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Former House Speaker Wright Latest To Be Disenfranchised By Texas Voter ID Law

Published On November 3, 2013 | By james |

Lately we’ve been talking a lot on The Everlasting GOP Stoppers Facebook page about voter suppression.

While Democrats and those on the left are working hard to make voting more accessible to all, it’s clear that keeping people from the polls or making it extremely difficult to vote is a high priority for a desperate Republican party that is quickly running out of ways to win elections with their narrow, often bigoted platforms.

The Fair Elections Legal Network reports that “over the past two years, more than 30 states have introduced legislation or enacted laws that would curb voter’s access to voting.” This ranges from shortening early voting opportunities, making it more difficult for volunteer organizations to register voters, to enacting voter ID laws like the ones making so much news lately in Texas.

voter-registration-239x300Last week we brought you the story of a Texas Judge that was nearly barred from voting because of the new voter ID laws, and only a few days later the Burnt Orange Report reported that state Senator Wendy Davis  (D) – a candidate for Texas Governor in 2014 – was held up while attempting to vote early in the November 5th elections. Even Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) – the staunchest supporter of the new restrictive measures – will have to produce an affidavit to vote in the upcoming elections.

In the latest example of disenfranchisement from this bellwether state, the Fort-Worth Star Telegram reported Saturday that 90 year-old Former House Speaker Jim Wright (D) was “denied a voter ID card at a Texas Department of Public Safety office,” because his driver’s license was expired and his faculty ID card from Texas Christian University didn’t qualify under new laws.

Rep. Wright expressed concerns that voter turnout will be effected;

“I earnestly hope these unduly stringent requirements on voters won’t dramatically reduce the number of people who vote. I think they will reduce the number to some extent.”

It must be disheartening for someone like Rep. Wright to have to face these regressions, as he spent a career trying to make the polls more accessible to Texans;

 “From my youth I have tried to expand the elections. I pushed to abolish the poll tax. I was the first to come out for lowering the voting age to 18.”

Find out more about getting registered to vote in Texas at VoteTexas.org, or nationally at Rock The Vote or Election Protection.

- james | Founder | Chief Editor | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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  • Catherine Ann Mary B

    Lmao……they sure be screwing themselves….

  • DrDon

    Write in Wright? Right! Some folks have trouble with two and to too.

  • cybervigilante

    The only good Republican is a dead Republican.

    • Joe

      A little harsh there. I’ll take an *informed* republican, who would NOT be happy with this assault on democracy.

    • gladys_dee

      lol. that’s been my rallying cry for years. but i’m too chicken to actually post that. i’m 66 and don’t want the fbi on my doorstep. i don’t wanna spend my declining years in a federal pen. :D

    • Kevin Moore

      The biggest problem we have right now is not Democrats or Republicans, but the lack of honest, open political discourse between people of legitimate dissenting opinions. It’s all about media sound bites now.

      So please, stop threatening to kill me and cut back on the rhetoric. I’m not trying to starve hungry schoolchildren or deprive low-income families of medical care. And if you think that, then you’re intentionally blind to a set of opinions that about half our nation shares.

  • Chiquis PageHdz

    Aw, come on. He must be an illegal alien or he would have been able to show the proper ID.

  • Lexie MacIver

    Why didn’t he just use his passport. I know for a fact he has one. LOL

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