Thanks To The Bush Legacy And Wednesday’s Ruling Our Votes Count Even Le$$

Published On April 2, 2014 | By Bruce Lindner |


by Bruce Lindner

I hate to have to admit it, but I was wrong about George W. Bush after all. I’ve always predicted that his legacy would be written by his two failed wars, the invisible WMDs, and the Great Recession of ’08. But it won’t. He managed to plant two time bombs that went off five years after he slithered his way back to Texas, that are only now doing their damage; “Justices” Sam Alito and John Roberts. I use the word justices in quotes, because their presence on the Supreme Court has made a mockery of the very word.

The 5/4 ruling Wednesday morning, the conservative member’s latest attempt to nullify decades of campaign finance reform legislation will hand even more power to the monied interests, and leave the rest of us politically impotent. I never thought I’d see this day; a billionaire casino magnate can give millions of dollars to the candidate of his choosing — one who will do his political bidding — and all We the People can do is watch as our Democracy unravels. The era of unregulated corruption began with Citizens United, and Wednesday’s ruling was phase 2. With Roberts and Alito on the Court, I can only imagine what phase 3 will be.

When asked what sort of a government he was trying to establish for the United States, Benjamin Franklin said; “A Republic madam. If you can keep it.” Well, that Republic is slip-sliding away, right before our eyes. There is today a bit less (a few billion dollars worth) say from We the People and our elected representatives, as there was early this morning. At the rate things are going, America will soon be the land of the Oligarchs. Corrupted from within, by an equally corrupt Supreme Court, the power to sway elections handed to the toadies of their choosing, by the greediest of men. And your vote and mine won’t amount to a bucket of warm spit.

But virtual President Adelson and Secretaries Charles and David Koch will appreciate your continued patronage of their products and establishments. For the show of unchecked capitalism must go on, after all. George W. Bush, I apologize… I thought Iraq would be your final epitaph. I was wrong. It was your subjugation of our system of justice.


Mission Accomplished.

Bruce Lindner

Bruce Lindner

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Bruce Lindner

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