Report Reveals $8.5 TRILLION Missing From Pentagon Budget (VIDEO)

Published On November 26, 2013 | By james |

Yahoo Money’ The Daily Ticker  is reporting that is has discovered a Reuters investigation that reveals $8.5 trillion – that’s trillion with a “T” – in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996 that has never been accounted for.

You read that right. While Republican politicians rush to slash food stamps for the 47 million Americans living in poverty – the highest amount in nearly two decades -  Republican U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has the audacity to complain that $20 billion dollars in automatic sequester cuts to the massive and secretive $565.8 billion Defense Department budget are “too steep, too deep, and too abrupt,” all while the Pentagon and the Defense Department are overseeing massive fraud, waste, and abuse.

For anyone wondering, Reuters reports that the D.O.D.’s 2012 budget totaled $565.8 billion, more than the annual defense budgets of the 10 next largest military spenders combined, including Russia and China.

In an interview, Linda Woodford, an employee at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service – the Pentagon’s main accounting agency – reveals to Reuters that she spent the last 15 years of her career simply “plugging in” false numbers every month to balance the books;

“A lot of times there were issues of numbers being inaccurate. We didn’t have the detail … for a lot of it.”

In the REAL WORLD, that would be called MASSIVE FRAUD.

Woodford’s involvement in the fraud doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. The report also reveals that “a single DFAS office in Columbus, Ohio, made at least $1.59 trillion – yes, trillion – in errors,  including $538 billion in plugs, in financial reports for the Air Force in 2009.”

Yahoo Finance lists some additional findings, including;

    • The DOD has amassed a backlog of more than $500 billion in unaudited contracts with outside vendors. How much of that money paid for actual goods and services delivered isn’t known.
    • Over the past 10 years the DOD has signed contracts for provisions of more than $3 trillion in goods and services. How much of that money is wasted in overpayments to contractors, or was never spent and never remitted to the Treasury is a mystery.
    • The Pentagon uses a standard operating procedure to enter false numbers, or “plugs,” to cover lost or missing information in their accounting in order to submit a balanced budget to the Treasury. In 2012, the Pentagon reported $9.22 billion in these reconciling amounts. That was up from $7.41 billion the year before.

Watch via The Daily Ticker

- james | Founder | Chief Editor | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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Founder | Chief Editor at The Everlasting GOP Stoppers
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46 Responses to Report Reveals $8.5 TRILLION Missing From Pentagon Budget (VIDEO)

  1. Why5ks says:

    our fiscal conservatives want to increase the budget of this responsible agency by up to three times what they get now?

  2. MrRibbert says:

    Gee, I guess it’s time for another “plane” to hit the pentagon in the exact spot where the records are kept.

  3. Darius Dpas Deepazz Smith says:

    $8.5 trillion would be more than enough to fix our infrastructure, create real single-payer universal insurance, “free” education, and all the other progressive ideas I can think of being funded with this.

    • Shari Peterson says:

      Doesn’t matter – Obama doesn’t give a shit about you. He has had the ability to spend unlimited from October of last year thru February 7th of this year. Did he bail you out? Protect the poor? NOPE. He did NOTHING but he had the power to.

      When we all realize we are all being taken to the cleaners by all of them then we can start winning.

  4. Brad_Z says:

    Stop military welfare.

  5. MrAndiconda MrAndiconda says:

    This is the Budget we will never see, in which tests technology we wont use for another twenty years. This kind of blatant “loss” is exactly why you should be demanding for disclosure

  6. occamskiss says:

    There is a problem with the math here. 1996 to now is 17 years. Missing is 8.5 Trillion. 2012 budget was 565.8 Billion. If the average budget was 500 Billion (I assume it has been rising steadily) for 17 years. Wow that is the whole 8.5 Trillion. So ALL of the money budgeted to the Pentagon is unaccounted for? I don’t think so. Check the math, please.

  7. Elizabeth Fox says:

    Most likely it is being used for top secret stuff that is really none of our business… so long as the DOD does their job and keeps us safe I am content. Yes, that could be considered having blinders on…but they are using the defense budget to protect America’s interests domestic and foreign. Why do we need details on which CIA or NSA agents are in retirement? Why do we need to know which countries are being paid off to not join forces against us? and Why do we need to know who the secret agents are who are in each country keeping us safe? … Leave well enough alone already!

    • Jack Hoft says:

      except that they can account for the secret budgets too, there is no reason not to be able to account for the cash with out detailing the project. this isnt a case of untitled expenses…the money is simply not there. it wasnt used for your protection, it wasnt used for military spending at all as far as any body in the military or the DOJ can tell.

    • stabby_kat says:

      Yeah, let’s go back in time and apply this ignorance to the mafia. You are a moron.

      • Jack Hoft says:

        thats exactly the kind of shit we don’t want the government doing with secret funds piped through the pentagon :P you just nullified your entire argument citing the governments funding of the mafia to destabalize latin american countries…..good citation though.

    • Jack Hoft says:

      the government has Never had a problem saying “We spent 40 billion dollars on this shit you dont need to know about”. if it is a problem that has reached out of military cover and DOJ subterfuge into the open media…very powerful people are goign to be shoving less important people in btween themselves and the court marshall.

    • Jack Hoft says:

      even iran contra ronald reagan managed to say “well see we did this over here and then that over there and while we werent looking ran mad max over a few central american countrys and see, theres yoru money right there. olly tell them what happened.

    • Jack Hoft says:

      and oh ya, we need to know because this is a representative democracy, speaking of going back in time…this is the kind of shit we kicked king george out of the colonies for…knowing what our tax dollars were being spent on and why and to what benefit is the entire purpose of being american. That is why we not only need to know, but have every given right and responsibility as citizens to know…for all we know the money was used to pay Somali pirates to ship krokodil from russia to Arizona to increase public interest in a drug war against something less cliche and more scary than crack.

    • Ryan says:

      So what exactly did we Americans get with that DOD budget up to September 10th, 2001? Apparently trillions of dollars can’t protect America on it’s own soil. Maybe we should throw more money at it, money can fix problems, right?

    • disqus_nutj2xaWU6 says:

      What does the Fox say? After reading your entry I now get the lyrics. Totally astounding. How about this, since the priesthood keeps us good with God, why would we need to know about any “irregularities” between the priests and children, I mean they are protecting us right? Elizabeth Fox you are the perfect citizen for “Kochistan”. How does all that sand affect your hairdo?

    • Robyn Ryan says:

      Our money, our business. Killing kids in Afghanistan and Iraq instead of educating our own kids. Instead of feeding the poor and protecting the vulnerable.

    • Cynical says:

      I feel sorry for you Liz. I hope it’s not too late for you to become informed. Visit and awaken.

  8. gschloff55 says:

    Look in the GOP/Tea Party/Congress’ pockets.

    • JamieHaman says:

      I suspect that this lost amount of money started Way before the teaparty got to Washington DC. Really, I think we should look at ALL those pockets.

  9. Marty Cox says:

    hahaha….Bush/2 wars UNBUDGETTED?????

  10. Dman59 says:

    And the DOD budget does not include: the entire nuclear weapons program (that’s in the Department of Energy), military retirements, the VA, and many civilians working on bases. Many “military” operations, under the guise of Blackwater and their ilk, and CIA covert and drone ops, are budgeted through the State Department. The Coast Guard is officially one of the 4 branches of the military, but are funded through the Department of Commerce. And the biggest expense of all – the servicing of the national debt created by this bloated criminality, is not funded by the DOD.

    It’s a shell game folks, of benefit to our welfare billionaires. But don’t try try to convince a conservate Republican… facts just bounce right off of them.

  11. 1Billiam says:

    Ask China nicely if you can have your money back.. They stole every thing else that was worth anything. Didnt steal the V-22 Osprey…lol

  12. Jack Hoft says:

    they could not even come up with a fancy new epic project with cool acronyms like SDI or something catchy to hide it all in?? how lame is our government getting?? are they even trying anymore???

  13. Dana M. Hacker says:

    We need a group to oversee our government and its expenditures. I have a feeling our $17 trillion debt is not really that. It’s just a number that keeps rising and is never even accounted for. All smoke and mirrors…

  14. LeeAnn Gerleman says:

    Heck, that’s almost half of our deficit. If we could find that, we’d be sitting pretty good!

  15. Judy says:

    Space Program? I think that some of those UFO’s up there are ours. Makes sense, but if so, they should tell us.

  16. Cynthia Gurin says:

    If you’re wondering where it went, all you have to do is look UP. A goodly number of those unidentified flying objects are ours, as are the long established off planet bases. But they’re all owned by private corporations. And that my friends, is called embezzlement.

  17. blight14 says:

    There really is but one solution to corruption of this magnitude…………

  18. Kathy Mayo says:

    Where is the the petition for immediate investigation of this atrocity? We can’t allow this to be swept under the rug!!!

  19. MaryLovesJustice says:

    Come on, people. Buying mainstream media was not cheap!

  20. Shari Peterson says:

    Hey Republicans can’t cut food stamps alone! And they were cut and it was signed into law by OBAMA. The missing trillions are under an Obama administration (the $2.1 trillion of 9/10/2001 announcement was Bush of course). They are all scumbags.

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