UCLA Has Got A Diversity Problem – And They Are Not Alone (VIDEO)

Published On November 17, 2013 | By james |

I stumbled across this powerful spoken word piece on UpWorthy and just had to share it.

Produced by a group of UCLA students that calls themselves the Black Bruins, it paints a stark and dismal picture of the institutional racism that still permeates much more than just the southern Californian campus.

“When we have more national championships than we do black male freshmen, it’s evident that our only purpose here is to improve your winning percentage.”

The sad fact is that, as Huffington Post reports, the chips are stacked against black males as they navigate through our national education system. Associate professor of educational studies at The Ohio State University Terrell Strayhorn puts it thusly:

“For many black men, talent and high school success are not the only things they need to succeed when they attend a predominantly white university,” Strayhorn says, pointing to a third factor — grit.”

Give this a look.

H/T UpWorthy

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