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TX Candidate For Governor Believes Gays Should Be Flogged, Running On Secession Platform (VIDEO)

Published On December 9, 2013 | By james |

As the saying goes, “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and that certainly could apply to the level of kook-driven bigotry that seems to be teeming from the Lone Star state as of late.

Just last month we told you about a charming group known as the Young Conservatives of Texas at the University of Texas that tried promoting a game called “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” on Facebook, and of course Representative Louie Gohmert has a long history of mind-numbingly stupid and bigoted remarks.

Now the people of Texas have someone else to be proud of. Larry SECEDE Kilgore (he legally changed his middle name from Scott to SECEDE in 2012) is running for Governor.

Kilgore proudly calls himself a “Christian,” and has advocated for the death penalty for adulterers and women that have had abortions. He might be best known for his extreme anti-gay stances, and for making up words like “transvestism”:

 “Public use of vulgar sexual language would result in flogging. …  Judges will flog more severely those convicted of transvestism.”

In an interview with Lone Star Q on Monday, however, Kilgore has admitted that he’s willing to roll up his sleeves and work side-by-side with the homos in order to capture the ultimate prize – secession;

“The only position I have is secession. I am a Christian, and I have lots of Christian beliefs. However, I am trying to build a coalition of all different types of people. I look at the lesbians and the homosexual folks and I say, ‘Hey, D.C. is stealing my money just like they’re stealing your money.’ After we get our freedom, then we can decide all that stuff — hopefully at a county level. Right now, lesbians and homosexuals and Christians may have differences with each other, but we’ve got a bigger enemy.”

The Everlasting GOP Stoppers tracked down this video of Kilgore at a good-old boy rally ranting about how he “hates the U.S. flag,” and espousing the virtues of secession back in 2009. Hey, at least he’s consistent. Frankly, I’d love to see Texas try to go it on their own.

Good Lord. You just can’t make shit like this up.

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H/T to Lone Star Q Photo via Facebook

- james | Founder | Chief Editor | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

  • LostSok

    Succession? Screw that…just give Texas back to Mexico and put that wall they want so bad up after all. Just…do it on the Northern border.

    • trenaherringtonchapman

      Give ‘em Oklahoma, too, while we’re at it. And, Arizona.

      • Bill Kauffman

        Not everyone from Oklahoma is a dumb A**. But there is a lot of them

        • Darren Hellwege

          There aren’t a lot of progressive minded folks in Oklahoma, but we tend to be pretty fierce in our beliefs. Excellent peace movement in OKC, and the state gave the world two of it’s great socialists, Woody Guthrie and Cornel West, so we aren’t all bad!

      • Len Woelfel

        Not Arizona. We have to keep the Grand Canyon. And even tho I have relatives in OKC, which has some pretty good Vietnamese restaurants, I’d be fine with sending that state back for a refund.

    • Bjbutterfli Hayhurst

      I so agree with you.

    • John A Gulsby


    • gunniesack

      Texas was its own country

      • Paul Ellison

        It was for a very short time, the Republic of Texas was so far in debt it could not stand on its own, so it voluntarily joined the Union to get the money it badly needed to pay its debts.

      • Miska123

        It was it’s own “country” for about 9 years, whined the entire time to become a state because they were bankrupt.

        • LateNightLarry

          And the state is still bankrupt… what other options are there for the dumb@$$ state of Texas to balance their budget?

          • gunniesack

            So is the country. dumb@$$ country of The USA

          • Hewhowalkswithhim

            All the more reason for us to cut TX loose. They get $1 for every dollar they spend in the state budget. That is $100 Billion

          • gunniesack

            yep. That is the change that Liberals voted for

          • SoyTejano

            Do you even read the stuff you reply to? Or are you just some kind of ‘inanity-bot’?

          • SoyTejano

            The what is what?? Sigh: Google ‘GDP’…then have someone explain it to you…slowly…

          • gunniesack


            All the more reason for us to cut TX loose. They get $1 for every dollar they spend in the state budget. That is $100 Billion. That’s what I was referring to anyway.
            I was hoping for change for the better after Bush, but aint seen it yet

    • gunniesack

      Too many died at the Alamo to give it up.

  • Fire Works

    He did get one thing right; “I have no clue” What a moron! LOL

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  • Jake Jkjband

    How that succession thing work out for you all the last time.

  • rebecca

    This is another one of those moments where I am ashamed to be a texan.what in the actual hell is wrong with this guy? Not all texans want to secede from the union-the ones that do shout the loudest ot seems.

  • Matt

    Sam Houston didn’t secede. He wanted Texas to be a non-slavery U.S. state. Not like I expect correct information from this clown anyway.

  • SKV2

    The unfortunate thing about this wingnut is that he makes the other Republican candidate Abbott (who is also a wingnut!) seem relatively sane.

    • Michael Case

      Maybe that’s the intent. Something to think about.

    • GaLiberal

      Thats the real problem. Hes so far out there that even a crazy nutjob looks sane.

  • Robin Berss Ross

    I wish him lots of luck. I have long said the United States would be better off without Texas. As far as I`m concerned Florida can go with it.

    • mguerrein

      Along with the rest of the South.

  • marecek21

    That only secession that has happened in Texas is that all the intelligence has seceded from this nutjobs.

  • David Compito

    This jerk is no Christian.

  • The Emperor

    Family Guy on Texas…

    I’m a queer chaser and beater.

    It appears to be about right.

    • Roger Schramm

      LOL, Dont forget that motorcycle riding “super devil” that carries that jar of marmalade that forces you to commit adultery !!

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  • GaLiberal

    I hope he wins the repub nom. Davis would eat him alive in an election.

    • gunniesack

      I don’t think he’d win dog catcher.
      especially saying that he is apposed to the U.S. government while running for office to get a check from taxes

  • Betty Eyer

    Vote for me now and I’ll flog you later! Who could resist a pitch like that?

    • gunniesack

      sounds like a promise on a pickup line.

      • Betty Eyer

        You hang out in some strange bars.

        • gunniesack

          You got my vote. lol

  • Erik Miles

    My reaction if/when Larry and his like-minded fellows leave:

  • Ricardo Salinas

    Sounds like someone is itching for a gang fucking.

  • gunniesack

    So this states that the guy was slanderous to gays, so where on the video does it say that?

  • Expatmom

    This’ll be fun!

  • Barrett

    Oh God. Please, I beg all of you reading this, I live in Katy (a Houston suburb), born and raised in Texas, and we’re not all like this!! I swear! There are good, wonderful people in Texas! Lovely, supporting, accepting people! Believe me, when people like this ass in the above article get all the media attention, we’re just as pissed as the rest of the nation! WE REALLY NEED BETTER PEOPLE (BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF US) TO RUN FOR A POSITION OF POWER IN TEXAS SO WE CAN NOT ONLY HAVE BETTER REPRESENTATION (LITERALLY), BUT REPRESENTATION TO THE REST OF THE COUNTRY AS A PEOPLE!

    • DrDon

      Good luck getting campaign money from the oil and cattle men and the Biblethumping family values folks with views like that, Barrett. Nice idea, but ineffectual.

  • Charles Duncan

    OK I’ll bite! Lets just say for the hell of it that Texas secedes! What happens next? Well 30 days after you secede the US Govt. declares war on your asses and takes you over, now your just an American territory, no representation, no SS, no healthcare, nothing, hows secession working out for ya now???

  • Hewhowalkswithhim

    Has he not been to Dallas? Never seen the Freeway system on a map? It is shaped like a Penis. They call it the Big D!