DOH! CNN’S S.E. Cupp Gets Schooled On How Economies Work (VIDEO)

Published On January 16, 2014 | By james |

On Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s Crossfire, noted economist and former Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich went at it with S.E. Cupp, the show’s voice from the right.

Cupp challenged Reich’s assertion that raising wages and supporting unions would stimulate the economy by incorrectly implying that he supports;

“…(The U.S.) force employers to raise wages, force union participation, raise taxes on the top job creators, and force employers to cut off hiring at 50 employees to avoid Obamacare mandates – how is that a job recipe for job creation?”

Reich was brilliant in his response to forceful response to Cupp;

“We’ve had a minimum wage in this country since 1935. Raising the minimum wage is good for the country – it puts more money in the pockets of people. Sixty-five percent of Americans want to raise the minimum wage. Most minimum-wage workers these days are not teenagers, they are breadwinners; if you help them, you are helping the economy overall. And a lot of employers will benefit from a higher minimum wage – that’s what we know, and powerful studies show that. So this is not a matter of government planning, this is doing what we have done… in fact if we had a minimum wage today that was as high in 1968 – adjusted for inflation – it would be $10.40 an hour. And if you add in productivity improvements the minimum wage would actually be $15.00 an hour.”

When fellow guest and former Governor Tim Pawlenty (R- MN), spoke, he parroted standard-issue Republican talking points to “make the load lighter, not heavier,” for businesses and suggested further easement for businesses on taxation, energy policy, and healthcare policy.” Because we all know how well THAT’S worked, right? Reich would have none of it;

“I was very proud to have been a part of an administration that presided over the creation of 22 million net new jobs – and one of the things we heard from businesses again and again and again was, ‘We create jobs when there is enough demand. When consumers have money in their pockets, when you have a growing middle class – that’s the issue.”

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