Ford Is Not The Only One Shredding The Elitist Cadillac Commercial – WATCH THIS (VIDEO)

Published On March 29, 2014 | By james |


So, we just posted a great article from Business Insider on The Everlasting GOP Stoppers Facebook page, which features Ford’s new ad that take a direct swing at the obnoxiously arrogant –  and in this economy, tone-deaf – Cadillac ELR commercial that celebrates the rich.

As awesome as the Ford commercial is, it’s not the best parody of the offensive Cadillac commercial that’s out there. The TEGOPS favorite so far belongs to Joy Camp. It’s beyond hilarious, but honestly, we think there are more on the way. This could be the beginning of something big!

We think the best way to present all this is just show you the three vids, in order. We’ll start with the original Cadillac ad, the EPIC Ford ad that basically cuts Cadillac off at the knees, and then end with our personal fave, from Joy Camp;

“Introducing the first ever Cadillac ELdoRado. You work hard, watch TV, take pills, and vote once a year. You operate STRICTLY from your left brain...”



Ford’s EPIC response:

And our personal fave – KEEPING IT REAL!




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