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Election 2014: A Clear and Present Danger For Progress

Published On March 23, 2014 | By Marc Belisle |
by Marc Belisle

Nate Silver, the statistics guru who has flawlessly forecast previous elections, is predicting that the GOP are “slight favorites” to take over the Senate this year. His models are based on likely voter turnout. We progressives have to do better. Early voting in primaries has already begun in some states and Washington, D.C.  We need all hands on deck, at battle stations, starting today.

SalonIn 2008 and 2012, progressives won nationally. In 2010, the Tea Party movement swept into the House in reaction to Obama’s historic victory.  They could do the same in the Senate this year.  Midterm elections are primarily focused on local and state issues, which conservatives can dominate. Conservatives, generally, are more organized, streamlined and motivated. Without a national narrative, progressives tend to be disorganized and apathetic. These dynamics allow the right’s gerrymandering, Citizens United Koch funding and voter suppression to tip the balance in their favor. We need to take this election as seriously as the 2008 and 2012 election, and we can’t count on Obama to do it for us. If the progressive coalition that gave Obama two of the broadest margins of victory in the last 60 years shows up to the polls, we can crush the Teanderthals, regardless of their funding and tricks.

Preaching to the choir is not enough.  We need YOU to hit the streets, knock on doors and organize.

If we don’t organize, and we don’t get every Obama voter in YOUR area out the door to vote, the national situation will be dire. Congress will clog up the legislature with constant votes to repeal Obamacare, even as it diminishes the number of people dying and going broke from lack of coverage. There will be constant trumped-up investigations that will dwarf Darrell Issa’s witch hunts in reach and impact. They will seek to cannibalize the administration one person at a time, and attempt to go as high as possible. The White House will not be able to appoint another federal judge. Courts will either be packed with rabid corporate lackeys and misogynist ideologues, or be allowed to lay fallow, gumming up the works of justice for years. Congress will seek to weaken the president internationally as he delicately negotiates in the some of the world’s most intensely simmering hotspots in decades.

Obama 2The Congressional agenda will focus on expanding gun rights while slashing mental healthcare, destroying access to women’s healthcare, handing over large chunks of national parks to unregulated polluting energy companies while slapping sanctions against successful clean energy manufacturers, expanding corporate campaign funding and gerrymandering, helping big business keep their wages low, their jobs overseas and their funds in foreign accounts, expanding private prisons and pressing forward a cruel and vindictive immigration reform bill. Obama will be able to do nothing but veto their most abusive measures. With the president a lame duck and both houses of Congress funded by Koch money, it will be the first time in American history that the US government is primarily run by a vanishingly small cabal of oligarchs. The destructive precedents that could be set in just two years could affect us for decades. If YOU help organize and YOU vote, YOU can help prevent this disaster.

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Marc Belisle

Marc Belisle is the editor of The Deckle Edge.
He writes a political blog.
He taught university English in South Korea from 2005-2009.
He has a Masters in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies.

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  • Davey Jones

    Yes you progressive Marxist sheep better run like hell. But not for any of the idiotic lies your spewing here Marc. It’s because people are tired of this Socialist agenda that is destroying this country. Take a look at the increase in numbers into the welfare state since Obama’s inauguration. Look at the unemployment – 92 million looking for work. Look at the disaster that is Obamacare. Look at the increases in taxes and regulations. On and on. Progressives are irrational cheaters and liars. You have good reason to be afraid. The truth will take you down.

    • Randall Martinez

      Unemployment? DOWN. Deficit? DOWN. Stock market? DOUBLED in value. FOUR wars averted! “O-blame-a care”? MILLIONS previously unable to get insurance are now insured.
      GOP run states REFUSE to expand Medicaid w/ FEDERAL funds and then complain about the high cost of covering those same uninsured. Red states CONSISTANTLY pull more from the fed gov’t than they put in. BILLIONS of dollars go overseas, jobs disappear and John Bone-head REFUSES to even consider a vote on a new jobs bill. Vet benefits SLASHED. 900,000 vets are loosing their SNAP benefits. Ever wonder WHY an active duty serviceman NEEDS food stamps? “…irrational cheaters and liars”??? Look in a mirror.

      • Sparafucile

        So if I burn down my house, and then add a new brick to the replacement foundation each day, I’ve got a positive record on which to run?

        • PoliticalThorn

          I added to the healthcare response enjoy the pic’s

      • PoliticalThorn

        Some States are losing Hospitals because the State won’t accept the Medicaid expansion, and they’re the ones really getting killed.

        Their supports never stop to think why the Koch brothers for example are spending multi millions against the ACA. they must think they’re some kjind of patriots or something.

        If it is REALLY SO BAD, they should just let it run and it will die on it’s own. Their biggest fear is that it will be another Medicare.

    • PoliticalThorn

      You have no idea what Socialism is Teh ACA was originally devised by The Heritage Foundation INCLUDING THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE (you know, personal responsibility?) Talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

      Actually, a Socialistic Program was passed by your big hero Pres. Reagan the
      Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) which said that no one could be refused treatment at a hospital, even if they were unable to pay. That’s Socialistic whiz kid. The ACA is a competitive insurance marketplace.

      • Sparafucile

        “The ACA was originally devised by The Heritage Foundation”

        There’s stretching the truth, and then there’s your comment, which practically turns reality into Elastigirl.

        • PoliticalThorn

          Here’s the cover from the meeting and I posted a link in another response. Next talking point? the other pics a little add on, as it’s like this with everything this President has proposed. (You know about the caucus Room Dinner, the night of the First inaugural where they planned to obstruct and filibuster Pres. Obama at every turn don’t you? )

          • Sparafucile

            Do you even know what a “marketplace is”??

            Here’s what it IS NOT: a government sale of a product defined 100% by the government, but ADMINISTERED by a private entity.

          • PoliticalThorn

            I’m not going to split hairs over what it’s been commonly called and what the definition precisely may be of the words used to describe it as a marketplace.

            I imagine your lacking a substantial rebuttal to the Heritage comments, so once again you’d like to parse words.

            And whatever your scientific degrees may be; among Scientists in reference to Climate Change, Global Warming or just really bad weather for the uneducated masses, your opinion seems to be a minority opinion at the moment among world scientists. So as is your right, refute the opinions of the majority all you like.

            No links nothing….. I’m done here. Make whatever you like of it., as I would have expected, knowing now, that someone with so much science behind them to just swamp me with data and links on the discussions.

            I did do Medical Billing, my own company, for 15 years for 16 physicians over several medical disciplines. I also had 3 DME accounts, and I’m very familiar with how insurance comapanies operate. Along with the commercial, I billed for Medicare and Medicaid over a four State Area.

          • Sparafucile

            Yet, you still decline/refuse to look at the study to which I guided you. Really…..you might find it enlightening. Read their conclusions yourself, but my summary is this: Conservatives are dramatically more accurate in their assessments of the views and motivations of liberals; and liberals are vastly and deeply incorrect in their assessments of the actual thinking and views of conservatives. In short: your caricatures are entirely fiction.

  • Flint

    Reverse Citizens United decision and overturn the repeal of Glass Stegall and then we can talk about progressiveness!

    • Sparafucile

      We can agree on Glass-Steagal. If only we could get out elected “leaders” to not see common ground as fighting soil (hear that, Sen Reid?).

      • PoliticalThorn

        Or Speaker Boehner, who wouldn’t use the word “compromise” in an interview.

        • Sparafucile

          Do you even know the words “wouldn’t” and “didn’t” mean different things?

          • PoliticalThorn

            He not only didn’t use it, he wouldn’t use it! I’ll guess you probably didn’t see the interview or you don’t remember it. .

            You go look at it, I’m not going to post it for you, it’s in youtube, a bit buried, but there. Post your own “empirical findings”

          • Sparafucile

            Thank you for begging the question in a non-response.

  • PoliticalThorn

    Just repeal everything cause ‘we want our Country BACK” back to about the 18th Cebntury

    • Sparafucile

      Just as I was saying, regarding fantasies. I hadn’t considered that the Democrat fantasies included (fictional) horror-fantasies, too.

      • PoliticalThorn

        That’s right, they deny science also. Floods and forest fires a year ago the collective size of the State of Maryland. Won’t bring Pres. Obama’s jobs bill up for even a debate, let alone a vote. Given the chance, Social Security, Medicare, (a Voucher System is a slow death) Medicaid will all be gone.

        They’re the people that just cut off SNAP to 700,000+ vets. Deregulate and privatize everything. Ask the people in WV who are afraid to drink their water due to lax regulations or the people in TX where those tanks blew up. . You got that right, it will be a horror but not a fantasy.

        Clean Air and Water, Osha, Social Security and on and on, what Administrations do you think all that was done under. I can get you a list, but you should look it up.

        • Sparafucile

          See, just as I was saying above. There you go, again, trying to pretend you know what others (including me) think. I happen to have three advanced degrees in the physical sciences. SO, yes, I’m “anti-science”. But then, most nitwits who buy into phrases such as “may be linked to” and “experts say” also adopt the “precautionary principle” as some sort of valid statistic to drive how they regulate the lives of others. Science, indeed.

          • PoliticalThorn

            “There I go again” ok Mr. Reagan. Why don’t YOU present some data for once. I’m interested i what your degrees are specifically in.

            Not exactly dumb myself I worked in the Space Program, Lunar Lander.

            Well, from what I’ve read, it seems as though a majority of scientist in this world disagree with the idea that there is no Climate Change (Verrrry clever of the republicans, “Climate Change” as opposed to Global Warming” which sounds scary.

            Empirical Data, which you post no link for.

          • Sparafucile

            So you’re lining up to argue against a case that NOBODY is making (that people claim the climate doesn’t and isn’t undergoing change)? How predictable.

            To your question: One degree in physics, two in an engineering discipline.

            But I know that no matter how offer I offer you a direct reply to a question, you will forever evade a direct question from me. You have one pending regarding OSHA. But since your predisposition seems to be toward climate misinformation, perhaps you’d like to point to an atmospheric climate model that has proven itself to have predictive value (and not from “backtesting”, either) on a decadal or semi-decadal timescale. Without one, you have no idea what, if any, the relationship between CO2 is to global & regional climate is. My question is posed. Point to a model, or cede the topic.

  • Sparafucile

    You’re rather correct. Without a “narrative”, Democrats are lost. Because if they actually exposed, in start and honest fashion, what they’d ACTUALLY do with power, they’d be lucky to cross a 35% polling threshold.

    I don’t see how Democrats can create a narrative, when reality is just too glaring to outshine with fantasy.

    • PoliticalThorn

      Yo’re headed for the dust bin of History. Things are changing and all of you refuse to change. If you think you’re far, far, far, right, where even the Starship Enterpirse hasn’t been, batsh*t crazy people can get in, like the middle moderate voters would vote for them…. you better look at the man behind that curtain again.

      That’s why there’s such a push on in voting registration and cutting hours (to make it better) They can’t win without gerrymander districts and keeping others from voting. And don’t tell me about how you need an ID to buy certain things, that’s baloney and voter fraud is virtually non existent.

      YO do know the Republicans were outvoted in the House last time don’t you, by around a million votes, and it was only the severely gerrymandered districts that got them a majority.

      You want to dispute that,YOU find the data, meanwhile I’ll be using that Republican elastic girl you mentioned, like a blow up doll. You don’t think women are good for anything else or have any rights anyway.

      Would you believe, I was a Republican at one time, now I wouldn’t vote Republican at the threat of death, and I’ve missed only ONE mid term vote since I first voted in 1960 for Nixon.

      • Sparafucile

        Boy, you sound desperate :-)

        I fully realize that two districts that are 85% democrat are readily outweighed by three districts that are 53% republican. Echo-chamber idiocy tends to self-concentrate. Dodos of a feather, so to speak.

        But thank you for telling me all the things you think I think. There’s a solid poll that demonstrates your type, and how vastly wrong you universally are. Google “plos one liberal conservative” to find it. (Yes, “plos”.)

        • PoliticalThorn

          Goading you.Interested in just how far out you are. “I like that “how vastly wrong I/we universally are” You have a fairly “neutral link” for that, seriously, I’d like to read it.

          Our opinion was close to 5 million votes in the 2012 Election, right or wrong, and the policies of trickle down and Bush have been pretty well tested out I’d say.

          Things I think you think, well testing it out.I’m retired and been a political junkie since about 9 or 10 yrs old and I get to talk with a lot of “righties” here. .

          • Sparafucile

            Is it your goal to expose a different measure of your personal ignorance with each post? If so, you’re succeeding marvelously. Why might I write that? Well, considering NOTHING Bush Jr did bore any relationship to “trickle-down” anything, you’re either woefully ignorant, or a practiced liar. I just don’t know which.

            Nice of you to sarcastically declare a scientific study “unbiased” without bothering to look at it. Heck, you don’t even know what the researchers observed or concluded, yet….or even who they are. But go ahead …. continue …. your personal feelings are really what’s important for the nation.

  • PoliticalThorn

    TEA PARTY / REPUBLICAN SUPPORTER (TYPICAL 1ea) ) have dozens of these)

    • Sparafucile

      You, too, need to Google “plos one liberal conservative” and learn about your personal bigotry.

      (Odds are this guy was a leftie infiltrator, anyway.)