Senate To Debate Emergency Unemployment Extensions Monday

Published On January 4, 2014 | By james |

On December 29th, 2013, some 1.3 million Americans suddenly faced a stark reality as extended federal unemployment benefits they were receiving – for most, a whopping $1,166.00 a month – came to a screeching halt. If nothing changes, an estimated 4.9 million Americans could be directly affected by the end of this year. Yahoo News reports that, according to the Obama administration, the benefits payments “have kept 11.4 million people out of poverty and benefited almost 17 million children.”

Republicans have long-held that extending unemployment benefits beyond the “standard” 26 weeks provided by individual states does nothing but make people lazy and discourages those receiving the payments from looking for work. It’s as if there’s some parallel universe where people are happy to just lay around subsisting on food scraps and guv’ment cheese. So, while the GOP markets itself as the party looking out for the Average Joe – the grim reality is anything but.

A recent, scathing article in The Globalist pointed out that “The Republican Party has constantly opposed children’s healthcare, efforts to reduce deaths from childbirth, infant mortality and risk factors from premature births, as equally as it opposes programs to assist the hungry and unemployed.” Further, it pointed out;

“An investigation of legislation related to maternity care, children’s health care and SNAP (food stamps) from the 111th-113th Congresses (2009-2013) reveals how cruel (GOP) policy has thrown away the poor in favor of partisan purity, ideology and budget-policies favoring the wealthy at the expense of the poor.”

In truth, when it comes to protecting the social safety nets of those that are struggling, we must look to the Democratic Party to continue its proud tradition of action over asinine “trickle-down” mythologies.

On Monday, January 6th, as the Senate reconvenes from the Holiday break, they intend to do just that. Democratic Senator Jack Reed from Rhode Island has introduced S. 1845, otherwise know as the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension act. Co-sponsored by 21 other popular Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren (MA), Tammy Baldwin (WI) and Barbara Boxer (CA), as well as Independent progressive rock star Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  Debate on the bill begins at 2 P.M., with each Senator given 1o minutes to speak on the bill.

You may review the bill below:



It’s imperative that we all take a proactive role in this debate by making your voice heard. You can contact your elected officials by clicking HERE.


  • bailey78

    Nothing like having the rug pulled out from under you while trying to get by on little of nothing.

  • Eli Cabelly

    So what they’re saying is that too much money, in the form of unemployment benefits and things that help the poor, will make them lazy. At the same time, more money, in the form of tax cuts and government subsidies that help the rich, will make them work harder.

    Is the republican party even bothering to edit their messages for insanity?

  • crc3

    Teapublicans prove yet again what a bunch of uncaring and heartless pack of do-nothings they really are and this will continue until the Democrats control the WH, Senate and House (tall order but one can dream). The bottom line is as long as Obama is president and wants to accomplish things the Teapubs will oppose and it doesn’t matter what the issue is either. If they want unemployment paid for then they need to start by cutting military spending and cut out tax loopholes for the rich and corporations. Sooner or later the bubble will burst in this country if current trends continue and that’s something I really don’t want to see happen in my lifetime…