Harry Reid On The Kochs: “Everything They Do Is Directed Towards Damaging Middle Class” (VIDEO)

Published On May 21, 2014 | By james |


Earlier in May, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV) took to the floor of the Senate to call for a Constitutional amendment that would overturn “Citizen’s United.”

As we wrote then, the 2010 Citizen’s United vs. The Federal Elections Commission Supreme Court decision allowed for unlimited corporate contributions to flow to campaigns and candidates without having to disclose where the money was coming from, and predictably resulted in a flood of dark money into the political process.

Perhaps no one has taken advantage of this terrible court ruling more than the nefarious oil billionaire Koch brothers. Using the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and Americans For Prosperity and other groups as fronts, the Koch brothers are driving the climate change denial movement, the assault on women’s rights and LGBT rights, voter ID laws, “right-to-work” legislation, “stand your ground” laws, de-funding public education, privatizing prisons, and a host of other issues that threaten the American Dream and a robust and healthy middle class.

On Wednesday, investigative journalist and host of The Undercurrent, Lauren Windsor took a few minutes to ask Sen. Reid why the American public should be so concerned about the Kochs – who spent $400 million on the 2012 Presidential elections and an estimated $125 million so far in the 2014 mid-terms. Said Sen. Reid;

“They’re of course doing everything they can to increase their wealth. This is billionaires against the middle class… Everything they do is directed towards damaging the middle class… They’re very radical and what they’re doing is bad for the country. And that’s why I believe we need to do a Constitutional amendment to stop the billionaires from trying to take over our country.”

Speaking about the Constitutional amendment sponsored by Senate Democrats Tom Udall (NM) and Michael Bennet (CO), Sen. Reid added;

“…A person’s ability to speak shouldn’t be based on how much money they have… and that’s what the Supreme Court has said…” 

The proposed amendment:

  • Authorizes Congress to regulate and limit the raising and spending of money for federal political campaigns and allow states to regulate such spending at their level;
  • Includes the authority to regulate and limit independent expenditures, such as those from Super PACs, made in support of or opposition to candidates; 
  • Would not dictate any specific policies or regulations, but instead would allow Congress to pass campaign finance reform legislation that withstands constitutional challenges.

In drawing a distinction against the Koch brothers and clean energy advocate Tom Steyer – who the right has been attacking to deflect attention away from the Kochs – Reid was clear;

“Tom Steyer has one interest, politically – and that is to… have the American people recognize that climate change is here. The Koch brothers want to do away with the (Environmental Protection Agency)… what the Koch brothers want to do is make more money…” 

See the full text of S.J Res. 29 HERE.

Watch via The Undercurrent;



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