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An Open Letter To Darrell “Witch Hunter” Issa, By Tom Joad

Published On March 6, 2014 | By Tom Joad |
 by Tom Joad

Rule 9 of the House of Representatives clearly states that when a member has a question of privilege, the “integrity of its proceedings” and the “time allotted for debate” are protected. That didn’t happen, Chairman Issa — and Representative Cummings was NOT “actually slandering me at the moment that the mics did go off.” Were that true, you would have filed charges against him with the Ethics Committee.

Additionally, Rule 11 stipulates that “Whenever a hearing is con- ducted […] the minority members of the committee shall be entitled” and “each committee shall apply the five-minute rule during the questioning of witnesses in a hearing until such time as each member of the committee who so desires has had an opportunity to question each witness.” It’s pretty hard to misinterpret the intention of that rule, Darrell. Deciding, mid-sentence, to unilaterally adjourn, isn’t allowed.

The hearing should never have been called in the first place. Bullying Lois Lerner under threat of subpoena to appear, AFTER being informed of her intent to invoke her Constitutionally-guaranteed Fifth Amendment protections (and then subsequently threatening contempt of Congress charge) is nothing more than an electronic pillorying of the witness. What? — did you leave your ducking chair back in California? I’ll bet C-span will provide coverage if you want to bring back the stocks.

I am unsurprised the Speaker has chosen to ignore the Congressional Black Caucus and their insistence on holding you accountable for your shameful actions, Mr. Chairman. I’m sorry you didn’t find any evidence of wrongdoing at the I.R.S. — if you had, perhaps we could stop throwing good money after bad in this crusade of yours; all you’re doing is making mud pies for Fox News to toss at the president. In the end — I believe that was your goal all along.

Accusation, absent proof, is slander; go ahead, look it up. I reviewed Lois’s emails personally — and have more to say, but at the moment it feels as though my head is stuffed with cotton balls and someone rubbed poison ivy on my eyeballs — oh, and there’s a ostrich feather lodged somewhere south of my trachea. I ALSO have a headache AND the chills — so I’ll wait; I need to be sure I’m thinking clearly when I explain your duplicity to your constituents.

Long story short: you’re trying to punish a federal employee for following the law, and doing her job. If you can insinuate the White House was responsible, without providing any evidence (which $14 million of our tax dollars and an army of lawyers couldn’t find), you’ll do it. And that makes you the problem, Darrell; a problem I intend to solve.

You’re welcome.

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