Health Care Isn’t Optional, It’s About Survival

Published On March 26, 2014 | By Bruce Lindner |


by Bruce Lindner

Over the years, I’ve locked horns with unregulated corporate power before. Fred Meyer Inc. (a subsidiary of Kroger), Star___ks, Wells Fargo, the healthcare industry. Who gave corporatists and industrialists the power to write their own rules? That’s the crux of what’s wrong with this country today. At one time, companies weren’t permitted to screw the consumer so brazenly. Sure, it’s always happened, but now it’s LEGAL. And that’s the direct result of a Congress that screams… “Businesses are the jobs creators, and restraining them restrains economic growth,” then allows the lobbiests for those businesses to write the legislation that favors them… to the detriment of everyone else.

To that, I respectfully say bullshit. The only thing that creates jobs is a demand for goods and services, which clears the way for EVERYONE to participate in the process of Capitalism… Big companies, small companies, down to mom & pop shops. But for Congress to look the other way and permit the biggest and most powerful of these “jobs creators” to squash the rest of us the way they do, and to write legislation that favors the Koch Brothers over the two brothers selling lemonade, is itself un-American. Since when do We the People have to dance to the tune of the corporatists? Supply and demand is a natural regulator unto itself… Chevy doesn’t ask $1,000,000 for a car that competes with a comparable $20,000 Ford. The market is locked in place by the demand for the product vs the cost.

Not so, with healthcare. We ALL need it just to stay alive. Yet Congress, in their “wisdom,” has seen fit to interfere with the one effort, the ACA, to restrain this unregulated attempt to cash in on an industry for which there is UNLIMITED demand… Survival itself. It’s We the People, not We the Corporations who run this country. At least, it used to be. So don’t forget to VOTE  IN YOUR PRIMARY and MIDTERM ELECTIONS so we can toss these sunzabitches out in November, and elect Senators and Congressmen and women who get that. The people driven towards poverty over the past seven or eight years – myself included – can only take so much.

I’m beginning to appreciate what the peasants of France were feeling when they resorted to the guillotine.

Protesters rally at health care reform demostration in Washington


Bruce Lindner

Bruce Lindner

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