VT Senator Bernie Sanders Hints At 2016 Presidential Run (VIDEO)

Published On November 17, 2013 | By james |

Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had progressives and those on the left in a buzz when on Friday in an interview with the Burlington (VT) Free Press he hinted that he may make a bid for the presidency in 2016;

“…Many of the issues that I’m talking about will appeal to people who do not consider themselves progressives… there is a crisis facing this country. The American people know that there is something profoundly wrong, that we are fighting to make sure that the middle class of this country survives… and I do not see that sense of urgency.”

Long a champion of the middle class and enemy of an unfettered Wall Street, Sanders stressed that Social Security and Medicare are in danger and added;

“These are not normal times. The United States is in a severe, severe crisis. And we have to call it what it is. It is a crisis. When you have 20% of the young people in this country who have no jobs, that’s a crisis. When the gap between the very, very rich and everybody else is getting wider, that is a crisis. When you have a horrendous Supreme Court decision called Citizen’s United which allows billionaires to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process, that is a crisis undermining democracy.”

H/T to Common Dreams.org

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