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Houston Man Pays Delinquent Lunch Accounts For 60 Elementary School Kids (VIDEO)

Published On February 5, 2014 | By james |

Recently, a group of about 40 young kids at Uintah Elementary School in Utah were humiliated and embarrassed as school officials literally seized their school lunches and tossed them in the trash because their lunch accounts were delinquent.

This story from Houston, Texas has a much happier ending.

As reported by KPRC on Wednesday, Kenny Thompson, a mentor and tutor at Valley Oaks Elementary School learned that a large group of kids were getting “reduced lunches,” of cold cheese sandwiches because of negative balances on their accounts. When he inquired about it to school officials, he learned that there was quite a large group of kids whose parents couldn’t afford the 40 cents a day – about 60 in total.

Fearing a repeat of the horrific story out of Utah, he whipped out his wallet and zeroed out the accounts of every single one of them. Said Thompson to KPRC;

“I thought, ‘you know what?’ It’d be better just to come in, zero out the balances, start from a clean slate.. the kids would eat every day.”

In an interview to Click2Houston, he added;

“These are elementary school kids. They don’t need to be worried about finances. They need to be worried about what grade they got in spelling.”

To which we say, “EPIC.”

Sign a White House petition to Illegalize Throwing Away School Lunches HERE.

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230 Responses to Houston Man Pays Delinquent Lunch Accounts For 60 Elementary School Kids (VIDEO)

  1. Diana Block says:

    beautiful act of kindness…

  2. Really_seriously_now says:

    We need more heroes like this and the news to report it.

  3. T Cheryl McComb says:

    This is what paying it forward is all about. What a wonderful man!!

  4. PlacidAir says:


  5. TexasSwede says:

    Or you could do like in say Sweden, where all kids get warm/cooked food for lunch, usually 2 or 3 (healthy) dishes to choose from, and a salad buffet. All for free.
    It’s paid by taxes. By the way, you also get free tuition at college/university there. You still need to pay for books, a place to live, food, etc. But you don’t get into crazy debt when you get an education.

    • gschloff55 says:

      Exactly TexasSwede.

    • CherMoe says:

      America is the greediest country on the planet, which is why we will probably NEVER see anything like what they do in countries like Sweden, Norway, etc.

      • maxime1793 says:

        Like in Norway, where there is no school lunch at all?

        Here’s another one, in Norway you pay taxes for your health care, BUT … a regular visit still costs $25-30, is scheduled for under 10 minutes, and they are LOATHE to prescribe you anything. So say you’ve had some nasty bacterial infection for a week, they send you away with nothing and tell you to wait another week and come back. If you DO get a prescription eventually for something, the copays are higher than in the US. The doctor’s office is open weekdays 8:30-2, if you want to go outside these hours you have to go to a private clinic which is six times more expensive.

        Try going to buy something over the counter. Your options are few! Sudafed – illegal. If you have a flu, Pepto Bismol – illegal. Even ibuprofen and regular aspirin are not sold over the counter, just some weak paracetamol. Your option for a runny nose is a weak salt solution they want you to shoot up your nose and for stomach problems – yoghurt pills! The latter are especially marketed to Norwegians going on summer holiday, because CLEARLY in Greece or Italy where there is fresh food and doctors who work and pharmacies with medicine, your stomach is going to explode.

        There’s your ‘social democracy’. Remember that next time you say the US should copy Norway. Really, I am not against socialism, the point is more to show you that Scandinavia is not some paradise where you get lots of freebies back for the taxes you pay. The taxes, meanwhile, are more regressive than in the States – the income tax rate is 36% for MOST people, even if you make very little money. The VAT is 25%!!!!

        That said, I’d take the Norwegian health system over Obamacare anyday. At least here I get robbed up front with taxes, not multiple times in taxes for programmes you cannot qualify for, huge premia the government now forces you to buy, and high deductibles before you accrue any benefit at all. What a scam!

        The real socialism in Scandinavia has nothing to do with welfare – it is the fact that trade unions are very strong, most workers belong to them, and they negotiate good collective settlements every two years. This is the source of relative equality, not redistribution.

        • Matilda Powers Forsell says:

          Do you know that both Italy and Greece have Socialised medicine for ALL their citizens too?

          • rovingbandit says:

            The big point I always make to those idiots is this: What other industrialized nation provides completely free market based health care. None. Not a single one. Mexico switched to a universal system in 2012. Why might that be? Because it’s not possible. And the nations that are able to contain costs and achieve a higher level of care quality than the US (we don’t even come close in this country to being the best in quality, who knew!) hold down costs by limiting how much care providers can charge for care.
            You can sit and piss and moan all you want about how socialized Obamacare is but the reality is, if we ever want to achieve comparable levels of quality and cost control we need to get more socialized, not less, and the proof in that is comparing our system to every other industrialized nation out there.

          • JamieHaman says:

            Unfortunately a lot of people don’t realize this. And some refuse to realize it either.

          • maxime1793 says:

            But who was advocating completely free market health care? I said nothing about it.

            The problem is idiot liberals in the Untied States who idolise something they have never seen and have worldviews every bit as small as the conservatives in the US that they criticise. The conservatives claim Scandinavia is socialist and everyone is bored and does nothing and wants to kill themselves due to the socialism. That’s false. Liberals claim everything is super fantastic and good health care is given out for free and you get all these welfare goodies from the State, and THAT IS ALSO FALSE.

            Like I said, Norwegian care is better than Obamacare as the latter IS NOT EVEN SOCIALISED. It is a federal mandate to FORCE you to buy PRIVATE health care. So you pay in taxation for Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare subsidies, but you yourself have to buy shitty, overly-priced private health care with a high deductible. Plus, the Obamacare bill penalises charity care (via manipulation of Medicare subsidies) and does provide for eventual rationing. It’s the WORST aspects of BOTH public and private systems.

            I agree with more socialised health care. I think the French system is better. I never said I support the American system – but I also won’t lie about my experiences.

          • daviedave says:

            and how many medical innovations have come from those countries. Very few I would guess. Socialized medicine does nothing to help innovation via R*&D

          • maxime1793 says:

            That’s not really true. Most of North Europe, at least, has relatively high R&D funding.

          • maxime1793 says:

            The systems all over Europe are significantly different from each other. Only really in the UK and Scandinavia is there a centralised fully state-run system. In most of Europe, it is multi-layered. Germany is more like the US with a much, much larger Medicaid. The pharmacy systems in continental Europe work better than in the US or North Europe because they trust pharmacists to proscribe many types of medicine. When we travel to Italy, France, or Greece, we just go to the pharmacy if we have a cold.

            Greece practically does not have socialised medicine at present because the State, under IMF- and ECB-imposed austerity does not make its payments. People are dying because their medicines are no longer subsidised. The hospitals are overcrowded and turn people away. This is the reality of your examples. Italy is better by degree only. Both countries, on the other hand, benefit from having a large proportion of doctors.

        • HanzoJinn says:

          You’re a complete idiot. Canadian here, FYI. I guess you American’s are not EXCEPTIONAL enough to feed YOUR hungry kids, eh? I get taxed out the arse, and I still have money in the bank, how is that possible?!!?! But please, keep sticking up for the guy with 7 vacation homes. If the kids were fed, he might not be able to buy his 8th home until next Spring, Communism rears its ugly head, lol. Jerk.

          • maxime1793 says:

            No, YOU ARE THE IDIOT.

            I support progressive taxation AND SAID NOTHING TO THE CONTRARY.

            Learn to read.

            The point is Scandinavia does NOT have progressive taxation. It is NOT a haven for redistribution, in fact, federal taxes in the US are more progressive than here.

            You’re an asshat. Go live somewhere else AND LEARN ABOUT THE REST OF THE WORLD.

        • Sheep O'Doom says:

          Care to cite (post a link) proving ANY of this BS? Oh unreliable links such as Teabagger, Conspiracy, & Faux news Sites don’t count… Here is mine that debunks 99% of the above

          “Over-the-counter medicine is available at pharmacies as well as retail outlets like supermarkets.” so much for them being illegal to purchase…

          • maxime1793 says:

            Well, I think living in Norway for five and a half years trumps a “Europe-Cities” website. Here are some errors in their description:
            “There are relatively few fees in for healthcare in the state system”
            —What aren’t you feed for? Truly emergency care (life/death situations), only. That does not include falling down in a public place and requiring stitches, which cost $150. That’s better than the US, I admit. However, a regular visit to the GP is about $30 (183 NOK) and scheduled in ten minute sessions.
            “Inpatient hospital treatment is free to all who qualify”
            —”all who qualify” is the caveat. If you are the spouse of a foreign worker, you have to wait 5 months to use the health care system, for example. I know of two colleagues for whom this caused a problem when they moved here with a pregnant wife!
            “pregnant woman” (sic)
            —If you’re foreign and pregnant, they try to deny prenatal care.
            “There are significantly high charges for dental treatment for adults”
            —Because it is not included in your national health insurance – it is 100% private. And only a super-posh job gives you private dental insurance as a benefit. Everyone pays out of pocket.
            “some citizens receive subsidised dental care for prioritised patients. Under eighteens are entitled to free dental treatment. ”
            —Youth get free care at the dental school, which you then have to book like a year in advance. So still most children go to private dentists when they have an immediate need and don’t just need a tooth cleaning.
            “The cost of prescription medicine falls into one of two groups termed
            the white class and the blue class. White class medicines are free,
            whilst blue class are subsidised.”
            —Never heard of free medicine here, but I would guess it includes psych drugs which are handed out like candy.
            “Private healthcare does not play a large role in Norway due to the excellent standard of state healthcare”
            —Total BS. Most state doctors work until 2pm for the government and then afterwards or on the weekend for themselves. There are private clinics everywhere. Either they are ignorant or meant to say ‘private insurance’ which is rare.
            “Out of normal surgery hours, GPs operate an on-call system”
            —Outside normal hours, if you want ‘public’ care, you have to go to the ‘Legevakten’, which is like a mini-ER. It costs 2-3 times a normal doctor visit but less than a private doctor.
            “GPs prescribe drugs”
            “Norway has 85 hospitals, which are located in all major towns and cities.”
            —This must be including various specialised health centres as ‘hospitals’. Norway has a score or so of full hospitals and the State wants to close half of them. All over the Western world, in both public and private systems, there is a push for centralisation.
            “The conditions in all hospitals are excellent.”
            —They are clean and quiet, but the care is bad.
            “The NIS reimburse certain types of dental treatment like maxillofacial
            surgery, treatment for periodontitis, orthodontic treatment and
            treatment of the soft tissues in the mouth and jaw.”
            —Up to half the payment, you still pay half or so.
            “Once a patient has reached a particular level of fees for prescription
            drugs (usually around 150 EUR), prescription drugs are free. ”
            —The egenandel is up towards 350 EUR, I do believe.

        • Sungoddess says:

          Why does a colonoscopy cost 4800.00 this is ridiculous and people don’t want the afforable health care act if I didn’t have insurance I would be screwed my copayment is still 780.00 I guess I should give up food to pay this off.

          • maxime1793 says:

            It costs $4800 because of the ridiculous, inefficient, and wasteful insurance system that is inflated by government subsidies w/o effective price controls, legal liability insurance, and by devoting a huge proportion of resources to claims verification, marketing, and human relations.

            In neither more efficient socialist systems (even if you pay the ‘unsubsidised’ price out of pocket as a foreigner) nor capitalist systems (you can get lots of good, cheap care in Thailand!) does it cost anything like this.

            Unfortunately, ACA will not lower these costs. Does it pay for your colonoscopy? No. It forces everyone (well, citizens, illegals also drive up costs, but they are exempt from regulation, apparently) to buy a controlled product in the private market, which actually only increases inflationary pressures.

          • maxime1793 says:

            Even your source points out that aspirin formally demands a prescription. Yes, small dosages are sold for exorbitant prices in some pharmacies (usually, actually, you don’t find aspirin). Mainly you find paracetamol.

            There is no sudafed or other effective cold medicines. No tylenol. No pepto-bismol. No immodium. Nothing similar, really.

            I’m not blaming socialism for this. You can get what you need under Americano-British trade names or others in most of Europe. The problem with the North European health systems is cultural, in my view.

      • NothingMan00 says:

        You do understand that there are vast differences between America and these Scandinavian countries which have nothing to do with levels of greed, right?

        • rovingbandit says:

          Not sure that’s really relevant. A big category on that index is those that give time, you give time to local endeavors and if you compare US to Sweden the US clearly outranks Sweden in that category. However, if our government took care of the elderly, the sick, and the poor, the way other countries did It’s arguable there would be less causes to donate your time to. Just a thought.

          • NothingMan00 says:

            Consider the kinds and quantities of people in Sweden vs the US. It’s quite easy for the government to dole out care to a uniform population of educated Scandinavians, especially at their rate of taxation. Of course, once their nation is overrun with Muslim riff-raff (and I do not mean to say that all Muslims are riff-raff, but the ones who come to the First World to be welfare parasites are) as well as other “give me dat!” neer-do-wells from unsavory corners of the Earth, you’ll see their socialist paradise collapse in on itself.

          • Ian_Llanganagain says:

            I’ve been spending almost half of every year for the last decade+ in Sweden. I can only say you that are utterly clueless about any realities to do with Sweden.

          • maxime1793 says:

            1. The data are partially true. Muslims, by country, represent the people from which they came. The continent does much better as France gets Maghrebis where there were traditionally few extremists and a good deal of French culture. The Dutch have Indonesians and Germans have Turks. However, the British have more rural Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have quite a low cultural level. Sweden has some of these plus Somalis. There are also many Levant and Iraqi Muslims who are not usually so bad but sometimes come from war-zones and are messed up.
            Anyway, one has to be a bit analytical.
            2. Jihad Watch is a provocative Islamophobic site run by warmongers with a dubious agenda. I say that as a social conservative.

          • NothingMan00 says:

            I agree with you re: Jihad Watch. However, the statistic they cite in the headline is a numerical reality, so it can’t be dismissed. Also, it’s interesting that when you do a Google search for “Sweden Muslims” the first page of results all concern the rape epidemic.

          • maxime1793 says:

            1. Swedes are not THAT well-educated.
            2. Muslims, on the whole, probably have better work ethics than Scandinavians. They are massively more likely to run small businesses, for example. They do have a hard time culturally integrating since Scandinavians are not very social and in some places the local dialect is bizarre and far removed from the written language.
            3. If you wonder due to (2) ‘why did they come then?’ – the EU now has a quota program for asylum seekers. Lots of people are stuck in odd corners of Scandinavia who would probably rather be in London or Berlin.

          • daviedave says:

            You mean like France, where every summer scores of elderly Parisians die of the heat?

          • rovingbandit says:

            Because that doesn’t happen in the US, or elsewhere?

            “Between 1999 and 2003, there were 3,442 reported deaths resulting from exposure to extreme heat, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

          • rovingbandit says:

            Your argument also boils down to ‘well that other guy sucked at doing it so I’m not even going to try.’ And that’s what kills me about this country. We have it built into our fiber that we try for greatness. No one had ever landed on the moon, yet we did it. We didn’t go ‘well man that’s just too difficult.’ We dared to dream and achieve. So why can’t we dare to dream and try and achieve a world where people don’t die in the street because of lack of care, or nutrition, or simply because it was too hot.

          • daviedave says:

            My point was just that. The argument made was that we don’t take care of our elderly and other countries do.

            Yes, work needs to be done, but don’t make a broad generalization, that we suck and they’re great, because I can make a broad comment too with no facts to back it up. Then we’re both just pissing in the wind.

          • rovingbandit says:

            Except for the fact I wasn’t making a generalization, the specific topic was Sweden, not France, first off, and I wasn’t actually making a point other than stating the other person’s argument was a little one sided, and short sighted as well. Right now in the US we depend heavily on volunteers to help with our elderly, in the ranking being discussed that’s considered giving to charity. The person’s argument was to seemingly equate economic greediness inversely to charitable giving. My point was that charitable giving can also be a function of charitable need not met by the state. I never said we don’t take care of our elderly and other countries do, but being elderly is more difficult in the US than other countries. And your example is a loaded one because the elderly parisians you talk about die in the summer because air conditioning isn’t common in older houses because its not needed and those that live on their own have a tougher time of dealing with the adjustment, not because the state forgets about them.

          • maxime1793 says:

            They die in Chicago and NYC, too. They die where infrastructure was never deemed necessary to protect against something that does not regularly occur.

      • Mar Iscel says:

        If we were the greediest country on the planet we wouldn’t be 17 Trillion in debt as just an initial matter. The reality is the upper poor to middle class in America, and likely lower upper class, are some of the most screwed over exploited people for the benefit of others on the planet. They’re screwed over so asshats such as yourself can pat thieving politicians on the back who don’t have to earn the money they spend. The insult to injury is the economies they destroy being hamstrung – and real humanitarianism and philanthropy marginalized – for no other purpose than accolades to them at a very high price for what people would do for the most dire and legitimate of needs anyway.

      • wickedlydia says:

        The country isn’t greedy. Its people are.

        • daviedave says:

          There are greedy people yes, but there is no other country on earth that voluntarily donate or comes to the rescue of anybody who needs it. We have freed more of Earth’s population t from despots, we run to the aid of those affected from natural disasters, and giveaway more goods than most countries consume. Therefore if we as a country or people were greedy, would we do those things? No. I think we are the most generous. Just don’t tell me where I have to spend my money. Or that I’m racist because…. or anti woman because… anti immigrant because….you think I should pay for others. If I want to, I will donate where and how much on my own.

          • wickedlydia says:

            That may be so, but this country gives at the expense of its people. If we have so much, then why do we have hungry, starving children and their families? If we have so much, then why do we have such high homeless numbers? We run to their aid so that we don’t have to acknowledge that we have just as many disenfranchised, disillusioned, hopeless, helpless people. It’s all for the sake of appearances. We are generous to a fault. At the expense of our own people.

      • Don Martin says:

        Have you ever asked how much they pay in taxes to support these things?

    • StarDagger says:

      Sweden is easily 100+ years ahead of where the American Empire is, in terms of civilization.

    • maxime1793 says:

      But until you get all into social democracy … in Norway, you don’t get a damn thing and often there is no warm lunch available to even buy.

    • healthymom0000 says:

      In theory it is great but our government already spends well beyond the taxes it collects so there is no money there. There is a false illusion that taxes form an unlimited amount of resources for spending at our disposal. The same kids you want to feed and educate for free will be left holding the bag and trying to figure out how to live when every penny they earn will be taken from them to pay our debts

      • rovingbandit says:

        I think Japan’s current generation would beg to differ with your assessment of the US’ future. Japan is currently the leader with a gross debt to GDP ratio of over 2:1, compared to us at 1.05:1. Money is cheap, which is also why the average family in the US has a debt to income of roughly 2:1 (average debt is a little over 100k, average household income is 56, so you could even say I’m under-valuating how much debt). It always gives me a chuckle when I hear politicians talking about how the government needs to tighten its belt and behave more like the american family. Any time you hear someone say that you should immediately ignore anything that comes out of their mouth because they clearly are just talking with no real comprehension behind the words that they say. And people like you eat it up.

      • Ian_Llanganagain says:

        Perhaps if your government had not embarked on extremely expensive military adventures in the early 2000s for which there was already insufficient funding there might be some financial room to manoeuvre. Pity about those “cakewalks”…

    • Adam Vener says:

      Yup, too bad our taxes go to pay for the 1% to stay rich.

    • Sam says:

      Yes but you know good and well the US does not have funds to feed school kids because we need all that tax money to pay for decades of wars and to support the do-nothing congress at (200,000 a year)

      • Lance K says:

        And let’s not forget the billions in corporate welfare that go to subsidize the already insanely rich big oil, big pharmaceutical, and big banks. Here in America, Republicans only care about making the rich richer, and as for the rest… oh well, that’s their problem.

        • Bobby J Clevidence says:

          It’s not JUST Republicans! It is all politicians! They dont give a damn about we the people only their pockets and the pockets of their friends/supporters!! The solution to save/fix our country is simple…FIRE ALL Politicians and get a Government in office that is as it is supposed to be: of the people,By the People for the people and not for their own pockets and special interests!and oh by the way Under Bush I worked and made a weekly salary of 1100.00+..since Oblowme took office I make about 200-300 a week now,so that is proof who is worse!

        • daviedave says:

          Like Solyndra or GM?

      • Bobby J Clevidence says:

        You left out all the money we give away to other countries and even our enemies now…

    • Freya Vanir says:

      Sweden is always making the rest of the world look bad by caring about it’s people. :) you guys are doing it right wish the USA would do that too

    • TK421 says:

      Yep. If I want my taxes to go to something, it’s called free food, electricity and other things that are NEEDs. The rest are wants.

    • NothingMan00 says:

      That’s what is possible in a small, homogeneous, highly educated country. America is not such a place.

    • republicantsaremorons says:

      And Texas Swede, this may make me sound like a conspiracy theorist or extremely paranoid….but I really think that the conscious or subconscious motivation for NOT providing for all kids equally is to ensure advantages the rich here in America have always enjoyed. The same wealthiest who complain about welfare recipients here in the States getting “handouts” are the same who BENEFIT from the poor staying poor: the wealthiest kids get to maintain health, educational and vocational opportunities and much easier access to high paid jobs as a result. “God Forbid” that here in America we should enable ALL kids to start out with the same “level playing field”….this would mean that the wealthiest would have to “play fair” and I believe they won’t ever want to do THAT……

    • Danielle T Jackson says:

      Sweden is HEAVILY in DEBT. LOOK up the numbers, more than their GNP.

    • Shelly says:

      I read somewhere that tuition is free in Finland, even for foreignors. If true, that’s pretty darn cool.

    • daviedave says:

      It’s also amazing what you can do with a small homogeneous population compared to a much larger much more diverse population with conflicting needs wants and desires. I think your hearts in the right place, but it would be a completely untenable situation and the costs would be through the roof.


      So are you going to offer up 49 and 60 percent of your income?

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  7. Ronald Hardney says:

    We need more ppl like this. I bet he wasnt even a rich sports player either. SMH

  8. wifather2000 says:

    Children are our future, and we expect them to be their best and to learn while going hungry?

    • Matilda Powers Forsell says:

      I believe you are right but unfortunately those making the decisions in congress seem to believe that only the rich peoples’ children deserve to be fed because THEY can afford it due in part to the 6 figure paycheck WE pay them ( not to mention the secret payola they get from ‘benefactors’ who buy their votes ) To those unfortunate children whose families have hit hard times its “tough luck kid. You should have been born into a rich family like my kids ” I call those people/parents the “pigs at the trough” and WE are the trough :-(

      • Tammy Saxe says:

        As a dish washer at a school my children have never received a FREE lunch and as a cashier I can assure you no children are going hungry. If you are a tax payer like me the FREE lunch is on you & me. And since you and I have purchased their lunch they have money left over to buy a snack.

        • lilyred says:

          And if Mom doesn’t send lunch money to school (heaven forbid sending a sack lunch), she has money left over to pay for that I-phone and those fancy jeans and hairdos. Makes sense.

  9. gschloff55 says:

    Now if only someone in Utah would do the same. But what about next month and thereafter? This should never happen to kids. It’s just unconscionable and irresponsible and immoral.

  10. cipher says:

    Now see, if he were an evangelical or far right Republican, he’d know he wasn’t doing these kids any favors by letting them think there’s such a thing as a free lunch.

    • ThatGuy says:

      Sad, but true.

    • Liz says:

      Actually, Republicans believe that individuals and charities should do these things, not government. You’re just falling prey to propaganda perpetuated by the liberal media. And before you accuse, no, I’m not a Republican. I am Libertarian. :P

      • MartinNYID says:

        “propaganda” accusations from a Libertarian… The real “propaganda” is that notion that a system where individuals and charities “do this” actually worked. Evidence, mountains of it, point to the contrary.

        Back to the workhouses Mr DIckens!

      • cipher says:

        Just as bad.

        A Libertarian accusing someone of “falling prey to propaganda”. No sense of irony.

        • Liz says:

          Perhaps you two are confusing Libertarians with the Tea Party, because I have no idea what the heck you’re talking about. I’m a moderate who wants the government to get out of crap it shouldn’t be in, ranging from gay marriage to abortion. Democrats and Republicans are equally bad to us; we want a place where everyone has the right to be free of government intrusion into their private lives. I personally support time-limited welfare programs with work training, and I don’t see a problem with the Free Lunch Program.

          At any rate, what I said was true. What this man did is exactly what the Republicans want to happen on a consistent basis. Instead of expecting the government to somehow responsibly handle money (which they clearly cannot, as I’ve seen first hand in the military), they want citizens and corporations to use personal money to help others. Considering that it wouldn’t fall prey to the terrible interest rate of our national deficit, I can see why they prefer that.

      • Kit says:

        Rethuglicans lack every moral fiber needed to call oneself human. Liberal propaganda is otherwise know as fact.

        • Bobby J Clevidence says:

          You must’ve hit every branch on the stupid tree on your fall from it….Liberal propaganda is just crap and is why we are in the crap we are in now! I am living Proof under GW Bush I made a 1100+ per week salary under Oblowme I now make 200-300 a week! I could state more from Clintons time and before,but all I know is everytime a jackass is in office I lose income..and how ironic is it that the liberals chose a “jackass” as their mascot??

          • Kit says:

            You aren’t worth the paper I use to wipe my ass. Every Rethuglican leaves office in debt. Every Democratic President leaves office with the coffers more full. You are a mindless parroting turd.

      • OHDisqusNSA666100 says:

        Republicans can’t decide whether to call children lazy or call themselves charitable, so they choose both.

      • Chris Jonsson says:

        Feed the children and move on to something important to worry about. Full stomachs solves a basic need that we as a civilized society have a responsibility to meet for very little money. Politics has no place in the school cafeteria.

      • Mike Lavender says:

        ” I’m not a Republican. I am Libertarian.” As if there is a difference when it comes to compassion. Where are the churches and charities that the Repubs are always touting? Why didn’t they assist here? Thank goodness for this guy, but the travesty of wasting perfectly good food to illustrate some kind of right wing financial discipline is crazy. If the Repubs want to teach Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, wait tip college. Let the kids eat.

        • Liz says:

          That’s right, I’m a compassionless jerk because I believe in less government, more personal liberty. I don’t spend hours and hours volunteering at the Red Cross, my kid’s school, and helping out my neighbors. I don’t donate to charities or make my kids do the Angel Tree every year so they remember other people don’t have much.

          I’m sure the churches and charities the Republicans “tout” would have come to call — if they had known about the situation. How they would know about it without being asked for a donation or aid, I don’t know, but clearly you have some idea.

          And I find it asinine that you would call this a right-wing display of idiocy when nearly every school is run by people who lean left. Seriously. These people are only doing what the policy tells them to do, because they have rules handed down by school boards trying to manage their funds. A random guy found out about it because he works there and he decided to step up to pay it. That is pretty much exactly the sort of thing the Republicans like.

    • stopwhining says:

      They’re ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS!! What ‘school officials’ have the heart to throw out a small child’s food?! If these were high school students, maybe – but they’re elementary school kids, do you really think they’re thinking about mooching off the government later on their life because they’re poor parents can’t afford to send them to school with money for food? I don’t think so, they’re probably thinking about how hungry they are and when recess is.

      • Chris Jonsson says:

        Politics has no place in the school cafeteria. Feed the children and move on to something important to worry about. Full stomachs solves a basic need that we as a civilized society have a responsibility to meet for very little money.

  11. SChab says:

    Kenny Thompson – YOU FRIGGIN ROCK!

  12. Landomando says:

    This guy is the MAN….get him a headset and BEATS commercial, I guarantee, there wouldn’t be a hungry kid in that school system again. America needs to get with the program. Public school needs to come with Breakfast and Lunch built in, no lunch tickets reduced prices etc…nothing to distinguish one kid from another when it comes to food. And the food needs to be real food, hire a real dietician each school put food workers on staff, make choices available and religious, medically necessary meals etc. available, it is the most sensible and most in line idea with WHO we say we are, no child left behind, no child left hungry should be with that one. Race to the TOP would be a lot easier, if children had the energy to race because they have at least 2 wholesome healthy meals a day, no better way to spend a taxpayer dollar than that. Like the MAN said, Kids shouldn’t worry about finances, the need to be in school worried about spelling tests. This kindness needs to grow and become a very simple and very important movement to bring 2 wholesome meals to children in pre K – 12 schools, so kids don’t have to have growling bellies and be embarrassed by heartless school personnel. I say put this guy in charge of the National Program and get started today. If you think kids should go hungry because their parents are poor, you don’t even matter so save your comments for your mom, because she will be more interested in debating your ignorance than I am………..Peace

    • Schmice says:


    • MartinNYID says:

      Absolf*inglutely! However, I think the key to this is two-fold: 1. get RID of the loathsome right wing policies of the last 20 years – leave ‘them’ behind. 2. Re-do the approach to education. Sure the horrible right wing cut the budgets, but the pollyanna lefties traded real learning for all this airy-fairy crap that has us 2 generations of stupid people who couldn’t tell you when WWI started, or what the Magna Carta is, or even spell it.

      When I was a kid, they took away ‘history’ and ‘english’ and traded it with this “new” stuff called ‘social studies’ and ‘language arts’… and the politically correct BS of ‘everyone’s a winner’ soon followed. Time to clean house on both sides.

    • And, oddly enough, it probably costs more to have a secretary track each child’s account, fill out government reports, issue tickets and solve problems than it would to just hand out free food. Especially considering the quality of the food being served. (from a former school administrator)

    • ElizabethD says:

      I don’t like to think of hungry children. School is meant to educate children, not feed them. Feeding your kids is a responsibility of being a parent – just like clothing your kids and getting them to school safely and taking care of their medical needs. It’s great to help those low income families, but you aren’t solving the problem of their poverty. Money spent on school lunches don’t keep those kids and their parents from struggling with low paying jobs, lack of health care and high housing costs. It also falls into the “its someone else’s problem” mentality. People need to think about the long terms cost before having children – costs which include buying food for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      • chris says:

        Right. Because aflluenza is working out real well. Rich kids come with their own baggage…that they expect you to carry for them. I would much rather pay to give good kids a hot lunch than have a world populated by spoiled brats.

      • Chris Jonsson says:

        It is someone else’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem. Denying food to poor children will come back and bite you.

        • wickedlydia says:

          The responsibility is the parents. They should have paid the delinquent balances. If they had, none of this would have happened. No one addresses that particular part of the event. If there isn’t enough money, then apply for the free lunch program. They have those everywhere. Perhaps the policy needs to change.

          • Chris Jonsson says:

            No wonder your name is wickedlydia.

          • Liz says:

            Why? Because she has a point? Our daughter was on the free lunch program when my husband was unemployed for the 6 months after he was honorably discharged from the Navy. It wasn’t embarassing to get enrolled into it, I didn’t have to see a human being or talk to anyone. I just had to fill out a form online and hit submit. If you can’t afford to pay 40 cents a day for your child to eat at school, you either need to get onto that program or you need to manage your budget better. I keep our daughter’s lunch account front-loaded with money because I know I’m bad about remembering to fill it up if I don’t get to check my email every single day. It’s called knowing your weaknesses and being responsible. :P

          • Bobby J Clevidence says:

            well arent you special and little miss perfect! read up on the purpose of school taxes…..
            School Taxes…a tax established to provide funding to schools so ALL needed item,exspences,facilities and staffing can be provided…notice the word ALL that includes lunches!

          • Liz says:

            That’s cute. Did you just make that up yourself? I’m only asking because I can’t seem to find that definition anywhere, especially for Nebraska where we levy property taxes to fund our school systems. We all still have to bring in at least $50 worth of supplies for every child each year, plus extras as the teachers run out, and we have to vote on school bonds semi-frequently as they try to get more stuff like upgraded technologies and iPads for every elementary schooler. :P I don’t know what world you live in, but the reality is that schools are underfunded while we throw money at other countries and allow bureaucrats to waste it on lavish company parties or retreats. I can’t remember the last time a school paid for all items, lunches, or had enough staffing without parent volunteers.

            Oh, and I’d love to know how being responsible and managing my cash when I had very little somehow makes me Miss Priss. Or how it somehow relates to the fact that the Free Lunch Program is a national program, run by the USDA, because it is *not* the school’s responsibility to provide lunch for every child for free. They simply don’t have the money to cover it and President Truman realized some parents can’t cover it either. At no point did I blame parents for not being able to pay so much as for not getting on the Free Lunch system since they obviously qualify if they honestly can’t cough up $8. But yeah, if not buying dumb crap and paying my bills makes me special, you go ahead and keep being sarcastic about that if it makes you feel better. Have fun being an ignorant jackball. :)

          • wickedlydia says:

            That doesn’t help if the parents don’t sign their children up.

          • wickedlydia says:

            It’s a user name, silly girl. I likes it! When I was younger, after my divorce, I found myself a single parent with four children to raise. When my ex decided not to pay child support, I found that I just didn’t have the money to feed all my children. Food stamps and the free lunch program kept my children fed. And I was grateful. And I was appreciative. My children didn’t find out that we were poor until they grew up. These parents have a responsibility to their children. If they can’t afford to buy them lunch, or pack them lunch, then apply to the free lunch program so that their children can eat. They did this. They alone were responsible. They subjected their children to humiliation and then blamed everyone else for it. Shame on them.

          • Chris Jonsson says:

            Ok Lydia. I respect you for doing what you needed to do to take care of your children. I am not in your position so I trust your judgement that the delinquent parents are negligent. That would make me mad too. I am saying don’t blame all of the dead beat parents because some may have a good reason for not getting it together. Single mothers are getting to be the norm. Texas does not give any partiality to women in our state, generally. That can tend to make women a little bitter. (I’m included)

          • Bobby J Clevidence says:

            Again out taxes should provide lunches to the school their should be no need to “apply” for free lunches…Think about this in the amount of paper WASTED on free lunch apps each year you could pay for several hundred lunches and save a few trees to boot…WTF happened to the GOVERNMENTS paper work reduction act?? if they truly followed that it would save tons of $$$

          • Liz says:

            I don’t think you know what the Paperwork Reduction Act is. Here, allow wikipedia to help you :

            Furthermore, the application for the Free Lunch Program is filled out… online. Unless you don’t have internet access at home or a library and request a form from the school, you never touch a sheet of paper.

            All I have to say is… wow. Maybe you’re the one who is special. ;P

          • joe says:


          • wickedlydia says:

            I am not heartless. Name calling? Really? The parents should be accountable to their children. They subjected them to humiliation when they shirked their responsibility.

          • lilyred says:

            Absolutely. The same dead beat parents are delinquent over and over. Their priorities are obviously not feeding their children, esp. if someone else will do it.

        • wickedlydia says:

          Their parents denied them the food when they failed to pay their delinquent balances and when they failed to pack them a lunch, knowing full well that the money wasn’t there. Now, you tell me, if these were your children, what would YOU have done? You do these children a great disservice when you fail to hold their parents accountable.

          • Chris Jonsson says:

            Did you know that one in five people in our country live in poverty? Many can’t find good jobs because there aren’t many to be found today. There was a mortgage crash that left many people on the street with nothing. Some people are living in their cars or shelters. Some have to impose on friends or family for a roof over their heads.
            They live hand to mouth in a system that continues to humiliate them and take more support away. If you have children and no income, possibly no house, probably
            no kitchen, how are they supposed to make lunch for your kids everyday? How are the poor going to have the knowledge or the means to sign up for free school
            lunches? Do you think they can just whip out their computer and sign up? If someone can’t afford to pay 40 cents a day for their child’s lunch there could be a reason. Instead of shaming a child or denying children food, the kind
            thing to do is feed children and find out why the parent can’t pay for lunches.

            I agree that many parents are just irresponsible. But give the child food and send the parent a bill, if they have an address to send it to. Never assume everyone has the advantages
            you have. People send their children to school hoping they will be well taken care of and to learn, even if their parents own lives are hopeless. Public schools are a safety net for children at risk. Teachers and administrators can investigate
            problems and get help for the child or the family. Shamming children may make them stop going to school, and God knows what will happen to them on the streets.
            Caring teachers are heroes. Give them the respect they deserve. Teachers do a lot more than teach.

          • wickedlydia says:

            I sympathize with those children. They were given an apple and a container of milk so they didn’t go hungry. Lunches don’t cost 40 cents. Here, lunches are $2.45 per child per day. When you enroll your child in school you’re given a form to fill if you want your child in the food program. Where I live, the children on that program also get a free breakfast. Policy is policy. Who would want to lose their job over policy? I bet no one does. What no one seems to know is why these parents failed their children. No one is holding them accountable. That is my point. And teachers do have my respect. But they can’t do everything.

          • Chris Jonsson says:

            Why not find out what the problem is? Don’t punish the children. If the parents failed their children, take it up with the parents. Go find them and ask them what their problem is.

          • wickedlydia says:

            You go find them. I’ll watch and learn.

          • Chris Jonsson says:

            I’m not where you are or all over the country. If you care to do something about the school lunch problem which is on the national stage, I would suggest asking questions of those in authority about the problem. Start with community activism where you live. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Write a comment to the local paper or ask a question at a PTA meeting. I’ll bet others want to talk about it. Maybe you can find a way to help the poor and stop abuse of the system. It would feel good to get to the bottom of the problem instead of continuing to be resentful at the top. That’s just me.

          • wickedlydia says:

            I am not overly concerned. I live in an economically distressed area so I know firsthand that there are many, many resources available to anyone who needs them. This isn’t happening where I am. The parents here are responsible parents. We have programs in place and plenty of information available to help those in need. This isn’t about me. This is about those parents and their actions and how those actions impacted their children. Peace.

          • Chris Jonsson says:

            OK. I’ll take your word for it. I understand your frustration. In the long run school lunches it won’t make a lot of difference in your taxes. There are much bigger predators scooping up tax money for profit. Exhibit A, charter schools run by private corporations. Testing companies and textbook publishers that contract their services to all public schools in the US for mandatory student testing and required programs. That gets into the billions and does more harm than good.

          • wickedlydia says:

            I’m not frustrated. You don’t understand my point. Perhaps it’s beyond you. You want to continue this debate. I don’t. Peace.

          • Chris Jonsson says:

            I don’t either. Good bye and good luck.

      • OHDisqusNSA666100 says:

        Conservatives vilify American children for being born poor.

      • Landomando says:

        ElizabethD I appreciate your taking the time to express your opinion. I will start with the first sentence “I don’t like to think of hungry children” Obviously you don’t. I am not asking you to feed my kids, I am asking us to feed our children, our fellow Americans. Family fall upon hard times from places from where they never thought they could. I think a lot of people in 2007 -2009 lost their employment that had invested 10, 20. 30 years in their positions. They never counted on not being able to provide meals or clothing or healthcare for their children. We already in most states, provide children whose parents have fallen on hard times, healthcare. Clothing is available from church groups, the Salvation Army, etc. Then you say “its great to help low income families, but, you aren’t solving the problem of their poverty Money spent on school lunches don’t (doesn’t??) keep those kids and their parent from struggling with low paying jobs”….. Well, already explained the health care situation for low income households; ACA and state laws before ACA quite frankly took care of Healthcare needs of children who are poor. High housing costs, many children live in states where housing is subsidized and families take priority in those states, but, yes homelessness is a problem. I didn’t say I would solve any of those problems but, let me show where it would help. Children would get 2 meals and never have to worry were they came from, because we as a people would make childhood hunger OUR issue and make a dent in the larger issue of poverty, which is complex and while school lunches won’t solve poverty, it would help to allow children to focus on LEARNING, NOT GROWLING BELLIES. Rather than the shaming of having your lunch dumped while other children stare at you because you can’t pay, children wouldn’t have yet another reason to bully each other. Every child would be provided lunch not just poor children, ALL CHILDREN. Promoting the Idea that we are all in this together, all children are our children and our FUTURE. I think giving a child the opportunity to concentrate on math and spelling, history and physical education, health and the arts; improves the chances for those children to perhaps go on to secondary education or at least be educated enough to work in industry and food service. Not to mention the immediate food worker jobs that would be created by something like this under taking. People don’t have children with the intent of not being able to provide for them, unfortunately tragedies and market crashes happen and anyone can find themselves and their children in a position where just the costs of surviving are hard to come by, you can’t plan for every contingency. Its ludicrous to think that people would think ” its someone else’s problem” that mentality only exists in the use of fossil fuels and chemicals and wastes but, that is another topic. TRUST ME PEOPLE AGONIZE OVER BEING ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THE NEEDS OF THEIR CHILDREN. I have 3 and I take care of my children, I am an RN, I do OK, but, that doesn’t mean just because I am doing OK, I don’t have to think of others. The world is other people, these children that are poor and being shamed and made to go hungry did not ask to be in those situations. My proposal is to take the its someone elses problem mentality and turn it into its OUR PROBLEM ALL OF US, THE RICHEST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET SHOULD NOT ALLOW ITS CHILDREN TO GO HUNGRY, NOT WHEN IT COULD EASILY BE DONE. TEACHING CHILDREN WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER AND WE ARE COMPASSIONATE AND CARING FOR OUR FELLOW MAN. ITS A BETTER MESSAGE THAN WELL YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, GO GET WHAT YOU CAN. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE CASUALTIES OF THEIR PARENTS MISFORTUNE. THEY SHOULD NOT GO HUNGRY AND HAVE FOOD THROWN AWAY INSTEAD OF EATEN. ARE WE BARBARIANS? OR ARE WE HUMANE PEOPLE? I REALLY WONDER???

      • homestead67 says:

        I vote that school children should have a lunch period and IMO if a child cannot afford to buy a school lunch one should be provided.

      • Bobby J Clevidence says:

        Do you forget that we PARENTS pay school TAXES…A tax which is supposed to include ALL expenses for our children to attend…All expenses would INCLUDE LUNCH!like my kids school district is a perfect example of wasteful…First they build a new high school which we needed,now they build a new jr high which we dont need…all to that a new track,baseball field and “Stadium” none of which is truly needed as this town is dying and not growing as they claim it is to justify construction bonds and raise taxes to pay for said bonds,yet our average class sizes have not grown over 22 students per class! Then they waste money switching to IPads and expect parents to pay for insurance on them..Save the money from the unneeded improvements and use them to feed our kids,pay for the tools for the kids classes all the things our taxes are by law supposed to do!

        • Liz says:

          Since I’m seeing all this crap from you, I might as well keep going. Your school board gets to decide how they appropriate your taxes. If you have a problem with it and want your school to use the money to pay for lunch instead of whatever they’re buying, you should probably get active and go to board meetings. But understand that schools historically have never paid for lunches and still don’t. The USDA does. Children used to go home for lunch, then return afterward for the rest of their schooling. I’d love to know where you got this idea that your taxes include feeding your kid.

      • Landomando says:

        Many People have children, have incredibly lucrative jobs plan and save for the future, build a business and a nest egg and then poof the market blows up and there goes a lay off for people who were always responsible. Why must it be assumed that people didn’t think ahead and plan because their child may now need some assistance with lunch. You may not like to think about children being hungry…I suggest you don’t then, because apparently based on your comment you don’t think about much other than the negative side of how people might find themselves in this position. Money spent on school lunches might mean that a child doesn’t go an entire day without food. Regardless of why that child requires help, we must be ready to give it, or we can’t call ourselves civilized. A true test of a society is how it treats Poor, Its Elderly, Its Sick, and Its Children. So if its too hard to think about just stop.

  13. Ann Cook says:

    Wonderful man!….maybe if the Mormon parents weren’t giving a 10% tithe to the church…they would have $ to pay for the kids lunches…

  14. motorfingaz says:

    Socialist!!! We don’t want hot lunch we want Freedumb!!!

  15. Jamie Gallion-Ackley says:

    This literally made me tear up. What an awesome and genuine act of kindness. Thank you.

  16. CCinRI says:

    Damn socialists, always trying to make Jesus-loving capitalists look bad.

  17. Chris Jonsson says:

    This news has to be part of national news to get people to realize how cruel, insulting, humiliating, and self defeating that austerity has been on a large number of Americans. Kenny Thompson gets the picture. Thank you Kenny Thompson for being a caring decent human being.

    • Peter R Mare says:

      Hi Chris. This is the first time that I am using following, on Disqus. I posted a comment above. School lunch is an interesting subject. Did you research the CoQ10 – Statins – Cancer connection? I am going to check two other writers that I am following.

    • lilyred says:

      Yeah, Ken, keep it up for me, I love it when someone else feeds my kids.

  18. Great story about compassion, however. I think the kids are better off not eating a high carb diet which I am very sure they were getting at school. Those who know better are aware that this leads to obesity and diabetes.

    • Sidonie Brown says:

      Sure beats hunger pangs anyday!!

    • MartinNYID says:

      Indeed. But let’s start with not letting them starve, which is exactly what the tea-tards appear to want.

    • Jen Price says:

      Sure, just shit all over the guy who stepped up and did something amazing, what have YOU done for your fellow human beings lately?
      You’re a fucking asshole!

    • Sam says:

      Yes, Because everyones knows letting children go hungry is much better ideal than eating high carb diet. But then agin you could have stepped up and help provide them a high fiber meal with protein and fish and vegetables,,But you didn’t. Soooo

  19. ThatGuy says:

    This man has something many don’t have…. a “clue.”

  20. Barbara says:

    I wish there was a minimum of feel good stories that had to be reported each day. The world would be a more hopeful place.

  21. MartinNYID says:

    This is great, but precisely what the Ratpublicans want – someone else taking the role of the government to provide for its people. .40p a day? We can’t do THAT? Unbelievable.

  22. dhodge says:

    Let’s see. I wonder if any of the Kardashian’s could have done that? Probably, but would they? Probably not!

  23. Chris Bui says:

    Thank very much for what you did Mr. Thompson. Now my question to all of you who say things about the education system, what is it that you know of the system or the policies in place. If you speak of what is being served, please look up information on Foods of Minimal Nutrional Value and look at all the regulations and health requirements placed on school lunches today. I assure you, the students are getting a balanced diet if they choose to eat what is served. Also, how many of you have gone to a school and done the same to pay for these overdue bslances? how many times would you be willing to do this? The reality is that not everything comes as a free lunch. Some schools qualify based on federal guidelines for completely free lunches and breakfast, others just free breakfast and the rest are on free and reduced. Parents must apply and many do not qualify or choose not to apply. $0.40 a day means $2.00 a week, $8.00 a month. I am sorry but there is no excuse by a parent to tell me they cannot pay that. These parents need to be held responsible. Yes, it is unfair to the kids and that part needs to change. But where is the parental accountability?

    • midwestmomof2 says:

      Do you really think the parents are withholding money so their ELEMENTARY aged children cannot eat lunch?! You REALLY think this?!

      • Chris Bui says:

        I really think that if a parent is that financially unable to pay for a school lunch, then they should be able to qualify for a free lunch program. To tell me that over a month, a parent is not able to come up with $8.00 to pay for a reduced lunch price is not believable. If you cared about your kid, you would go pay $8.00 and choose to redistribute your finances.

      • Liz says:

        Chris is right. $8 is a couple bags of chips or boxes of crackers, a case of soda, or a 6-pack of beer. Or a trip to Burger King for 1.5 people. I was a single mom at one point in my life, never collected a dime of government assistance, and my daughter never went hungry. Free lunch is easy to sign up for; you do it online, you submit the form, and you get qualified. You never have to see anyone or produce any papers. There’s really no reason someone shouldn’t be able to afford their child’s lunch, especially at 40 cents a day.

    • Even IF this was entirely the result of bad parenting (not likely) and parents refusing to take responsibility… Why punish the kids? Even kids with crappy parents need to eat. The type of person who can even stand there and debate while a child is hungry, withholding food from a CHILD, just makes me sick. Feed the kids, then argue all you want about how to KEEP FEEDING THEM.

      • Chris Bui says:

        The kids are being fed. Maybe not to your liking or opinion of what is a wonderful meal. But they are being fed. They are not being denied food. No food is being WITHHELD from a child.

  24. Chris Bui says:

    And as an additional comment.. If you are given a free meal such as a cheese sandwich and fruit and milk, be thankful. Its no different than a part sho takes responsibilty for their child and sends them with a pbj sandwhich and juice. Is it a hot endulging meal? No but the parent took responsibility.

    By they way, why does everyone say the child needs a hot meal? A sandwhich with chips, fruit and milk sounds like my own lunch I bring to work.

    Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a great morning. And again thank to all of the teachers, staff members, and parents who have already paid for one or twenty student balances and meals with no thank you from the kid or the parent. Just know it is recognized as a great gesture. This issue is not new, nor will it go away. We don’t live in a country where everything is free. That country does not exist.

    • Kit says:

      Intelligent and compassionate Americans realize that feeding children and helping those in need is for the betterment of society as a whole.

    • Terri says:

      Chris, unfortunately it may be the only hot meal they get

    • zante says:

      Part of it is the stigma placed on the child who is given a different meal from others, a meal that announces to all the other kids that he is a poor kid who doesn’t deserve the same meal as everyone else.

      • Chris Bui says:

        I will not disagree with you. You are right. But there are also stigmas that go along with being a child who is on free or reduced lunch. Kids every day stand next to a kid who gets a free lunch but then pulls out $0.50 to get that extra bag of chips. But that’s not really my point. The point is that there are programs out there that will support families as all the other students and families on Free & reduced lunch prices. The pieces just don’t make sense as to why a parent is not able to afford $0.40 a day for their child, which is about $8-10 a month.

        • Liz says:

          At my daughter’s school, the lunch accounts are all computerized. The lunch attendant scans the child’s barcode to deduct the amount, so no one knows if Little Susie is on a reduced lunch or Billy Jr. gets a free lunch. Of course, her school is also run by a neo-hippy who has banned all chips and other snacks from the lunch room, so we don’t have the problem of some kids buying extra treats. I’m sure many schools have gone computerized by now as it’s so much easier and cheaper to keep track of that way, especially with online interfaces like

          Heck, let’s be realistic here : We can rant about the parents not paying, or some people can rant about how all kids should get free lunch, but the real problem is… these kids don’t even have time to eat the whole thing. Between national testing for schools to get federal funding money and the No Child Left Behind nonsense, plus Michelle Obama’s scientific ideas about how much meat a kid should eat per day, our children are getting about 20 minutes to eat lunch and about half the calories they need to grow. How fast can you shove processed slop down your gullet? :P If they get a cheese sandwich, an apple, and a milk, they’re probably no worse off than the kid who has a plate full of carbs. In the end, they eat about the same amount and get shuttled back to class for more silent learning.

          • Chris says:

            No arguement with you here. I work at a school with 5th and 6th graders. Teachers and students get 30 minutes for lunch. But when it comes down to the actual time to eat, it is about 15 minutes, unless your are the kid who brought a lunch and get the majority of the time.

            In the last 5-8 years, the amount of regulations the government has placed on schools in all avenues has been overwhelming for everyone. Nutritional guidelines, removal of snack machines, testing, increasing the complexity of test questions, etc. I could go on and on. I know times have changed but I think we are being little overzealous as to what elementary and middle schools kids need to learn. But oops, this was an article about school lunches. I got carried off on a tangent haha.

          • Chris says:

            Oh. The school lunch computerized system calls home when the account is negative. But unfortunately, only a small percentage of parents actually use the online program for lunches or viewing their kids grades.

      • Liz says:

        Most schools actually offer the “different” meal as a choice these days for children who are vegetarian or have food sensitivities, *and* they have mostly upgraded to using a scan system for lunch accounts. The stigma at this point is mostly the perception of adults. If no one treats it as something different or special, no one will notice. Kids take most of their cues from adults until about middle school. Furthermore, the free lunch program is easy and painless to enroll in — then the child can choose any lunch s/he wants, the same as his peers.

        As other commenters have pointed out, where is the anger towards the parents? My child’s account has gone negative several times (mostly because she kept buying breakfast at school after eating eggs at home, without permission) and the only person at fault for that was me. I don’t check my email every day so I was getting notices that I didn’t catch until several days after the fact. There’s nothing to say that this isn’t what happened here. Some people are bad with money. That’s a fact. Some people are irresponsible. That’s also a fact. Yes, it sucks for the kids, but that doesn’t mean we need to start calling for more free lunches to be handed out (when a program for that already exists). What I do support is allowing lunch accounts to go into the negative and simply not allowing the child to get his teacher assignment for the next year until it is balanced.

  25. Denise Ricketts says:

    I am so totally for kicking the azzes of those who threw out the lunches in Utah. But I am looking above and seeing that the parents could not afford the “40 cent reduced lunches.” Now, how many of those parents CAN afford cigarettes AND insist on smoking a name brand cigarette no less because “I don’t smoke no cheap crap.” I was in line in the grocery store behind a “man” who was ANGRILY stating that the “damn food stamps and WIC” didn’t help pay for “no cigarettes!” and, yes, he was SERIOUS! (for a couple of minutes there I thought we were all getting punked so I kept looking around for Ashton Kutcher or the camera people.)
    KUDOS to this gentleman for paying for these children’s lunches in order to get them up to date. And BOO-HISS on the school for even making them take a “different” meal. Because, if their parents PACKED a meal that was considered nutritionally deficient like that, no kidding, according to those new government guidelines, they would take THAT meal and throw it out (now that REALLY helps the kid out.)

    • Margaret Morris says:

      Wow, you’re a pretty ignorant person for leaping to argue that most of these families are out there smoking luxury cigarette brands because of one man you were in back of at a cornerstore. This may come as a surprise to you, but there are struggling families out there, and LOTS of them, and have been for a while in this country. The poverty rate compared to other “first-world” nations has been ridiculously high for decades now, and yes, shocker, there are tons of parents who can barely afford to keep a roof over their heads. Many school districts nowadays are sending school parents’ bills if their kid didn’t come the first day with the requisite $40 school supply kit. $10 extra a month on top of that is a strain for a bunch of parents, and they are trying their best. You should try working at an elementary school some time. It’ll blow your mind. Some of the most involved stellar parents are some of the lower-income folks who struggle really hard to feed their kids. Or well, maybe you shouldn’t work or volunteer at a school, it sounds like you’re already judging the parents on their income status and ready to dish out one-off anecdotes.

    • midwestmomof2 says:

      You do not appear to be familiar with Utah. Most people there are Mormon, which means they don’t smoke, drink alcohol or even drink coffee! Just because you, yourself, are not suffering from financial poverty doesn’t mean many, many others are not! They are!

    • OHDisqusNSA666100 says:

      Conservatives call American children lazy and worthless.

    • Liz says:

      I was a manager at two grocery store locations while I went to college. I had quite a bit of time to realize that people with EBT were spending their allotments on mostly processed crap, chips, soda, crackers, cookies, etc. etc. About half of my EBT regulars would almost always have a separate order for beer and cigarettes, and about half of those also had a WIC check. It’s tempting to shrug it off as something that was singular to my area or my store, but it’s not a wholly false stereotype. When I was a single mom, going to school, working at this grocery store, and paying for my own apartment, utilities, etc., I never collected WIC or food stamps. I also never bought beer (and I’ve never tried smoking so I didn’t need cigarettes) or hair care products, candy, chips other than an occasional $1 can of Pringles, and I mostly subsisted on Lipton tea and water. I didn’t buy clothes unless I wore something out, I didn’t go out partying… but I did make sure my daughter had nice clothes (even if some were from the thrift store or hand-me-downs), good food, comfortable shoes, fun toys, and had a good Christmas. I eventually dragged myself out of my situation and am now married, living in a nice house, have two more kids, a puppy, and I volunteer for the Red Cross helping people sign up for energy assistance. It is possible to live without food stamps, WIC, or other government programs without living in a box — *if* you manage your finances tightly and sacrifice everything unnecessary. If I’d had food stamps and WIC, I would have been tempted to spend my money on dumb stuff. 20-something me was not a saint. :P

  26. Jeff A says:

    Ya Great System in Sweden only one problem SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR IT. Are we ready for $10.00/ gallon gasoline with 6$-8$ of it being taxes like Europe? Are you going to pay college tuition for EVERYBODY at tuition rates being what they are and then have NO Jobs for these kids when they get out?

    • Ian_Llanganagain says:

      Interesting (if somewhat warped) take you have on things. but let us turn from Sweden for a moment, where the vast majority of the population continues to democratically elect a government that provides very good value for money with all the taxes they take in, and turn our attentions instead to nearby Finland – just across the Baltic.

      In equally democratic Finland, nutritious hot breakfasts and lunches are provided free (free to pupils, but obviously covered by tax revenues) to ALL students. Further, what is available in school canteens and vending machines there is *quite* limited. Interestingly, the OECD shows that the USA’s educational achievements K-12 continue to plummet precipitously (@ last count, American average high school achievement in maths and sciences were ranked @ 17 and 34 and falling, respectively) whereas Finland consistently scores in the top 5 (usually # 1 or #2). Whilst correlation does not = causation, it is fair to say that pupils in Finland are consistently well-fuelled for their school days.

      At least Finnish taxpayers recognize the investment they are making in their future adult citizens even if a few stubbornly TeaBorg-like Amurri-clones such as yourself consistently cannot see what that same spirit could do for your nation’s youth. But then you probably also have no clue that the tax money you are so begrudgingly paying at this point is largely being spent subsidizing giant multinational corporate welfare queens like Walmart alive, by allowing them to pay sub-subsistence wages and having their employees depend on federal assistance to make ends meet.

    • Chris Jonsson says:


  27. Jeff A says:

    When I was kid growing up our school lunches were very reasonable and if you couldn’t afford it there were programs that took care of underprivileged kids and EVERYBODY ate. THAT IS HOW IT NEEDS TO BE.

  28. Sam says:

    This was a act of kindness, to humanity by helping children and our society ,
    No act kindness is wasted
    Regardless how small it is .
    if you can help someone in need toady .(stranger or a friend) ,,,We all benefit,

  29. Peter R Mare says:

    I am 70 years old. My father was a vegetable clerk, local 338, in the Bronx. Working poor, same as today. I always had a sandwich to take to school, all thru St Joseph’s grammar school and Cardinal Hayes. Price’s of food were 100% cheaper then now, as was the minimum wage. My father always made me a hero sandwich with eggs, locatelli cheese, and something else. Spinach, broccoli rabe, How much does school lunch’s cost us today? Government cost? School district cost? Quality of food? Chemical food? High Fructose Corn Syrup? Aspartame? As a child of the working poor, my father always said, never skimp on cost of food. I always had the best lunch that other kids looked at, as they had their tray of whatever was served. My hero sandwich was more quantity then whatever they had. My hero was the length of their tray and more then half the width. The hero loaf of the 50′s was longer then today’s hero. I am wondering why there isn’t anything being done to try to encourage parents to send their children to school with a good quality lunch from home. Food does not have to be hot. New National Slogan: “Every Child be a Hero, Eat a Hero for Lunch”

    • Chris Jonsson says:

      That was good for you. Unfortunately now people may not have the resources to make a hero sandwich for their kids every day. Times have changed. The quality of food in schools is a a real problem. Part of the resolution has to do with the political power that large food conglomerates over school districts. The power processed food lobbies are hard to overcome. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to make them comply with providing healthy food. If they can’t do it, the companies should be dismissed for non compliance to basic nutritional standards, using nontoxic additives or preservatives.

      • Liz says:

        Yes. The quality of food in schools is a problem — but saying no one has the resources to make a sandwich for their kids every day is pure BS. In fact, everyone should be making a sandwich or salad for their kids for lunch because it’s vitally important that children do not grow up primarily eating food loaded with chemicals, corn syrup, fillers, and other crap. There are profound health repercussions down the road from this, and probably a zillion studies to back that up.

        To provide healthier food, the USDA would have to get out of bed with farmers. The current food system makes grains cheap by subsidizing them while declaring healthy vegetables and fruits “specialty crops”, which are not subsidized. This means that everything the school buys for lunch, paid for by the government, is built around the model of using up stores of grains to keep the price level. The current food *does* meet basic nutritional standards; that’s the problem. You want the food to meet the nutritional standards of a doctor or dietician, not a bureaucrat, and for that you’re going to have to lobby against USDA involvement in the school lunch program.

  30. kiiimiko says:

    True hero

  31. Eve Brown says:

    If parents can’t afford the lunches, there are programs to cover that. If they are too proud or too lazy to apply for them, then it is THEIR fault, not the school’s that these kids don’t get a hot lunch. They DO get a lunch, just not a choice.

    Maybe parents should skip their cigarettes and Starbucks lattes to feed their own children!

  32. Tammy Saxe says:

    As a food service and school lunch room cashier for 7th & 8th grade students I will give you a run down. Price of a full paying student lunch $2.55 reduced lunch price $.40. Price of FREE lunch to tax payers $460 per student. Number of 7th and 8th grade students getting a FREE lunch at 1 school in 1 town of the USA is 65% or more. Amazingly the students who get a FREE lunch pull cash money out of their pockets to purchase snacks such as potato chips, beef jerky, cookies, gatorade, churros, corn nuts, soft pretzels ect…. FYI only full paying students accounts go into the negative and are given a cold lunch.

    • Ian_Llanganagain says:

      What was your point (if in fact you had one)?

      • Liz says:

        I think her point was that the free lunch program is used extensively and results in those kids using spare change to buy snacks the other kids can’t afford or aren’t allowed to buy. ;P And that parents whose children are on reduced fare owe very little per month, if not nothing, but their kids miraculously have money to buy said snacks.

  33. CC says:

    Bless you, we need more people like this in our world!!

  34. Michelle Nicole Eller says:

    This is the sort of “America” I actually like…cause the rest of it I don’t like so much… The people in this country have such a TWISTED way of seeing things! Can’t wait for my generation to HOPEFULLY end the way things are now, and be real HUMAN BEINGS that take CARE OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE…thank you Kenny Thompson. I hope you inspire a whole new batch of people who have hearts and money to help since politics won’t change anytime soon and we all know it.

  35. BossMan says:

    Next time someone talks about American Exceptionalism I’m going to think of Kenny Thompson.

  36. calm dog says:

    Thanks, Kenny. Personally. I need to read something like this every once in a while just to prove there’s still some humanity left on this damn rock.

    • zante says:

      Since it is hard to tell from many of the posters here, I agree. Thanks, Kenny. I send food to school every Friday so that a child who needs it has some food to take home for the weekend. Yeah, the parents are probably scum, but it’s not the kid’s fault.

  37. kristinecrooks says:

    The school lunches in Seattle are $2.60. And the food is CRAP!! All school lunch for kids needs to be free. For some kids it’s the only meal they get per day. And these kids are victims of working poor parents who are not on assitance. We suck as a nation. We just SUCK if this is the message we are gonna send to our kids.

    • OHDisqusNSA666100 says:

      It’s a USDA program that provides price support, saves surplus food from being thrown away, and creates a market for agricultural products – which is mostly meat and cheese – it isn’t a charity.

    • Liz says:

      If you really want to save the kids, you’d advocate for every child bringing a lunch from home. The lunches at school are terrible, unbalanced, and the “salad bars” schools seem to enjoy using as a ploy to placate parents are a joke. For the same amount or less, you can make your child a more nutritious meal that isn’t loaded with carb fillers, salt, and corn syrup. That’s why the school lunch is $2.60 and crap.

      • kristinecrooks says:

        I TOTALLY agree. My son takes his lunch every day. Our elementary school is very diverse. ie: My neighborhood is a million dollar one and some gov housing, nice gov housing was built on park land near the school. So… we are 60% kids on a school lunch program but if they didn’t qualify for welfare well… some parents can’t afford to make lunches even. Don’t you see…. 1 in 5 children are working poor and starving in our “great country”. Lunch should be free to all children and if their parents want to send a packed lunch like we do, then at least there is a choice. I have received bill all year for lunch because the kids use a personal pin number when they check out for lunch. I just keep paying it although my son does not eat lunch because some poor child is hungry and he/she gets to eat that day. Who in their right mind takes food from kids and throws it away (talking about Utah and the recent event in Texas)? That is what I am trying to convey without coming across like the rich lady on the hill. I just worry so much for our children and their future. It’s a blessing and a curse I have.

  38. Bob Onit says:

    here’s a sure fire way to pay for the lunches. Stop giving all our money to other countries. $4,000,000,000.00 to Egypt? Really?

    • Liz says:

      That’s a very good point. We give enormous amounts of money to other countries, including ones that have no problem harboring terrorists (Pakistan) and blatantly despise us. Odd how you never hear anyone suggest we appropriate that money for schools or public safety. :P

  39. Rodney Maris says:

    Makes a lot of sense to take a plate of food away from a “deadbeats” kid and throw it in the trash! What kind of chiat heads are working in these schools?

  40. Bhig Bhad Wolf says:

    I would be absolutely ashamed to be a loser parent for one of these kids. If you can’t come up with such a small amount of money every day, you should have your reproductive rights taken from you.

    • OHDisqusNSA666100 says:

      Conservatives propose to take away reproductive rights of Americans as an alternative to feeding American children.

      • NothingMan00 says:

        Any honest person with sense and intelligence understands that this is a very reasonable and effective solution. Otherwise you’ll be looking at endless miles of useless mouths to feed.

  41. NothingMan00 says:

    If you can’t scrape together 40 cents a day to pay for your kid(s) to eat, you’re useless and should not have spawned. An ugly truth.

  42. OHDisqusNSA666100 says:

    One day, Americans will grow tired of the abuse heaped upon us all – calling Americans lazy and worthless – just as Mitt Romney the freak says over and over 100 times before breakfast every morning. during this recession, outsourcing, denial of stimulus, and now calling little American children lazy and proposing to take away school lunches. It’s un-patriotic.

  43. Ben_Ghazi1 says:

    Obama just spent 4 million on a Christmas vacation to Hawaii.

    • LadyAmethyst says:

      And so did a whackload of other Americans. Why wait for a government official to change things when we can do it ourselves, as the gentleman in the article has pointed out? It’s better to become a part of the solution than sit back & lay blame.

      • Ben_Ghazi1 says:

        Totally agree, get the gov’t out of our lives. We can do a lot better on most things.

        I don’t know anyone who spent 4 million on a vacation. Obama’s a glutton, like most movie and sports stars. Hoarding money while kids starve at school. The 1 percent just has so much power. Hillary just stated she hasn’t driven a car since 1996. Who are these freaks?

  44. Jeff A says:

    Ok so where exactly where is the parent’s responsibility in all this Or are you pushing this off on the Government? Is this one more thing you are either to busy for or just can’t be bothered with. People bring children into this world, The LEAST they can do is provide for them. When you start to look to the Government for basic essentials like feeding your children on a regular basis, Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed. I have NO PROBLEM as a Tax payer helping those in need but lets start with the parents and their responsibilities.

    • JamieHaman says:

      So what you are really saying is if a kids’ parent is a bum that kid should go hungry?
      No, not everyone can provide for a kid, that’s why women want and use contraceptives and abortion.
      News flash for you…some people in our government say women, married or not, do not have a right to legally prescribed birth control, that THEIR religious freedoms don’t allow for it.
      Want parents to be more responsible? Start writing and or calling your local representative, especially if republican, and telling them to drop the religious freedom argument, and to start insisting legally prescribed medications and procedures be covered by insurance that people pay for.

    • zante says:

      Are you by any chance one of those pro-life nuts who only are pro-fetus?

      You say you don’t have a problem helping those in need. Well, these children are in need and they are not responsible for the choices of their parents.

    • zante says:

      By the way, “government” is not a proper noun, so it should not be capitalized.

  45. Leona says:

    How about we just all agree that this man did something really good for the children of this community and forget about the politicians in Washington. We need more people like this in the U.S.

  46. Jeff A says:

    U.S.GOVERMENT It is a specific Government I am referring to. Is this to much for you to comprehend??

  47. Jeff A says:

    Ok so tell me exactly how many of these good parents are working 3 jobs like my farther did and how many of them are going to bed hungry so their kids can eat? Are there no food pantries or churches where they live? How many of them have flat screen TV’s and cable television, cell phones? Exactly what are their priorities? I know what my parents did growing up lower middle class. And when we could not afford something WE WENT WITHOUT! And I can assure Food was NOT something we went without. How much exactly are you helping the people in your community with their needs or as a Tax payer are you doing enough? Maybe you are just interested in spending “other peoples money and not your own”

  48. Jeff A says:

    I am not sure how much Luck had to do with it. I tend to think his taking personal responsibility for his family was a motivating factor, he was a Letter Carrier, stocked shelves in a grocery store and a janitor some nites. We went without color tv, new cars, and expensive vacations throughout most of my childhood yet as I said previously we always went to school with a bagged lunch or lunch money. We were by NO means privileged children, just fortunate enough to have 2 parents that took responsibility for their actions {bringing 3 children into the world}. We live in one of the Most generous nations in the world and spend more on welfare and social service programs than anybody else however we have also become a dependent nation on these programs. The government’s job is not to create jobs but to create an environment where business can flourish.

  49. Laurie Faucett Eden says:

    Thank you Kenny….this was a wonderful thing you have done. :)

  50. wickedlydia says:

    I hope he keeps paying. Otherwise, it’s going to keep happening.

  51. Nicko Thime says:

    A real role model.

  52. Terry Ramsey Haskins says:

    Bless his heart. and what a big heart he has.

  53. Pingback: Students without lunch money get help from Richardson ISD parents » Lake Highlands

  54. Max Newman says:

    To the conservative education is evil because it teaches children to think well enough to question their indoctrination, so feeding kids at school is a waste of time and it runs counter to the uneducated ignorant third work conservative utopia that they envision for America.

  55. lilyred says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, what’s wrong with sending a sack lunch, if you’d rather spend your money on an i-phone or a new tv?

  56. CarolinaSistah says:

    Kindness goes along way. Well done sir!

  57. Katy Poppins says:

    40 cents/day?! Sheesh thats CHEAP! Up here in WA state its about $3.85-4.25 per day!

  58. Heather Newberry says:

    That’s an awesome story! A very kind act, I am shocked at the school officials that they would actually take a childs tray up away from them after getting their food, and throwing it away! That is just uncalled for and they should be a shamed of themselves! They would rather THROW the food away rather than let a child eat! That is just ….. There are no words! SHAME ON YOU ALL! I believe the government takes enough money off of the working people to where children should be able to eat free! I What is wrong with America?!?!?!

  59. menotq . says:

    where the heck do you sign the petition, brings you to the whitehouse pg. but no where to sign???????????

  60. Karen Lentz Madison says:

    Love this guy for his true spirit of compassion and generosity. And Rovingbandit–those levels of giving are tied to the Jackie O tax breaks the wealthiest get–and pass on to their beneficiaries. It’s outrageous. The Swedes don’t have that. We can’t compare their honest numbers with ours.

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