IUD. I am grateful that you stood up for the proven principles that save women’s lives and decrease the number of unplanned and medically unsafe pregnancies.

You also stood up in a big way for religious freedom. You stated that, “…the exercise of religion is characteristic of natural persons, not artificial legal entities.” You defined the difference between religious organizations and companies whose workers come from a variety of backgrounds. You also talked about the dangers of going against the First Amendment and making decisions that favor one religion over another.

As a young person who doesn’t have equal protection under the Constitution based on my gender, I now find myself in a situation where a non-living company that operates for profit serving the general public can declare that it has religious beliefs and that company’s rights can be viewed as more important than my rights as an individual citizen. These companies also have the ability to spend massive amounts of money to fund candidates in elections.

My generation has been left a very difficult minefield to navigate. I am confident that we’ll make it. You have set an example for us to follow in showing us the importance of reasoned dissent. If we join our voices, stand up for facts over fallacies, freedom over fundamentalism, and rights over self-righteousness, we together have more power than even the largest corporations.

You have been, in your years of service, a role model for young women. Just as you rose above discrimination at the beginning of your career, young women of today will rise above the discrimination we now face. We will not give up the fight for our freedom, our opportunities, our health, and most importantly, our equality in the eyes of the law.

To the readers: I would like to invite you to write the Post Script to this letter. Justice Ginsburg’s service in our judicial system has influenced us both collectively and individually. How has Justice Ginsburg influenced you? What will your contribution be as we move forward? What will you pledge in our fight for justice and equality?

Alice Paul once said, “When you put your hand to the plow, you can’t put it down until you get to the end of the row.” We are far from the end of the row, but the years of hard work spent on the field will eventually produce a bountiful harvest.

In Sincere Gratitude,

Madison Kimrey

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  • TheEverlastingGOPStoppers


    • RWSP2004

      We who support the GOP will be voting this November… count on it. ;)

      • lilylongflower1

        haven’t done enough damage to the country yet huh?

        history will not be kind to those like you who did this to the country. count on it.

        • Skip Patterson

          That is their nature. Right-wingers never talk about building anything but only talk about destroying things, that is just who they are.

          • RWSP2004

            We “right” wingers talk about building everything, by getting government out of the way. It’s the Government who destroys things. Just take a look at what is going on at our southern borders. ;)

          • Philip Bennett

            Then government should GET OUT OF THE WAY of legislating reproductive and marriage rights! That’s something Barry Goldwater understood. Why don’t you?

          • RWSP2004

            Last I checked, it is legal to kill your baby.

          • RWSP2004

            Last I checked abortion is still legal. And there has to be some limited Government based on the Constitution, or we will not have a civilized society.

        • James Wolowiec

          Interesting take. Especially since the Republicans haven’t had power since 2006.

          • nowheremandk

            Interesting take. If you’re counting from 2006, you’re obviously saying that the White House doesn’t represent power. So you’re only really looking at Congress. And Congress has been at least 50% controlled by Republicans since 2011 — more than 50% if we include the filibuster in the Senate, which the Republicans haven’t been shy about wielding since 2009. And then there’s the Supreme Court and its Republican majority.

            So yeah, whatever messes you think you see, you can’t place the blame solely on Democrats by any stretch. Well, you could, but you would be wrong.

          • James Wolowiec

            President doesn’t make laws. So they don’t count.
            Interesting that you bring up the Supreme Court. It may have a Republican majority but has a strong non partisan voting record.

            Yes the blame can be directly put on the Democrats. They have been unwilling to work on reaching a happy medium. They have to have it their way or else.

            Sooooooooo yeah, try again.

          • GrumpyDave

            James Wolowiec: For some reason I do not think that we live in the same country, or even upon the same planet. Much legislation in ALL areas has come out of the Democratically controlled Senate, much of it with bi-partisan crafting and support, only to be ignored by the Republican led House, who time and again refuse to allow discussion or voting on said legislation. Their concept of “negotiation” is “If you don’t do exactly as we want, we will find some way to screw as many people as possible, shut down the government, whatever it takes until you cave in.” Somehow this attitude does not appear to me to display either willingness to compromise, or real interest in accomplishing anything other than drawing a salary and getting perks from the lobbies. So I would say that Republicans are the ones who have to “have it their way or else.”

          • RWSP2004

            This last month over 200,000 jobs were created, (assuming that the Obama BLS isn’t lying), now how can this be if the GOP is obstructing everything?

          • RWSP2004

            You are conveniently leaving out that the Democrats and Obama got everything they wanted including Obamcare from 2009 to 2011 when they controlled both the Presidency and Congress. We are reaping those “rewards” right now.

        • lilylongflower1

          4 TRILLION taxpayer dollars spent and 1 MILLION people killed all because of the bushcheneyrumsfeldrice regime. all four of these unpunished war criminals got rich on the enterprise.

          and rwsp2004 is their guy. proudly.

          what a dupe. folks like him are exactly the problem.

          • RWSP2004

            Once again, you are representing the party of liars. 1 million people were killed in Iraq. How many people were killed on the streets of DEMOCRAT run Chicago over the 4th of July weekend?

        • RWSP2004

          Surely, you jest. And please, don’t call me Shirley. :D

  • wifather2000

    Such a talented wonderfully enlightened young Lady!! If only America had more adults with such a delightful grasp of reality!! Thank you Madison!!

  • terribletwos

    Excellent letter, Madison. Your parents must be especially proud that brought and raised a very insightful, intelligent young woman into this world. I have no doubt that you will go far in life. Thank you. Shared on Facebook.

  • RWSP2004

    I am willing to bet money that this girl did not write this letter.

    • RWSP2004

      The quality of the writing appears to be written by a professional political hack. A girl this age is most likely put up to this and being used as a pawn.

      • Shawn Scott

        Oh for Jeebus’ sake. I wrote like that when I was 13. Get over your false belief that age equates grammar and thoughtfulness. I was raised in a house with books. You remember reading, don’t you? Apparently your experience wasn’t so kind with them.

        • RWSP2004

          When I was 13, and when my kids were 13, we did not get involved in political discussions. That did not happen until high school. Especially given the state of the public education system today. Again, I do not believe this girl wrote this article and I stand by my assertion that she was put up to it. The article is full of Democrat talking points. I’ll go even further and say her parents are Democrat activists.

          • RWSP2004

            ps. When I was 13, in 1973, I read every book in our library on the history of WWII. Just saying…

          • Skip Patterson

            And just how does that pertain to the discussion on this thread? Or could it be you just want to convince somebody that your not a dumbass.

          • dlewisto

            Another sign you are a republican, early fascination with war. Some people read the history of war and decide they are not good for people or the earth, others find them so fascinating they think we should be in one constantly. At 13 (in the 60’s) I was reading volumes about the settlement of the country, particularly the “Indian wars”. I did not reach adulthood with a fantasyland view of America. This intelligent young lady is not only eloquent but also insightful, just because YOU did not think like this at 13 does not mean that no 13 year old can.

          • Julie Echo Tyler

            Check out some of her other speeches and writings; she is extremely thoughtful and eloquent, especially for her age, yet it is all Madison. Look up the writer before you bash her ability to write in her own voice.

          • Portia A. Boulger

            You are wrong. Madison has been writing for a long time. Google her.

          • Billy Goodendorf

            There’s your problem RWSP2004, you started reading and thinking too late; so you’re a republican. Madison started early reading and thinking early as most democrats do, so they understand what they’re reading and to make intelligent statements, unlike you, that aren’t full of FOX talking points..

          • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

            Well, based on YOUR comments here, she is head and shoulders more mature and advanced intellectually than you seem to be. You can’t blame all your poor education and disinterest in what was going on in the world on a public education. You had to put some of your own effort into your education as well in order for it to work.

            (And for the record, Democratic is an adjective. Democrat is a noun. Why don’t right wingers ever get that right? Academically challenged, perhaps?)

          • Leo Geier

            You don’t “believe” she wrote this? Your beliefs don’t make something true, they simply make you narrow minded.

          • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

            So, I guess you would believe it if it was written from a Republican point of view??? Why do you refuse to believe that this girl might actually be concerned for her health care? Kids of today aren’t like the kids when you were 13 or even when your kids were 13. They are plugged in. They have never known a world where information was not at their fingertips. When I was 13, I had newspapers (which I actually read), radio & TV. I was informed & I always cared about what I perceived as injustice. Don’t think I couldn’t get on my small soapbox to say what I believed. Today? Kids have Google, Facebook, Twitter & everything. They have in essence grown up fast. You cannot discount that they are doing things that previous generations never thought of doing. They are making robotics, they are charging forward & breaking boundaries in science, the arts & music. Little Red Wagon – a non profit that makes backpacks for homeless kids – was begun by an 8 year old – who met a 9 year old homeless kid on the streets & decided to do something for the homeless kids. Lemonade stands for kids with cancer was begun by I think a 10 year old. Kids are just more socially aware these days. Most of them are just kind, decent caring kids who want to make a difference. You cannot see it because she thinks differently from YOU – so you think she must be a tool….To a certain extent, she probably is influenced by those who think like she does; but it doesn’t mean that she cannot articulate her thoughts. She did beg a visit with the Governor of her state about his views…unfortunately he thinks like you do & wouldn’t meet with her – instead he sent out cookies…..

          • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

            The biggest difference that I can see between many Republicans & Democrats is the ability to see the BIG PICTURE – you know, to look at something & see possible conclusions to the thing. Many Republicans seem to only think in the short term so they can’t understand how some people can look at something & see a disaster in the making in the future……Madison looks at the problem as a young woman who will soon begin to make choices…she knows about sex, she sees the problems of overcrowding & poverty; so she can envision a world where women all of a sudden no longer have choices … Where the only choice she has is to keep the baby or to give it up. As a male, those choices aren’t that important to you – you aren’t the one who has to give up 9 months of their life, give up dreams or watch the father of the baby walk out of their life free of any entanglement. The one who looses their job or has to endure people like yourself who might call her a slut (even if she was raped). Why shouldn’t she be worried about the possibility of birth control becoming unavailable?

          • Katherine Walton

            *eyeroll* Believe whatever you want to believe. No one cares.

        • Skip Patterson

          He had to come up with something to excuse the fact that he can’t write that well.

      • daevbe

        have you ever heard that kid speak in a public forum,? you are ignorant at best,… but as you said ….( I bet my money on you been an idiot!)

      • Lynn

        You’re just jealous.

      • lilylongflower1

        when you think you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail.

        you’re obviously not too bright so assume others are not either.

        go lick your cheney doll or something.

    • Portia A. Boulger

      I would bet everything I own that Madison did write this letter. Google her and you will see that she is an amazing writer. Please do not underestimate the power and talents of our youth.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        RWSP2004 … You are clearly hanging out with the wrong youth. I know many kids at my U U Church who are articulate, socially involved & who know the facts. We teach comprehensive sex ed appropriate for each age group. At Madison’s age, our youth know enough to protect themselves & they know enough about all the world’s religions to find common ground. Just because kids are kids, don’t discount what they DO know. They know when they are being lied to; many of them can cut through BS when they hear it & they are involved in LIFE. They care more about planet earth than many grown ups & they know LGBT people & it doesn’t freak them out. Our kids DO social justice – they don’t just talk about it. They know the importance of voting & being aware of the issues.
        As Portia says don’t underestimate the power & talents of youth – some of them can & will change the earth for the better. Perhaps what you should do is open your ears & actually LISTEN to the youth of today.

    • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

      Of course you doubt it. You’re accustomed to the confused, and stammering blather coming out of so many of the conservative, pseudo-religious, anti-intellectual phonies you get your “information” from. Have you ever seen this girl in an interview? I know, I know – that would require you do some honest research for a change. I am equally aware that you Foxbots and Dittoheads seem to be deathly allergic to such research. You probably won’t get an unedited (pronounced “doctored”) clip of anything she says on Fox or Rush, so you’ll have to look for it on your own. The “Cliff Notes” version here is her interviews are not scripted, and while witnessing them, it becomes OBVIOUS this young lady writes whatever she publishes on her own.

    • Steven S

      I am willing to bet you’re a misinformed moron.

    • lilylongflower1

      anyone who uses a profile pic of w bush cannot be taken seriously, too stupid.

  • David P. Turnbole

    This is what people CAN say when they don’t have to worry about upsetting a corporate giant. Ms Kimrey has a very good outlook and the ability to present her thoughts in a concise manner.

  • Kathy M Nawara

    she doesn’t look old enough to be using any type of birth control


    • RWSP2004

      The keyword here, is yet. ;)

      • Portia A. Boulger

        And your point is?

    • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

      She may be too young for birth control at this point in her life, but that hardly makes her unqualified to have a say in this debate. The five corporate owned MEN on the Supreme Court don’t use the pill or an IUD, and never will, so why should they be given ANY credibility? Ms. Kimrey gives me hope for the future of this country. I just wish we older folks could knock off all this phony political theatre and small-minded stupidity and give her a country to thrive in, without the need to fight for her right to Constitutional recognition.

  • Portia A. Boulger

    P.S. Justice Ginsberg, Will you stand with women and those who love them at the We Are Woman Constitution Day Rally? A two day event that includes a Day of Action on Sept 12 and the Rally on Sept 14. I am a speaker and hope you will stand with me as I urge my generation to carry the Alice Paul’s torch of freedom into the future. She warned us after the 19th amendment was ratified ““We shall not be safe until the principle of equal rights is written into the framework of our government” worked to her dying day lobbing for ERA ratification.

  • lilylongflower1

    madison is a cousin, right on!

  • Skip Patterson

    Yep, that gal has more brains than the whole GOP and their tea bagging bozos put together.

  • Patricia Rudine

    When you get through with acting, Madison, I see a bright future for you in government service. Thank you and Ruth Ginsgurg for setting the record straight for women everywhere.

  • Judy Jackson Wammock

    Thank you Justice Ruth Bader
    Ginsburg <3

  • James Wolowiec

    I weep for the ignorance of the next generation.

  • Wendy Trager

    Thank you Madison for this article!

  • Anna Rather

    Thank you Ruth Ginsburg, for sticking up for women.

    • ZH38

      Liberals love abortions!!

  • kerryberger

    Bravo, Madison. Keep writing and speaking up, young lady. You are a great inspiration to a number of us old farts who are frustrated with what is going on. Keep us on our toes with your concise and eloquent essays and letters. I hope to be alive when you run for President. You got my vote already!

  • ColorsOfAlgebra

    The courts ethics in question.

  • John George Quinn

    It’s a sad day in America when it becomes apparent that the highest court in the land has taken leave of it’s senses. Common sense has definitely been lacking in the congress for years and now it has left the Supreme Court as well. What kind of country have we become when your boss’s religious beliefs dictate what kind of health coverage you have?

  • ShanaLeBeau

    What a fine specimen of humanity this young lady is! Proud to share a planet with this one, and look forward to seeing where her passion and intelligence take her.

  • disqus_YbB9tbvvLq

    Republicans are the Bane of our Existence.

    Remove the Republican Obstruction.

    Vote in EVERY Election,
    that’ll make Democrats better also.

  • Dana Wichmann

    say it once again this is sedition lead by a foreign power, Catholics are not
    regular Christians they put their leader above our flag as regular Christians
    do but the difference is they answer to a foreign power. This decision is the
    least of our worries believe it or not. Don’t listen to me though I’m just a 60
    year old lifelong Anti-Christ Atheist observer, what the hell would I know
    about anything.

  • RWSP2004

    Now the gloves are off: I am going to treat her like an adult. From the letter: It’s deeply disturbing that a corporation could decide to ignore medical
    science and make decisions about the healthcare of employees based on
    falsehoods. What the decision in Hobby Lobby’s favor has done is
    reinforce misconceptions about birth control) This is a flat out lie. Democrat talking points. Birth control is already free and provided at most public schools or you can go to planned parenthood, for example.

  • RWSP2004

    From the letter: among those who, for various reasons, want to limit the choices we women have over our health and our own bodies.) seriously? This is about religious freedom. Go read the Constitution.

  • RWSP2004

    “You addressed the fact that women of child-bearing age pay about 68% more than men do in healthcare costs.” This may be true, but the cost of BC is inexpensive and often free… see earlier post.

  • RWSP2004

    “You defined the difference between religious organizations and companies
    whose workers come from a variety of backgrounds. You also talked about
    the dangers of going against the First Amendment and making decisions
    that favor one religion over another.” This decision does not do that. ;)

  • RWSP2004

    “As a young person who doesn’t have equal protection under the Constitution based on my gender” Wrong, you do not have the same rights as adults, until you turn 18.

  • RWSP2004

    “My generation has been left a very difficult minefield to navigate.” How so?

  • RWSP2004

    Final comment: Put on some clothes.

  • Julie Clauss

    This little girl is going to be President someday. And I wish her the best!