Senate Dems Launch All-Out Offensive Against The Dirty KOCH Money Machine (VIDEO)

Published On March 15, 2014 | By james |

While it may seem a little late in the game, it appears that Harry Reid (NV) and other Senate Democrats are launching an all-out assault against the nefarious oil billionaire Koch brothers.

For the uninitiated, Charles and David Koch are the driving force behind the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and Americans For Prosperity. Together with the slew of puppet politicians that do their bidding, the Koch’s secretive dark-money machine is funding the climate change denial movement, the assault on women’s rights and LBGT rights, “right-to-work” legislation, “stand your ground” laws, voter ID laws that disenfranchise female and minority voters, de-funding public education, privatizing prisons, and a host of other issues that threaten the American Dream.

Politico reports that on Thursday, on the Senate floor, Reid didn’t mince words;

“None of us should be afraid of the Koch brothers. These two multi-billionaires can spend millions of dollars of their own money rigging the political process for their own benefit. But that doesn’t mean we have to lay down and take it because we’re not going to.”

It’s apparent that the Republicans will be using the repeal or dismantling of the Affordable Care Act as THE key issue in the 21014 mid-terms, and Reid and other Democrats are determined to let the public know just who’s pulling the strings and why.

Read more on Politico HERE.

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