For Nelson Mandela: Truth and the Unreconciled

Published On December 7, 2013 | By james |
by Walter Rhett

Few of today’s Republicans praising Nelson Mandela’s life, could meet the requirements of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission he established to end his country’s legality of bitterness and brutality, to come to grips with the attributes of a police state built on historic illegal land and resource grabs, forced dislocation and relocation of African peoples to restricted areas against their will, and a racial animus symbolized by apartheid’s passbook, installed in the service of protecting the absolute political power of whites and their control of the lives of Africans.

Mandela and ChildMandela governed and reconciled his country by using virtues that lay beyond its immediate tyranny and despotism; his political decisions prevented disintegration and possessed both a common and noble touch–a concrete witness to higher values: forgiveness, deep regard for humanity, as President Obama observed, “guided by his hopes, rather than his fears.”

Nelson Mandela’s compassion was built on the honesty of his love. Given equally to his jailers and his family and nation, and shared with the world.

Republicans, some who opposed sanctions against South Africa, twist his legacy. Dick Cheney has called him a terrorist; Rick Santorum claims his legacy to oppose the “great injustice” of affordable healthcare; Ted Cruz, calling him “an inspiration for defenders of liberty,” has not answered his facebook followers who called Mandela a “white hating killer.”

Mandela would love them, but not for their lies.

Originally posted by Black History 360

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