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Iowa Candidate For U.S. Senate: United Nations Coming For Your Property Rights (VIDEO)

Published On June 13, 2014 | By james |


File this one under: You just can’t make this shit up.

In Iowa, Tea Party Republican state Senator Joni Ernst – a candidate for the U.S. Senate – is making news for pushing an idiotic theory that the United Nations has plans to strip Americans of their property rights.

The Iowa Democratic Party has uncovered audio of Ernst speaking to an audience in November of 2013. The recording captures her using the framework of Agenda 21, a 20+ year-old non-binding United Nations initiative that promoted the concepts of sustainable growth and the implementation of green technologies, to push the bogus conservative conspiracy theory that the initiative will place a stranglehold on water usage and zoning regulations, and even place limits on population growth, saying;

“One of the implications to Americans, again, going back to what did it do to the individual family here in the state of Iowa and – what I’ve seen – the implications that it has here is moving people off of their agricultural land and consolidating them into city sectors and then telling them, ‘You don’t have property rights anymore…'”

The Daily Beast reveals that right-wing hate radio jock Glenn Beck - the undisputed leader of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade - has “spent a good portion of his career making people scared of (Agenda 21).”

So, now we know where Senator Ernst gets her news. We can also assume that Beck does not mention that Agenda 21 was adopted by then-president George H.W. Bush.

Gary Taylor and Mary Louise Ryan, two Iowa State professors, wrote in 2013 op-ed published in the The Des Moines Register;

“The anti-Agenda 21 movement appears to be largely driven by media pundits and Internet conspiracy theorists…The Agenda 21 conspiracy is the gunman behind the grassy knoll. It is the Hollywood studio where Neil Armstrong’s fabricated moon landing was filmed. It is fluoridated water.”

Watch via the Iowa Democratic Party



  • Rdzkz

    That would be BigBank$ throught unlawful sales contracts and loans and then foreclosures by robots, also the ReverseMortgage Scam by the BigBanks again, and the white man’s land grab from the natives, etc, etc. and no production so you cannot pay your bills because the JobMakers have relocated to China….ad nauseum…

  • crc3

    She kind of looks like Sarah Palin and also has a brain the size of a walnut (I’m being generous folks!)….

    • hugs4u

      she is sarah palin, michelle bachman and christine o donell all wrapped up in one pig skin.

  • cactuspie

    “moving people off their agricultural land and consolidating them” Sounds like what we did to native Americans.

    • TheEverlastingGOPStoppers

      indeed. – james

    • James Turner

      And also the Japanese – Americans.

  • 28 Billion Dollar Man

    Breaking News!!!!- The right-wing is INSANE!!!

  • pensimmon

    Do they find it easy to dredge up these lunatics? I hope not. I hope they’re really really hard to find, otherwise we should be scared.

  • Nicko Thime

    It’s AGENDA 42. It is twice as bad as Agenda 21.

    Do they give these guys stupid pills when they register “R” or does it just seem that way?

  • Stephen Statler

    The boogeyman is gonna get you! In the absence of belonging to a labor union, the white non-Hispanic peasantry in this country is increasingly voting against their own self-interest because a lot of them believe all this garbage. If they think maybe Obama and Clinton are/were good for them on a lot of things that matter, they can find a way to be opposed to Obama or Clinton. “Well I’m not sure if he’s not a Moslem or I am not sure if he’s really American.” There were things planted about Clinton I found amusing. The right is good at name calling -“Slick Willy” So if you used your brain and think Clinton is good in at least some ways, you could then decide he’s not. Why would people call him slick Willy? And what about that wife of his Hilary, she’s a stuck up Ivy leaguer. It’s horrible he cheated on her, why doesn’t she leave him. If she was decent she would have written a book about their little dog and not chaired meetings on health care.


    There have always been, and there will always be stupid people saying stupid things. There was a time, however, when responsible politicians tried to keep their crazies under control for their own sake as well as for the good of the country.

    • James Turner

      Yes but Republicans are elected by the 1%, and more so by the poorly educated population they’ve created, first attacking public education (our world rating is humiliating But WAIT! Look out! Obama’s coming for our guns! ), then raising the hurdles to college for the 99%. The blind (to knowledge), are easy to lead, and then if you’re relatable as in Christian, and understandable, as in “dumbing it down” you capture a large voting block.

    • windk

      Very true. Nowadays those on the extremes (far right and far left) tend to harness the energy of the “crazies”.:[ What ever happened to common sense and what is best for the majority?

  • Cameron Lowes

    …yeah sure she’s crazy as a duck shot in the ass…but have you seen her castrate a pig…????

    • Nicko Thime

      A real keeper.

  • windk

    Replace that garage door with a black helicopter and she will be all set for her reprieve at the bat-s%6t crazy farm.:[