Fu@k Health Insurance CEOs And The Mercedes They Rode In On

Published On March 25, 2014 | By Bruce Lindner |
 Well that did it, dammit! 

I  just got off the phone arguing with my healthcare provider for the past 90 minutes.  I’m jumping ship and signing up with the exchange. I just made an appointment with my local guy for this Friday to help me through my options. (Oregon is different — you ceo-paycan’t sign up directly through the government website, and our state website kinda’ sucks).

About a year ago, just before my “event,” my monthly premium just for ME, was around $900.00, so I dropped down to a higher deductible package so that I could afford my monthly premium but still have some coverage. But the coverage turned out to be, pardon my French; SHIT. And had it not been for the generosity of my friends on Facebook and the flexibility of Adventist Hospital, the medical bills following my heart attack would have bankrupted me.

So today I find that my premiums have crept back up into the troposphere, with NO additional coverage to justify it. They just went up another $165.00 per month…the second increase since last fall. They’re basically asking me to pay them $11,000 per year for catastrophic coverage ONLY, with a $5,000 deductible. Well, screw them and the Mercedes they rode in on. I’ll take my chances with ObamaCare. A few months ago, I crunched some numbers, and it looked like I’d come out ahead, with better coverage than I have now. Now I’m certain of it. Come this Friday, I’ll be free and clear of these blood-sucking vipers once and for all.

And if the Republicans win the Senate in November and successfully repeal the ACA, then I’ll have a focal point on which to concentrate all my energies. I’ll morph into the biggest, baddest, angriest healthcare crusading activist in this sick country. What the hell kind of a society are we living in where staying alive is contingent on someone else’s profit margin? The CEO of Humana retired a few years back, and he was given a nice tidy $400 MILLION golden parachute. Paid for by gouging poor people, sick people and people with pre-existing medical problems.

To HELL with them! As of this Friday, they’ll have one less sucker making their Porsche payments for them.

Bruce Lindner

Bruce Lindner

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Bruce Lindner

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