Republican Freakout No. 5

Published On June 2, 2014 | By Bruce Lindner |


by Bruce Lindner

Back in 2011, the Israeli government exchanged 1,027 prisoners for 1 Israeli soldier held captive by Hamas. The YouTube clip below shows the Israeli reaction to his freedom.

Israeli public approval of the prisoner swap was 79% in favor, 14% opposed.

Of the 1,027 prisoners released, 280 were convicted terrorists and hardened killers. One year later, 1 (that would be O-N-E) had been arrested for plotting terrorist activity, another 40 had been arrested for rioting, but none to this day has ever been convicted of killing another civilian. That’s out of 1,027.


During the previous U.S. administration, George W. Bush released 540 detainees from Guantanamo. Nary a peep from his fellow Republicans.


Meanwhile, in the land of paranoia and dread, the current President’s detractors are saying President Obama screwed the pooch by releasing 5 detainees (that would be F-I-V-E, or .48% as many as released by the Israelis) held at Guantanamo in exchange for 1 American soldier held by the Taliban. They claim once those 5 return to their old ways, we’ll be at their mercy. Just as we were at Osama bin Laden’s mercy in Abbottabad on May 1, 2011. Or Fahd al-Quso’s mercy. Because you know…this president has such a terrible record when it comes to dealing with terrorists.



Bruce Lindner

Bruce Lindner

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