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3 Prominent Bankers Commit Suicide In The Last Week (VIDEO)

Published On February 1, 2014 | By james |

So check this out.

Mike DuekerBloomberg reported on Friday that Mike Dueker, chief economist at Russell Investments, was found dead on the side of a Tacoma highway in Washington state. Police have stated that it appears he took his own life.

“He may have jumped over a 4-foot fence before falling down a 40- to 50-foot embankment… the death appeared to be a suicide.”

A statement released by Russell Investments read, in part:

“Mike was highly respected and regarded at Russell Investments and in the broader financial services industry. In the five years that he worked at Russell, he made valuable contributions that helped our clients and many of his fellow associates.”

But wait – there’s more. Last Sunday, William Broeksmit – a former senior manager for Deutsche Bank – was found hanging in his South Kensington, London home. He was 58 years old. The Daily Mail reports that the death was “non suspicious.”

Creeped out yet? If not, this should do it.

Completing the macabre hat-trick, consider that last Tuesday, Gabriel Magee, a vice president of JPMorgan Chase & Co in London, apparently jumped to his death from a building in the Canary Wharf financial district plunging 500 feet to his death after hurling himself off the roof of the JPMorgan Chase and Co.’s European headquarters. Again, police ruled the death a suicide.

So, by my count, that’s three suicides by three prominent bankers over the course of 7 days. Does this portend something big?


H/T to Miss R*EVOLutionaries

  • ben28

    It sounds like the world banking industry is busy closing loose ends by killing significant witnesses. There seems to be no other explanation for it.

  • koonoruk

    good,, saves us from chopping their heads off. the 1 percent best be very afraid of the other 99%

    • nvrat

      Doubt the 99% is smart enough to pull something like this off. Go back and review the 99%`s video`s you will see what I mean.

  • Meyerdude

    Maybe the feds are getting closer than we know?

    • Leo Staley

      lol, as if the feds were on our side.

  • http://kerryfoxlive.com/ Liberally Kerry

    People who live for money do this usually when they are about to lose that money.

    • Leo Staley

      which means that the people at the bottom are about to get screwed even more.

  • tracy two crows

    Viva La France???Sounds like the Mafi- AHEM, the crooks of Wall Street are tying up loose ends.This does not bode well for folks with money in the market.Those of us too poor to pay bills,let alone invest,well,it’s just called another day in 3rd World ‘Murika….

  • David Bresett

    This is good news.

  • outsideobserverloookingin

    Ahhh the Lt. ‘s go before the Captains…. then the pecking order becomes foggy…

  • shawn_von_socialist

    • Michele From Ohio

      Amazing. Thanks for posting.

    • Kermit

      great stuff !! I will show this to my socials class this tuesday (no kidding)

  • Tom

    Sounds like a good start.

  • bleh

    Karma is a relentless bitch!

  • NSNY

    These are junior-level people by comparison (not to mention one person who may not even be in the industry anymore). They are not the ones calling the shots – so it’s suspicious and I’d be worried that witnesses are disappearing.

  • Really_seriously_now

    Whatever he may have done or had done to him, Mike Dueker had a family whose child is an 8th grader at my daughters school. His family is grieving their loss and everyone at the school is surrounding his child with love and support. We tend to forget in all the sensationalism that the families left behind are in turmoil.

    • AlxHamiltn

      So? Are the Deeds of the father mitigated because the child is embarrassed or traumatized? Hitler had relatives, as well. GTFU.

      • Really_seriously_now

        No it does not. They don’t know if it was suicide or not. Just pointing out the scars of that experience is being felt in our school. My sympathy to his family and what they are going through. If he had done something illegal over covered something up, time will tell, but regardless the child lost his father and the crimes of the father should not be cast onto the child.

        • Jo Clark

          I agree wholeheartedly, having had a suicide in our immediate family, but with all due respect, I don’t see anyone here casting any blame on the wife or children of these men. I have nothing but heartbreak and immense sympathy for the families of these guys.

          • Really_seriously_now

            It was in response o AlxHamiltn who implied that I was inferring that the deeds of the father should be mitigated. No to that I do not. It is heartbreaking to see a young child come to terms with his fathers suicide and not understand why.

          • J Liberty

            And the debt burden that these bankers give to us through usuray should not be mitigated to our children but it is.

          • scriptysandra

            You mean you were implying. We infer.

          • Michele From Ohio

            Why feel bad? Birds of a feather flock together.

            His wife and kids will be well taken care of, unlike a great many of us reading this.

          • Rod

            Apparently, a flightless variety.

      • OregonJimmy


    • lance1949

      She shouldn’t have married the ass hole in the first place, nor should
      she have had any children with him, she should have divorced him the
      instant she discovered he was a crook and sued him for every penny he
      had. But she did none of these things, probably because she was leading a
      wonderful life and you want me to feel sorry for her?

      • Really_seriously_now

        Lance how many men keep there families in the dark to their true actions. There is a lot of speculation going on at the moment and very few answers. The family is in shock and are looking for some understanding.

        • OregonJimmy

          Well Mr. R s n. Why don’t you do some research and find a poor family out there who lost their Breadwinner. I’m sure they could use your plentiful sympathy. Why don’t you help by paying off their underwater mortgage that was the result of these rich greedy bastards so that the family won’t have to go through foreclosure and then homelessness!!!!. Rich kids and families are always popular with their classmates and of course the faculty who fawn about in their presence.

          • Michele From Ohio

            Glad I’m not the only heartless b*stard here, lol.

            Let his family eat cake.

    • David Perry

      Inconsiderate bastard.

    • Michele From Ohio

      Did Dueker give a crap about other people’s children? I seriously doubt it, he was no doubt a greedy POS who felt the walls closing in on him. Something a lot of us in the 99% have been feeling since 2008.

      Sorry, I can’t feel too bad for his family, I am certain they will not have their home foreclosed on, or have their only source of income taken away from them by Congress. His 8th grade daughter will go on with her life, and no doubt graduate from college with zero student loan debt.

      So, yeah. I feel about as bad for Dueker and his family as they felt about me when I lost everything in the late 2000s. Life is hard. *shrug*

  • Eulogia

    Now if only Jaime Diamond, Brian Moynihan, and the remainder of the CEO’s of large banks would follow suit.

    • yellowdogdemocrat

      …And Blankfein…

  • Donna Ellery

    Didn’t, maybe was it 19 physicists, chemists, scientists types that
    ‘committed suicide’ during Clinton’s watch? Trying to recall what was
    going on…the Los Alamos scandal?

  • Kate

    These bankers are part of the group that screwed over so many people worldwide. Perhaps they actually did have a conscience. And perhaps they could not live with what they knew and what they did.

    • secede

      Doubt their consciences got to all of themthe same week.

  • Raina Morgan

    It seems money doesn’t buy happiness after all.

    • Haveagreatday

      It doesn’t buy you sadness either. And to be honest the difference between the two is probably genetics.

  • Dennis McClune

    2 is 2000 2 few

  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    Global crash and collapse of civilization?

    • Debby Berg

      Nothing would surprise me after the meltdown.

  • http://www.myspace.com/TheeUnicorns christopher witt diamant

    These deaths of these big financial brokers are quite suspicious….and I don’t think they took their lives by accident…they were “picked out” for a very good reason….

  • stacey2085

    If not a coincidence, were the 3 silenced or were they complicit in the next scandal about to break? One was an MD of Technology – bitcoins and money laundering? or some big bet against a sovereign nation about to go the wrong way and no way to get out? or is some big institution keeping multiple sets of books? Could be anything but I bet it’s not nothing.

  • lance1949

    I really don’t feel good about how I’m thinking about this right now but I wish many more of them would do this – especially those that helped to create the Economy Melt Down we had in 2008.

  • jetames

    This reminds me of a joke. A bus full of lawyers runs off the road and down a mountain-side. The sad part is that on 1/2 of the lawyers were killed…HAW!

  • Debby Berg

    Pardon me but something smells rotten in the state of Denmark…..

  • David Perry

    Seems like a good start !

  • OregonJimmy

    I certainly hope it portends a trend. I think every banker in the world is just a greedy crrook obsessed with personnel wealth and power! They can all kill themselves and decrease the surplus population as far as I’m concerned!!

  • kgarry

    Doubt these are ALL suicides; seems more likely someone is tying up loose ends &/or chipping away at a potential list of witnesses.

  • katgal1232

    They all could not live with the evil they have perpetrated on the people.

  • Timothy Shay

    Many of you posting here so unsympathetic are a pack of hypocrits, many of you supported invasion and murder of innocence on unimaginable scale when you belieived it’d bring $1.00 a gallon gas for your SUV’s…it isn’t your desire for justice, disgust at exploitation, and sympathy for victims of economic tyranny that motivate your indignant resentments toward the affluent, it is that you yourselves were not given a handsome enough cut of the spoils as reward for your loyalty to your criminals If you weren’t’ as vigorously opposing your own nations thefts and murders , enslavement of others abroad when you yourselves benefited financially by them, attacking Iraq for 9/11 when Israel, Saudi Arabia and our won corrupt and degenerate law makers attacked us to justify abandoning our constitution,THEN YOU DESERVED THE FINANCIAL COLLAPSE AND SUBSEQUENT ROBBERY YOU ENDURED. TO AFRICA, MUCH OF ASIA, LATIN AMERICA, THE FACT YOU RESIDE IN THE WESTERN WORLD MAKES YOU THE 1%, YOU ARE NO MORE MORAL OR ETHICAL THAN THESE INSECTS.

    • lance1949

      A rather harsh view of a host of people you don’t even know. You are making a lot of generalizations that are probably wrong. The bankers are all greedy and colluded in the melt down and I’m sure that few would argue with that perspective.

      Not every citizen of a Western nation colludes in the atrocities their governments commit. In fact many voted against the wars and killings and still fight to stop these barbaric acts that our governments perpetrate on ‘our behalf’.

  • Jeff May

    They were converted to human and couldn’t live with what they saw themselves had become.

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