Group Delivers Fire Proof Pants To Lying WI Gov. Scott Walker (VIDEO)

Published On December 31, 2013 | By james |

In 2013, the political fact-checking website Politifact rated 7 statements made by Koch-supported Wisconsin Governor “Scumbag Scott” Walker as “PANTS ON FIRE” lies, the highest rating the site gives for false statements and information. In addition to that, 57 other statements made by Walker – who appears to be readying for a presidential run in 2016 – were rated as “lies,” “mostly false,” or “half-truths.” In all, Politifact  rated only 9 out of 84 Walker statements analyzed as “true.”

To commemorate the achievement, a group called the Wisconsin Transparency Force  (yup – “WTF” for short) stopped by Walker’s office at the State Capital building in Madison with a special delivery: FIRE PROOF PANTS!

As we have posted in the past, Union busting, nepotism in the state legislature, and boiler-plate ALEC-penned abortion legislation are all Standard Operating Procedure for Walker.

Union-busting in particular enraged Wisconsinites, as Wisconsin is the very birthplace of the labor movement and organized labor. In splitting the unions, Walker (R) promised this would create a plethora of jobs around the state; in actuality Wisconsin ranks 44th in job growth in the United States from September 2011 to September 2012, and unemployment has jumped to 7.2 percent.

Watch, via Blue Cheddar;

Photo credit: Raw Story



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