Iowa Candidate For U.S. Senate: United Nations Coming For Your Property Rights (VIDEO)

Published On June 13, 2014 | By james |


File this one under: You just can’t make this shit up.

In Iowa, Tea Party Republican state Senator Joni Ernst – a candidate for the U.S. Senate – is making news for pushing an idiotic theory that the United Nations has plans to strip Americans of their property rights.

The Iowa Democratic Party has uncovered audio of Ernst speaking to an audience in November of 2013. The recording captures her using the framework of Agenda 21, a 20+ year-old non-binding United Nations initiative that promoted the concepts of sustainable growth and the implementation of green technologies, to push the bogus conservative conspiracy theory that the initiative will place a stranglehold on water usage and zoning regulations, and even place limits on population growth, saying;

“One of the implications to Americans, again, going back to what did it do to the individual family here in the state of Iowa and – what I’ve seen – the implications that it has here is moving people off of their agricultural land and consolidating them into city sectors and then telling them, ‘You don’t have property rights anymore…'”

The Daily Beast reveals that right-wing hate radio jock Glenn Beck – the undisputed leader of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade – has “spent a good portion of his career making people scared of (Agenda 21).”

So, now we know where Senator Ernst gets her news. We can also assume that Beck does not mention that Agenda 21 was adopted by then-president George H.W. Bush.

Gary Taylor and Mary Louise Ryan, two Iowa State professors, wrote in 2013 op-ed published in the The Des Moines Register;

“The anti-Agenda 21 movement appears to be largely driven by media pundits and Internet conspiracy theorists…The Agenda 21 conspiracy is the gunman behind the grassy knoll. It is the Hollywood studio where Neil Armstrong’s fabricated moon landing was filmed. It is fluoridated water.”

Watch via the Iowa Democratic Party





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