Joey Prusak

Blind Man Drops $20, Woman Puts It In Her Purse; WATCH What Happens Next

Published On November 16, 2013 | By admin |

19 year old Joey Prusak is the manager of a Dairy Queen in Minnesota.  He was working during the lunch rush when a blind man in line dropped a $20 bill on the floor.  The woman in line next to the blind man quickly picked up the $20 and put it in her purse.  Joey was shocked.  When she got to the counter to order her lunch Joey told her that she would not be served until she returned the $20 to the blind man.  She refused and Joey asked her to leave.  She did so only after creating a ruckus.

Not done with being a good person, Joey gave the blind man $20 out of his own pocket.  Equal to two hours of his gross pay.



Here is a copy of the letter that got this whole thing started:

Letter To Dairy Queen

Veruca  | Co-Founder | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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  • Norma Audette Vinchkoski

    Good for him. Especially asking her to leave.

  • Howard Hendrickson

    I’d have just called the cops, and locked the doors.

    • Mario Kenny

      really? the cops would have shot the person who called them, the perp and the blind man, once you call cops they have to do something.

    • Michael F. Bonham

      I wonder if DQ has surveillance cameras?

      • Rene H. Provencher

        Many years before political correctness. Someone would have punched her clock out. Hello!

    • Ryan Vanspoor

      It’s actually illegal for a company to bar exit from the store. That qualifies under false imprisonment. I know this because I’ve worked in retail situations where merchandise was stolen, we caught them, and we were forced to allow them to leave.

      • Jack D’Ambrosio

        Ryan you are full of shit. It is not theft until they exit the store with merchandise. Then store security may confront them and detain them until the police arrive. Idiot.

  • Oline Wright

    well done I wish the uploader had made the video available world wide though.

    • Michael F. Bonham

      You can find the video of this on YouTube. It’s there.

    • TEGOPScomments

      This IS available world wide. Our blog is open to the public on the “world wide web” Share it freely.

      • John Doe

        The video is geolocked.

  • Deborah Engle

    What a sleazy bitch!!!

  • Carole Bryson Wood

    Lets hope Karma comes-a-calling and bites her on the bum !

  • Dennis Sweatt

    Great job Joey!

  • George Modilevsky

    This video is not available in Mexico and it is a sign of racism, as far we are all concerned over here ! Everyone knows a Dairy Queen,,,,don’t we..?….so what is the big deal about not showing it everywhere ? I wonder ! Good for the employee, I guess ! George.

    • JaneSladen

      I live in Canada. I am white – born in England. The video is not available to me either. Too many people pull this “racism” card when they don’t like things. By the way, I have two grown daughters. Their Father was East Indian.

      • factswonthurtyou2

    • Beth Stubblefield

      You speak for your whole country? This entire statement of yours is ridiculous. lol.

  • Mario Kenny

    okay yes that was a right thing to do, but I learned from this PR that DQ is owned by Warren Buffett, sleezeball, people think he is so smart when in fact he sells ice cream with all that non food substances and he makes big money doing it too, he pays the workers shit, its the only job in the town [ not his fault ] I am sure he owns all the mortgage backed securities in the whole little violent town, does he own the 7/11 too? he makes big money to feed people junk that eventually adds to their bad health and bet yuh he provides no health insurance for the workers either

    • Christina Van Horn Guzman

      But heres the thing, Buffet isnt shoving unhealthy choices down throats. Those are personal choices. And calculate, if this guy makes $20 gross in 2 hours? Thats $10 hourly, in fast food, more than the average pay and much higher than many state mandated min. Wage.

      • JaneSladen

        For a MANAGER??? This is disgraceful!!!

        • Carol Hynes

          If an employee stood up to a “potential customer” like that at Walmart, Corporate would’ve been furious that the woman wasn’t allowed to spend that $20.00 in their store. So before bashing Warren Buffett think about where you shop!

          • JaneSladen

            You took me all wrong. I meant $10 gross per hour was a disgraceful salary for a manager. I was replying to Christina. Please be careful when reading posts. Thanks!!!

        • Sando

          How many of you are aware that most pilots flying both private and commercial flights these days are paid about 20k a year????

        • texan2thebone

          The young man is 19 years old, not yet enough work experience to be making top wage, although I believe he will have no problem getting there with his character. Fast food jobs used to be a learning platform for the young, wages have never been enough to support a family, and raising the wages for those workers will only result in higher prices, less business, and more unemployed workers. I travel extensively for work, and already limit my restaurant visits due to the cost. If the young man feels he needs an increase, he can talk to management. If they can’t oblige, he is free to look elsewhere.

          • Rhonda Thissen

            Actually, in 2013 the average age of a fast-food worker is 28. Due to the economy, many of them are trying to support families on those wages. They are certainly “free to look elsewhere,” if there is any “elsewhere” to look.

          • texan2thebone

            Then by your own comment, the problem isn’t the wage, it is the economy. Manufacturing jobs pay the best wages, unfortunately our government has successfully legislated and taxed those overseas. The change we need isn’t in wages, it is in our leadership.

      • nkiflemar

        This is a young kid, who is managing a small icecream shop in a small town in MN. Most of the folks that work at DQ are kids or young adults. It is a good step to better things or a college job. $400 a week for a young man is not so bad in MN,and it is a sure side better than $7.25 min. wage. I believe that folks should be getting $11 an hour across the board and if that means spending an extra .05 per icecream cone, then so be it. At least those folks might be able to afford them once in a while. I have much more issue with Walmart paying someone minimum wages, as they are responsible for a lot more than something at DQ, not to mention, they make a crapload of money on Walmart sales. DQ is a pretty low revenue, and my guess is not subsidized by local and federal govt either!

      • grgreene

        State mandated minimum wages are COMPLETELY irrelevant since the federal minimum is also higher. For any state that mandates a minimum wage higher than federal, $10/Hr IS NOT *much* higher than that.
        Besides, he’s THE MANAGER — his wage is SUPPOSED to be higher than the workers’, which might be minimum (or less if he has any teenage employees).

  • seablue2u

    Good for Joey. Wish he’d called the police on the woman.

    • AJ

      Unfortunately, picking up something someone else dropped, eventhough it doesn’t belong to the person, isnt against the law. But returning it is just good conscience. The greedy bitch would hava fit if someone did the same ting to her.

      • pauleky

        You sure about that? If I drop something and you find it five minutes later when I’m no longer around, maybe. If I’m standing right next to you and I drop something, and you pick it up and pocket it, that’s theft. Pure and simple.

      • Alex Evans

        Uhh. yea it is. Finders keepers isn’t the law, hell if I throw something away it’s mine until it’s received by the waste management. It’s something called chain of ownership.

        • Jenn

          its only yours until you put the trash to the curb for disposal. Once it is on the curb, whether the trash man has come or not, it is considered public property and game for anyone to grab if they wish.

          • Alex Evans

            Not according to the legal department of the retail chain I used to work for. Though I guess it could be different for businesses as opposed to people.

          • Raoul Gonzo Duke

            ask any cop

          • Jenn

            I have. In most municipalities once the trash is put out to the curb, it is considered public property. Some places may have laws against rummaging, but the majority do not. Unless the trash is actually on your property and not on the sidewalk, it’s fair game. Exceptions may apply to businesses that keep dumpsters on their property, because the trash does not leave the private property until the waste disposal company retrieves it.

  • Larry Dillon

    You’re a good guy Joey but I wish you would’ve called the cops on the piece filth because thats theft…because you’re blind doesn’t mean you can be legally f’d just because you don’t see.
    The waste of breath, the yeast infected c*nt,should rot

    • Shawn Dunwoody

      Since it was only $20, the cops would most likely have only given her a citation. So it would just have been a waste of tax payer’s money to get the cops involved. She’ll get what’s coming to her.

      • Flava Futha Muckin J

        It’s a waste to make the cops earn their pay and do their job?

        • Shawn Dunwoody

          Yes, because A) it will cost more than $20 to send a cop to the store given that the 911 operator is getting paid for their time, the police officer sent is getting paid for the 2 hours it will take to get to the DQ and settle everything, and wear and tear on the cruiser.
          B) Then that cop will be unable to respond to, say, an armed bank robbery that is occurring at the same time
          C) I’m sure the cop would much rather prefer to be eating donuts than filling out paperwork for a theft of $20

          • Flava Futha Muckin J

            A, the lady who took the blind persons money can pay for the cost involved in her crime. B. I know for a fact that is bullshit because an armed robbery would take priority and they would leave. C. I really don’t care what a cop would rather do than doing their job, if thats some sort of problem for them then they don’t need to be cops. WHY wouldn’t YOU want the COP to DO THEIR JOB. Is it not what the cops are paid to do?

    • Beth Stubblefield

      Why do you have to be so incredibly VULGAR to make your point? wow

    • grgreene

      This can happen to sighted people too. I had a friend last month who dropped an even bigger bill in a Wal-Mart. He is not blind but he is a single parent subsisting on part-time construction work. It was money he definitely needed more than whoever picked it up. The picking-up was recorded on surveillance but it wasn’t noticed by the clerk as it was happening; they had to review it together after he noticed the loss.

  • timmmahhhh

    I guess that woman demonstrates who the ‘good Christians’ in MN are who vote for Bachmann.

    • Scott

      Not so much the “vote factor” but I would BET that 20 that she goes to church on Sunday and really acts out there too….. only in a different way!!!

    • Alex Evans

      I’m liberal atheist scum, but what the hell does that have to do with this?

      • David Hill


        I’ve worked on a few campaigns and one thing I figured out quickly was “Sometimes it’s a thing and sometimes it’s NOT a thing.”

        Good on this guy for doing what he did, and the publicity will reflect well on him to his bosses. He’s not getting the Medal of Honor and he’s not going to be hunted down by roving packs of bankers.

        It’s a feel-good story. My only hope is that he refuses to serve this woman if she returns.

      • Rene H. Provencher

        Bachmann always calls me names! She is a joke. She would have taken the money, figuring no one would care. Who cares if it is political or nopt aat my age I don’t give a rats patoot!

    • Josh

      Simply put, your stupid. I truly pity your ignorance. Not only is your comment not true, its irrelevant. Where in the article did it imply the lady was either a christian, or a conservative, or voted for Michele Bachmann? Just more slander and hate from an angry liberal.

      • Trezoe

        Before you pull a paintbrush out of an orifice, you may want to refer to a dictionary. It’s *you’re stupid. And just because someone is saying something about Bachmann doesn’t make them a liberal.

        • bjlibrarian

          Tee-hee-hee. Yep.

        • Raoul Gonzo Duke

          It just makes them intelligent

      • Toggle Switch

        ….it makes me laugh when somebody writes….’simply put, your stupid!’ Priceless. You obviously mean you’re stupid. The contraction for you are stupid is you’re, NOT your. Your denotes ownership….like your car, your money, your stupidity!

        • Rene H. Provencher

          No one cares!

          • Toggle Switch

            Speak for yourself. The fact that I made the post i did clearly shows that somebody does care.

            Why do you want to sound like a semi literate grade school drop out if you aren’t one?
            Do you not have any pride, whatsoever?

      • grgreene

        The woman thinks she needs the $20 more than the blind man needed it — or worse, thought she should have it ANYway EVEN though he needed it more. That proves that she is A CONSERVATIVE. Liberals DON’T THINK that way OR ACT that way. Liberals UNDERSTAND that some people need some HELP sometimes. Heck, if her confrontation was with an young underemployed DQ manager, then one of the relevant points is that not only did she need $20 LESS than the blind man needed it, she also probably needed it less THAN THE DQ MGR. needed it! *HE*IS*OBVIOUSLY* of a liberal temperament EVEN if he is too deluded to vote that way (Fox News is a LOT of propaganda to overcome). She is obviously a conservative EVEN if she is equally obviously not a Christian (and even if she professes to be a Christian).

        Is it A LITTLER clearer NOW? If so, “Your” Welcome.
        If not, well, simply put, You’RE …….

      • Rene H. Provencher

        You are a hypocrite, you just said “your ignorance”. Next you say it is irrelevant. Then you throw in just more slander from an angry Liberal. You know why liberals are angry? You don’t have a clue! Very hypocritical. You should have stopped while you were ahead. For me, I don’t care, not one bit what people think of me. Surviving VN made me just not care what people think. See how far we have gone from a good guy story to a political story of bull?

  • Jon Snow

    apparently this video can’t be viewed in my country… wtf

    • factswonthurtyou2

      go to YouTube and type in Dairy Queen if this link below doesn’t work…..

  • Berries Ginger

    she was probably rich as well.

  • Kalar Walters

    I would have waited to see if she tried to use it to pay. If she did, I would hand it to the blind man and thank her for returning it to him. “Sir, you dropped this $20 and the nice lady at the counter asked me to give it back to you.” What’s she gonna say then?

    • Beth Stubblefield

      Now that’s using your noggin!

    • factswonthurtyou2

      If you can read the article above, he did that………

      When she got to the counter to order her lunch Joey told her that she would not be served until she returned the $20 to the blind man. She refused and Joey asked her to leave. She did

      • Jennifer Coulter

        I think the OP was saying to take the $20 from the woman as she was paying and just hand it to the blind man, leaving her with no money to pay.

        • Strange Cosmic Experiment

          If she didn’t have any money in the first place then why would she be there, waiting to see if anyone dropped their money so she could eat? lol

          • Jennifer Coulter

            I only meant that as no money in her hand. She had $20 in her hand and if the manager had taken the money from her, she would have no money IN HER HAND. She was probably too lazy to reach in her wallet and get her own money.

        • John

          Correction, leaving her with her own money to pay. You know the money she intended to pay with when she originally got into the line.

    • CherMoe

      EXCELLENT solution!

    • RPW

      I respectfully disagree, what your suggesting my have caused him some legal and employment problems. I think he handled it just right, it’s not up to him to prevent someone from doing a moral wrong but he righted it for person wronged.

      • Ricky Buchanan

        its moral wrong its illegal what she did

        • RPW

          Of course it’s morally wrong, it’s only illegal if you can prove the women knew the man dropped the bill, She only has to claim that she saw it sitting there and did not know how it got there. Proving theft can be difficult, unless someone else saw what happened it would be the managers word against hers, specially when the blind man can’t even serve as a witness, he didn’t know he dropped it. I still think the manager handled it just right, at least morally.

          • Andy Carnegie Cotton Jr.

            According to the letter, everyone in the store saw that it was the blind man’s money and not the thief’s

          • john

            Camera’s camera’s camera’s,,, you must have some that seen the whole thing…

          • RPW

            The women could still try to claim that SHE did not see him drop it. Look, I agree with all of you that she was wrong but it does not make sense to go after her legally. The manager did the right thing.

          • Jack D’Ambrosio

            Why can’t liberal MORONS like you just keep your mouth shut. It was petit larceny plain and simple. Many witnesses were present. She could have been arrested. Of course that solution would have had your ignorant ass claiming the old lady needed the money. Please just shut your mouth.

          • Frank Visone

            I beg to differ Jack. I agree with RPW and the decision made by this DQ manager. and for the record, I am the furthest thing from a “Liberal Moron.” I am a 3%er, an oath keeper, and believe in the Constitutional Republic. What I see here is the AVOIDANCE of liberal moronism. Think about all the crap that would have ensued should this have gone to the police–court, witnesses being brought in, testimonies, etc. all over $20. This kid had the clear-thinking level-headedness to act with good will and moral authority. That old bitch has to live with what she did, knowing she’s a scumbag and being called out for it in public. Going the route of calling the cops over $20 only further perpetuates the legion of bullshit over-abused trial lawyers–I’m sure you would agree that in the last 20 years or so, we have become such a sissy society where, rather than handle our problems like men, we run to a lawyer to defend us. this kid did the right thing, the braver thing, and handled it the only way it should have been handled. So if anyone here needs to shut his mouth, well, you can fill in the blanks I’m sure.

          • Jack D’Ambrosio

            I was NOT advocating for an arrest. Iwas simply stating that it could have been done. It would not have helped the situation at all over twenty dollars Frankie boy you can kiss my ass.

          • Frank Visone

            “Another ultra liberal union hack. Why can’t you people just be nice and agree what the young man was a decent thing. ” “Why can’t liberal MORONS like you just keep your mouth shut. It was petit larceny plain and simple. Many witnesses were present. She could have been arrested. Of course that solution would have had your ignorant ass claiming the old lady needed the money. Please just shut your mouth.” These are YOUR words. you seem to be all over the fence here with your replies. first you condemn people for commenting on anything other than respecting that this kid did a nice thing. then when RPW does that very thing, you jump all over him. I will gladly kiss your ass, “sir”, once you remove your head from it. Now carry on and quit being a troll.

          • Jack D’Ambrosio

            He was making statements contrary to what took place. Several witnesses were present. RPW stated that companies just let people steal and do nothing. That is NOT the case. I just get tired of all the nonsense. This was an article about a young man doing a kind act. One person is all over him for mentioning the company he works for and how low his salary is. My god when does all this crap stop. RPW is quick to jump and say no arrest. That is what ticks me off. An arrest could be made. I agree with RPW that is was not worth all the aggravation but don’t make it trivial. I’m not all over the fence it is just tiring to hear this nonsense about arrests being made and why it it didn’t. The young man never once mentioned calling the police and handled it as he should have so don’t make it out to be a non crime. That is a bad road to go down and we are now on it. Crime is crime. I agree we should concentrate on crimes that need to be addressed but don’t make a smal crime trivial. I apologize for being rude to you it wasn’t called for.

          • Tom

            All I want to know is how do you people manage to trivialize this young mans good deed by bringing YOUR politics into it. This has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives or anything remotely political. You are ALL trivializing this young mans, dare i say it, heroic deed by this nonsense. Yes it was a crime. Was it worth spending hundreds if not thousands of tax dollars arresting and prosecuting this old bag (and karma will surely catch up to her in this life or the next)? Of course its not. The young man handled himself and this particular case beyond expectations and represented himself as a responsible young adult. Maybe you should all take a lesson from his behavior, specifically the part where he never lost his cool and responded to some jackass of a person who flew off the handle when confronted. Hmmm…Wow…actual thinking before we speak..what a notion. By the way, this has NOTHING to do with Dairy Queen either. ALL of this is attributable to this excellent representative of today’s youth, more should follow his fine example.

          • RPW

            I think we all agree that the women was wrong and in a perfect world would pay the perfectly balanced penalty. The point I was making is that in our legal system it does not make sense to involve the police. If it was more clear cut, say she had lifted the guys wallet from his pocket I would advocate for an arrest. Was she wrong? Yes absolutely. Could it be proven? Probably not because she can always claim that she did not see him drop it or she could say she thought she dropped it herself. It’s simply not worth putting it in the system. by the way I never said or inferred that companies should let people steal and do nothing. There much bigger fish to fry at the highest levels of this nation, we need to pick our fights.

          • Ren Bernasconi

            Stop feeding the troll!!!

          • Kent Holman

            Good for you Frank for putting Jack in his place. My word he is just hateful and disrespectful. I can’t stand people who have no brains and must put others down to feel better about themselves.

          • Christine Holm

            Jack, I feel sorry for you. You appear to be so hate filled. You have no sensitivity whatsoever for others and you think that your opinion is the ONLY one that matters. Good luck with that.

          • Evan Trapp

            I am astonished at reading this discussion. I cannot believe people are arguing whether this guy (Joey) handled the situation correctly or not. First of all I don’t understand why this is getting so much media coverage anyway. Joey did what you are supposed to do as a person and an American, which is the always do the right thing. Especially to a fellow citizen. The fact that this is getting media coverage just shows how lost our society is today. A small act of kindness is almost just as good as saving the world now because our society today is so selfish and I feel like we are not whole anymore but a “every man for himself” kinda deal. Also anyone who cannot agree that this kid did the right thing…YOU ARE THE MORON. And as far as whether or not the cops needed to be called or not I believe they did not need to be called in this situation. Just because an arrest was not made does not mean justice was not served. The blind man was compensated his 20 dollars, and the thief was made out to be a scumbag in public, and everyone in that store got to experience what everyone in America should see and that is the bad guy getting served, which does not always happen in our justice system anymore. Every comment on this post should have been a compliment towards Joey, or ways on how we all can be better people and Americans. Instead its a bunch of petty posts bitching about an argument which should never have been an argument anyways.

          • WKYA_Radio

            Agreed. People don’t have time for the important hings in life, but they surely do have time to bitch and moan on comment boards.

            You nailed it, its the sorry state of this country’s mentality when doing the right thing is AMAZING. Like WTf, that’s what youre SUPPOSED to do.

          • ryan

            couldn’t have said it better

          • Kent Holman

            Here here! I applaud Joey’s actions and other than that, people here should be kind and not rude to one another. Thank you for your statement Evan!

          • Evan Trapp

            for real

          • Wendy Briggs

            Jack – there you go again. Someone really needs to wash that potty mouth out with soap. Try constructing a sentence or expressing yourself without insulting someone else or resorting to the defense of the weaker minded – name-calling, profanities and vulgarities.

          • Kent Holman

            Again you show how rude you are. Keep your ignorance to yourself rather than making an A.. of yourself.

          • edorr1atcoxdotnet

            What was her financial situation? Maybe she needed it just as much as the blind man. It is even possible the blind man was not poor.

          • Barbara

            So her STEALING it under those circumstances makes it ok????

          • edorr1atcoxdotnet

            No, not really but it was just my thought at time.

          • Frank Visone

            now THIS is how you troll and make it funny! :P

          • Kent Holman

            Bravo for stating what you said Mr. Visone. I hate when people call others names for the sake of being right. My hat is off to you!

          • RPW

            First of all Jack I am not even close to Liberal, I am a strong constitutionalists, libertarian 2nd amendment supporter who has always been self employed and who believes in personal responsibility rather then involving government and law enforcement unless absolutely necessary. I am also a realist and that is why I know it is unnecessary to bring the government (legal system) into something as petty as this. Again I tell you that the manager handled it right, He took control, and personally righted the wrong while sending a clear message to the women. The women is likely just a petty opportunist who will either learn or get hers one day in the future. Just look at all the publicity that has come from this simple act of personal responsibility. You and I would not even be aware of this and having this conversation had the police been involved. I am also not a moron, not a genius either but I have an IQ in the upper 130’s I have built and operated several businesses. Was a commercial pilot, Built several large homes singlehandedly and have done a multitude of other things including founding and running a youth sports league. I am now actively promoting the convention of states project. In the future think before you post that kind of crap. Actually the way you went on the attack may cause many to think you are a liberal.

          • Wendy Briggs

            Or in the words of my very wise grandmother, “better to remain silent and appear a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Thank you RPW, your response was very eloquent, and none of us has to justify our kudos to a young man who did the right thing to someone who has to resort to name-calling and litigation of something so easily rectified by a young person with a good heart and obviously a good and clear notion of the difference between right and wrong.

          • concreteblue

            R: Excellent response up till the ” Actually the way you went on the attack may cause many to think you are a liberal”.:…..Jack A$$ is a stereotypical Sean Hannity watching Glenn Beck listening CONservative Tea Partier…GUarantee it.

          • RPW

            I think NOT!

          • Christine Holm

            Reducing yourself to name calling does not make you appear more intelligent. What the woman did IS morally and legally wrong but proving the illegality of the woman’s action is difficult at best even with video footage. Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt of her guilt is NOT possible. Bringing law enforcement into this issue would only open up a civil suit that would be many times more expensive for all parties involved and may not be in favor of the manager and DQ. He handled it the proper way and the woman will be judged on a higher level than any man can do.

          • Wendy Briggs

            Why do you have to be so ugly, when young Joey was such a polite, thoughtful and honest young man? He didn’t stop to consider legal ramifications, he just did what he knew was right and let the old woman’s actions speak for themselves. Why does everything always have to turn into litigation? I think Joey is wiser than all of us here – he just did what he knew to be the right thing. So please, take an example from this fine young man and stop your name-calling and telling others to shut up – that’s just rude and certainly the antithesis to what young Joey did.

          • barefoot bob

            and you are conscientiously stupid and sincerely ignorant, Jack-ass !

          • Mark

            Why does politics even matter in this story? Jeez

          • concreteblue

            Hey Jack A$$…..I will bet you $10 that Joey is a LIb….or at least a Democrat…..

          • Dan Cantwell

            that’s just like you uptight conservative jackoffs…resort to name calling.

          • Kent Holman

            First of all how in the world do you know RPW is Liberal. Also, what RPW was not incorrect. It is not easy to prove theft. However, if there were witnesses, perhaps something could be done legally. However to call someone a name for stating thier opinion is downright rude. Keep it to yourself!

          • Bobbie Jo Justice

            good, then I guess she can also claim that she won’t see my loaded gun aimed at her head telling her she has a choice, give back the $20 …. OR ELSE.

          • RPW

            That would work! Not sure how MN law would look at your use of your firearm though. You may be able to claim it didn’t happen that way and the witnesses may just back you.

          • Reuben James Hunt

            Go ask a cop if you have to turn in lost money. They will tell you the REAL LAW! You are a thief at heart!

          • John

            Legally, it wouldn’t matter whether she thought it was hers or didn’t know the other guy dropped it. The law is written in such a way as to take something like that into account, especially in a public place in front of witnesses. In fact your logic is backwards. This would only be morally wrong if the woman knew that wasn’t her money. How would it be immoral or unethical to pick up money that you didn’t know wasn’t yours? The answer is it wouldn’t until you were told otherwise which she was. It would still be theft though. Personally I agree that the Manager handled it correctly but I think he would also have been within his rights to call the police and keep the woman there until they showed up to fix the situation. For anyone who thinks that that would be a gross misuse of resources, what if the woman really did know that the money belonged to the blind guy but didn’t care. The way the store manager handled it the woman got off Scott free. Maybe she was a little embarrassed and hungry after she left (until she went down the road to the next fast food chain) but she just made 20 bucks by exploiting someone with a disability. I never consider it a waste to hold people accountable for their actions. I find it sad though that a person doing the right thing is so rare in this world that we make such a huge deal out of it. I mean how is this “I’m going to fly you out on my personal jet to the next company meeting.” worthy? I can understand a person writing a letter after witnessing that but making it headline news is a bit ridiculous. Then again if doing the right thing is so rare maybe people do need to be exposed to it more often like this. That whole “pay it forward” trend was all about going out of your way to help others. Instead of accepting all of this attention and instead of accepting payment from those people he should have just said “pay it forward.” Though, I guess you can’t expect a person making $10/hour to be that humble.

          • RPW

            I never said that she was morally wrong if she actually thought it was her money. I was only suggesting how difficult it would be to prosecute something like this because she could claim that she thought it was hers. Does anyone have any doubt that someone who would knowingly steal from a blind man would not also be willing to lie under oath? My real point was that she was morally wrong (if she knew it was the blind mans money). Even if she knew (which is likely) it was not the kind of crime that warrants getting police and prosecutors involved. The damage was petty theft if she knew. However on the off chance that she really thought it was hers or at least could have been hers, (it’s possible she did not see the man drop the money even if others did and it’s possible that at the same time she may have thought that she dropped it herself). If she really did think it was hers it would be an injustice to subject her to the criminal system. The bottom line is that no one was very damaged, The loss of $20.00 is not going to impact anyone that much. The women was in my opinion embarrassed sufficiently and inconvenienced sufficiently to possibly make her think twice in the future about committing another opportunist crime.

          • John

            I think you need to reread my comment. Only this time, actually pay attention to what you are reading. I will dumb down one point for you though since you are obviously having trouble grasping this concept. It doesn’t matter legally whether she thought the money was hers. Thinking that something belongs to you does not transfer the rights of ownership of that item to you, especially when it can be proven that it belongs to someone else. No one would have to try to prove whether she “thought” it belonged to her or not because the other witnesses can attest to the fact that it belonged to the blind man. Calling the authorities in this case would not have been about punishing this woman. It would have been about returning this man’s property to him and letting the woman know that that behavior is not ok. Because most of the time that is what a police officer would do in a situation like this. Rather than simply writing a ticket or arresting people, they would do a quick investigation and and try to resolve the situation first. Then if the woman continued to be unreasonable they would have to take harsher action and frankly she would have deserved it.

          • RPW

            @John, Actually it does mater legally if she thought it was her money because there would be no intent and no crime but rather a misunderstanding. It also does mater morally if she thought it was her money because in her mind she would only have been recovering her property and not taking anothers. Legally it would become her word against others. She probably was both morally and legally wrong and probably knew she was taking the mans money and the fact that he was blind makes no difference unless there is a specific law punishing a crime against a disabled person. You are right that most police officers would try to resolve it on the spot in part to save paperwork (but not all) Instead the manager resolved it on the spot and I commend him for that he save the police the trouble, he repaired the damage to the blind man. The women walked away financially ahead but behind in other more important ways. The manger initially come out financially behind (by choice) but way ahead in so many other ways. You might notice John that I responded to you without any personal attack, I suggest that you consider that approach when dealing with your fellow man in the future, personal attacks only bring you closer to the level of the women who tried to profit fro the loss of a blind man.

          • Steve Wascher

            I read a lot, but not all of this thread so I apologize if this was already suggested. I think we should all head to that town and hunt the old lady down. We can carry pitchforks and lanterns for added excitement.
            Also, hats off to the kid. Confronting the lady proves he was raised to have morals and not to mention integrity for righting the wrong on his own.

          • John

            Wrong again RPW. If you were to take my property home with you, property that I could prove was mine, legally you would be forced to return it or pay me a sum of money equal to its worth whether you thought it was yours or not. Even if it was just a misunderstanding, if I were to get the authorities involved you would be in the wrong. The court would only have the power to force you to return the item if your possession of the item was breaking a law and it would. I’m not sure why you keep arguing. You haven’t made a single point that I haven’t already invalidated with my previous statements. In fact you are repeating points that I have already established. Just as an example “It also does mater morally if she thought it was her money because in
            her mind she would only have been recovering her property and not taking
            anothers” “This would only be morally wrong if the woman knew that wasn’t her money.” Those 2 comments seem quite similar don’t you think? That is because they are saying the same thing. The first quote was from you in your latest comment while the second one is the comment I posted 4 comments ago. How is it possible for someone to have a conversation over a fully written medium and at the same time completely fail in reading comprehension? If that sounds like a personal attack I am sorry. The problem is I don’t know how to express how confused I am at your ineptitude with out it coming out as a personal attack. When you want to respond to someone’s comment at least try to read and understand what they wrote first. Then maybe you will avoid being embarrassed when they call you out for it. We are not debating opinions here. The law isn’t there for your personal interpretation. If you know nothing about the law, which from the sound of it you don’t, then you shouldn’t be trying to argue about it with someone who does. There was no personal attack in my first comment because you hadn’t yet reveled how profoundly ignorant you are. The ridiculousness of the statement you made about $20 not impacting ANYONE could not be described in any better way than ignorant and foolish. Also, personally I don’t agree with the whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything” saying because in reality no one thinks its nice to have your faults pointed out to you but you would never know what they are if people didn’t tell you. We could go on and on with this annoying cycle of you providing a poorly formulated argument and me breaking your argument down and revealing your deficiencies ect. ect. However, in the interest saving myself time and you further embarrassment, how about we just go ahead and end it now. Have a nice life and please brush up on some reading comprehension.

          • RPW

            The best thing you said John, let’s just end it, I’m tired of being talked down to by you. Let the forum decide, I think my total of over 100 up votes says it all John.

    • Michael Foster

      Yeah, that would be very well played.

    • Donnie N. Shinholser

      Nobody asked you what you would have done. Comments are to be directed at what we think about a situation. The man deserves praise, not advice on what some Monday morning quarterback would’ve done. I hope the lady who picked the money up and kept it sleeps well each night.

      • TheMick

        Who the hell asked you??? And how do you know he watches football??? And who put you in charge of the comments section??? And why do you have such a ridiculous last name??

    • Tom Hawes Jr.

      Only problem , that women sounds like a real winner . She sounds like someone who would use bent logic to go to the authorities saying the cashier stole her money .

  • disqus_XuLNduFhMs

    Really? A website called “The Everlasting GOP Stoppers” sees this news item and just leaves it at praising the man for his decency.

    Part of the level of the Prusak’s sacrifice is the fact that $20.00 is two hours of work for him. That sets him up for making around 20K a year. It’s a ugly salary to survive on, and it begs the question of what inadequate salary the workers under him are making.

    Even more alarming should be how individuals see themselves and are seen as extensions of their employers. Prusak says that he gives the $20.00 on behalf of himself “and Dairy Queen.” He, of course, doesn’t. He gives his own money, not money from the till, and money that isn’t going to be reimbursed by the company.

    His sense of justice and generosity is entirely his own and not Dairy Queen’s. Telling the woman to leave, giving money out of his pocket: these choices are part of who he is, not some corporate policy.

    He’s again seen as an extension of Dairy Queen by the customer who decides the act will make him a lifelong customer. Managers across the country would have behaved differently. The customer plans to reward Dairy Queen when it exists apart from Prusak’s sense of ethics, a company that surely doesn’t hire its fast-food managers based on their sense of justice.

    • heteroxalstalker

      Don’t forget DG will probably fire him for doing what he did.

      • Rene H. Provencher

        They will, just like Papa John’s Pizza, Chik fil-a anf thos other hateful companies. Worse is Walmart. Sure they give water to the storm ravaged areas. Take a look at their deductions! I never deducted donations. I always gave from the heart. Yes I did.

        • PalmerTech

          You don’t need to pay taxes on donations for it to be from the heart. Deduct them and give the difference to whatever charity you are supporting, I am sure they would appreciate it.

        • tony palombini jr

          How exactly are those companies hateful? Oh, that’s right. They don’t agree with you ideologically. So therefore they must be hateful.

          • Raoul Gonzo Duke

            Maybe because they abuse their employees?

          • Tony Palombini

            How do they abuse their employees Raoul? Please explain.

    • CherMoe

      Because, OF COURSE, we KNOW what corporate American thinks of its customers AND its employees. NOTHING except “Where’s your money?”

    • mytdawg

      Keep in mind that DQ is a franchise. There’s no way of knowing the decency level of the actual owner.

      • disqus_XuLNduFhMs

        Absolutely. He might be a great owner who follows the norms of fast-food pay. How to be competitive in a minimum wage market while trying to give workers anything resembling just pay is a business conundrum I can barely imagine. I didn’t intend my criticism to vilify the franchise owner. Thank you for helping me clarify my comment.

        • Jack D’Ambrosio

          Another ultra liberal union hack. Why can’t you people just be nice and agree what the young man was a decent thing. It had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with wages. That was brought up to show just what twenty dollars meant to this young man. He mentioned his employer as he astute enough to know that is good PR and a young man needs every edge to move up. God I hate you liberal bastards.

          • Tom

            Again with the political digs jack? This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with politics

          • Raoul Gonzo Duke

            You know, we don’t think much of you either.

          • mreichard7

            @jackdambrosio:disqus It’s a liberal site that bashes conservatives. What do you expect?

          • concreteblue

            Your not real bright, are you Jack?

          • Jack D’Ambrosio

            Your mother and sister just love me.

          • concreteblue

            No Surprise there. They do a lot for the mentally challenged. ANd they both LOVE their work.

          • disqus_XuLNduFhMs

            You’re adorable!

    • Eliyahu

      You just have to be that one negative prick who can’t keep his opinion to himself, can you?

      Take these words as advice: “The mouth is the source of all calamity”

      • Tom

        After reading your post Eli..take your own advice.

    • TEGOPScomments

      Actually, if you read the article that you are commenting on you will see that we stated: “Not done with being a good person, Joey gave the blind man $20 out of his own pocket. Equal to two hours of his gross pay.”

      Then we started a petition for Warren Buffett to have Dairy Queen pay a living wage.

      My suggestion to you is that NOT be an accusatory dick without knowing what you’re talking about.

      • disqus_XuLNduFhMs

        My comment’s a bit dickish, fair enough. I also just plain don’t see the last sentence of the piece “Equal to two hours of his gross pay” as being political commentary on the story.

        I don’t see that as political commentary since it is, by itself, a bare statement of fact: The CBS This Morning story gave the same information in virtually the same way, clearly intending the story to be feel-good personal interest and not in any way political.

        But maybe I’m confused: This story is posted amid political stories on a political website. Was it just supposed to make your readers feel good or did you have an editorial, political viewpoint that you believe that the story makes self-evident?

        I showed how I think the story can be a site for political commentary. Could you be clearer about what you see as the political side to this story?

        (Apologies for not commenting on your Buffett petition. Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see a mention of it with this story or as any link connected to the story.)

        • Drestus

          While most would see your point, many will not.. Trying to understand the political aspect of this piece, I would imagine, is moot, as there doesn’t seem to be a political undertone to it. At least, in my humble opinion. That being said, it is rather fishy that it’s mixed in with the political articles, is there an agenda? A debate in itself could be launched to try and find out, it could ravage on for days, years, decades even. But, I think it would be easier to concede a few points on both sides of the arguments. One being that this is not a political article, but an article to make you “feel good” amid articles that aren’t going to make you feel good. 2. This article’s main feature shouldn’t be able how much the guy makes an hour, but about standing up to someone who’s a criminal and not having repercussions.

          I draw sympathy with the guy, my wages are only a fraction higher, and I live in a state where we are taxed almost to the breaking point as it is (Ct.). Should he be making more money? Sure. Will anything come of this article in the sense of this gentleman’s life improving? One could hope that Dairy Queen notices that not only did he give the company credit (which he didn’t have to do, but when you’re at work, it’s always a good idea to gain brownie points whenever possible), but he single-handedly boosted revenue.

          Now, the most important question that I really haven’t seen asked yet. If you were that kid, not knowing if anything like this would come of it, knowing that there’s a great possibility of losing your job. Would you have done the same thing? Would you have been as responsible, good-natured, and humane? Would you have kicked the lady out for not returning the stolen money? We have all the time in the world to ponder this, to think about the consequences, and to break the entire incident down. But he had mere moments to think that quickly on his feet. *THAT* alone is commendable.

          • Tom

            Just so everyone should know, this article is posted on innumerable websites and tv shows around the country, just because THIS particular one is on a political site doesn’t make it automatically political

          • disqus_XuLNduFhMs

            What he did was absolutely commendable. And you’re right to point out that he did a wonderfully ethical thing with little time to react. Would I have done the same thing? I’d, of course, like to think so, but for the very reasons you mention, I’d be vain to claim I had any idea of what I’d actually do.

        • Jack D’Ambrosio

          It has NOTHING to do with politics. It is a human interest story.My god why don’t you get a life? You want political commentary why don’t you comment on your lying woirthless hero in the white house. I you want to discuss morality and ethics and not to mention honesty. You need to get a life you MORON.

          • Tom

            Really Jack…Read your post carefully. it starts off with “It has NOTHING to do with politics” and then your immediately proceed to making your personal political statement. Wow…and then you drop to the level of a seventh grader and start name calling? Is my mom fat too?

          • Raoul Gonzo Duke

            I might suggest that you proof read your comments before posting. The mistakes make you seem even less intelligent than you are. And that is hard to do.

          • mreichard7

            Jack D’Ambrosio – I love your comment!!

          • Guest

            While I did deploy a liberal critique of how implicit ideology affects the story, I grounded my comments on a critique of how this left-wing website handled this particular story. What makes you think I’m not critical of the president?

            We live in an ugly world if we only engage in the bad-faith arguments and strong men of both Fox News and MSNBC. Political commentary shouldn’t be about winning an argument but better understanding the truth.

    • Rene H. Provencher

      If I was still in business, I would hire his type in a heartbeat. For a bit more then $10 an hour. In Maine working as a carpenter, we never got more than minimum wage, but employers made some big coin!

      • tony palombini jr

        Rene, companies don’t exist to employ people. They exist to earn profits. I know this is a confusing concept, that someone who risks their money to start a business ought to be rewarded and not be forced to pay an artificial wage.

        • Raoul Gonzo Duke

          How about a “living wage”?

          • Tony Palombini

            Please explain how the living wage works Raoul? What would the wage be and why? What do you think the company will do when the cost of doing business goes up dramatically as a result of your artificially determined living wage? Will you also propose a law forbidding companies to lay off people, the only logical result of massive increase in wages? Will the federal government institute massive across the board tax increases to subsidize companies in order to prevent catastrophic layoffs? Wouldn’t that be the very definition of fascism, the joining together of government and business?
            Lastly, do you and your fellow travelers on the left ever give consideration to the outcome of your silly little Marxist fantasies?

        • disqus_XuLNduFhMs

          Companies exist to meet whatever goals the entrepreneurs set. Rene could perfectly well run a business with the values of hiring people he believed were ethical and giving them a substantial wage. He would need to turn a profit to keep his business afloat, but the decision of how to balance values and pragmatism would be his decision.

          Tony, in arguing for capitalism, you’re presenting a straw man of capitalism. Not all business are the same. Many small business owners start businesses in the hopes of bettering their communities, not purely out of self-interest.

    • insidmal

      I agree completely. I thought the comment “..two hours of work” was alarming and not only was the lack of reaction to it.

      Also when I saw the preview and saw Dairy Queen logos all over I said to my self ‘at least let the kid take off the Dairy Queen hat,’ instead they made Dairy Queen a key part of the story, as though they really had anything to do with it at all….

      I’d bet if he didn’t include them in the story however, we likely would have never knew it happened.

      • disqus_XuLNduFhMs

        “I’d bet if he didn’t include them in the story however, we likely would have never knew it happened.”

        Ugh. I hate to imagine you’re right, but you probably are. A kid giving $20.00 to a blind woman who was ripped-off somehow doesn’t sound like it has the selling power of a story about a fast-food manager giving money out of his own pocket.

        Why is that? Does the story simply seem bigger because a corporate is somehow involved? Do we imagine that fast-food workers are actual representatives of their companies? Should it seem so strange that the humanity of someone working would seep through the role he’s paid to do?

        (Those aren’t rhetorical questions. I’m genuinely wondering.)

    • howard_feinski

      What’s so wrong with 10 bucks an hour? Maybe we could make it 100 bucks an hour and then you’d be paying 300 thousand bucks a year in taxes.

  • MadMan

    To the people complaining about not being able to watch the video it probably has to do with the fact it is on the CBS youtube page and there are different copyright laws in different countries so it is blocked outside the US to cut down on having to deal with all the different laws. You can thank corporate media for this.

    • factswonthurtyou2

      Go to YouTube and type in Dairy Queen if this link below doesn’t work…..

  • Barbara Corry

    I would have summoned the manager so he could determine if there were witnesses or camera evidence. I would embarrass that woman further by making her give the man his money back. No way I would let her just leave.

    • Beth Stubblefield

      You wouldn’t be able to make her stay. Even if you called the cops, she has a chance to leave before they get there, then the burden of proof would be on YOU….barring any witness’ testimonies. I think giving this young man credit for what he DID do is important in today’s society. Not everyone would step up like he did. He is the manager, so likely doesn’t have anyone there above him to summon, and even if he did have someone there above him in rank if they weren’t already there to witness things, it would have detracted from the end result of making her at least somewhat accountable for her actions. He handled it really well, imo, given the circumstances.

  • Beth Stubblefield

    I think the guy handled it pretty well. She didn’t get served, she did get outed in front of other people, and the blind guy didn’t lose out. Being a good person in a tight situation like that, where you have to think kind of quickly isn’t easy! He did right, imo. And karma will catch up with that woman, or probably already has.

    • Rene H. Provencher

      I would hire him in a heart beat! This is beyond honesty and kindness!

      • tony palombini jr

        Finally, we agree. Good day.

    • insidmal

      I’m sure she got hers long before this even happened. Can you imagine being THAT desperate… she must be in a terrible place…

  • Reallytruly

    Who steals from a blind man? Her identity should be revealed so everyone can know who this piece of garbage is.

  • Sarah Bauer

    This is an older bit of news, but I never don’t love reading it. People like him make me proud to live here. People like her make me not want to live on this planet anymore. I guess they even each other out, sometimes.

  • Gilda Morkert

    He should have called the cops.

  • Falux-Bkk

    Good on him. That woman though, do we really have to stoop so low…

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  • Melissa Cook

    GIve him a raise then!

  • Debbie

    I’ve been hearing a lot of stories like this since the celebrity “Ellen” gave $10,000 to the Waitress that paid for a Soldiers lunch. I think people are coming up with scams now to get noticed and to hopefully get rewarded. Hope that’s not true in this case, but it’s odd that these kinds of stories are popping up everywhere.

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  • CherMoe

    KUDOS to this young man. Hope Karma catches up to the bitch who stole the blind man’s money!!!

    • omgwtfbbqhax1

      she will also collect child support and alimony like all self entitled female divorcees

  • Diane Skolnique

    Warren Buffet needs to not just fly this guy to his annual meeting but send him to college on Buffet’s dime.

    • josh

      yeah…..lets not get crazy here.

  • Starla

    What an amazing man!

  • sjburkhardt

    Fantastic integrity! Kudos young man!

  • andydickmust die

    Surprised he wasn’t fired.

    • anais hunter

      He clearly doesn’t work for Walmart. heh.

  • drdanj

    Warren Buffett always talks about how people should be paid more. I generally like his attitude. But, wait, Warren owns Dairy Queen. Wow. So, Warren, why not start putting your own money where your mouth is, start paying truly living wages, provide health care? Anyone who has more money than god could afford to follow his own rhetoric. Yeahs, give this young man a plane ride. Wow, big whoop.

    • josh

      I don’t really ever remember him saying people should be paid more. he’s said some people should be taxed more….but then that doesn’t allow you to make your point does it?

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    typical fucking female

    i bet shes also a feminist

    • anais hunter

      You are clearly a moron. What stealing money from a blind person has to do with being a female or a feminist –I have no clue. She was clearly just a bitch. And most women OR men I know would NEVER do that, anyone who would isn’t worth my time.

      • psteverific

        Self entitlement.
        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with him that just because a woman can’t see past her own self entitlement she is necessarily a Feminist… But I can certainly see why omgwtfbbqhax1 would draw that conclusion.

  • GrimmReeferX

    I bet she was black

    • SmarterThanYou

      I bet you’re a pedophile.

  • Franklin Crittenden

    There is still hope for the world, but what was once just a way of life in America has become a BIG News Story…

    Congratulations Joey, you are great young man and may your kindness be paid back a thousand tines over!

  • Brian D

    Sean Hannity reported this story right after it happened and has since had him on his radio show. Reportedly he has offered this kid a job with the radio show.

  • Guest

    I’m willing to bet $20 that the woman had darkish skin.

    • SmarterThanYou

      I’m willing to bet $100 that you’re a pedophile.

  • Michael Bayne

    A great guy! Good for you, man!

  • sharon

    I would have liked to see the video but you have not made it available to someone in Canada.

  • Dave Ragozzine

    Good job Joey!! He should have called the cops on her for theft though.

  • Gunther Leenaert

    Not available in my country? Damn you, facebook!

  • P Hilston

    Hope his parents are very proud….they raised a young man with integrity…..hope he is proud because he had a chance to act in a brave and kind way and choose it….hope the thief….well I’m afraid there is not much hope for someone who would take advantage of anyone with a disability

  • William Fuller

    if that happened where i work the employee would have been fire immediately for losing a sale and asking a customer to leave/ making an unhappy customer. good for him

  • Michael C. Thompson

    He should have called the police on her.

  • SheltieJim

    Well, clearly, Joey must be one of those lazy, greedy “takers” and socialists/communists we hear so much about. Seriously, Joey, thanks for being a real human being. I’d be happy to repay you the $20 AND give you a substantial tip if I were in your area. (Frankly, I would have also called the cops and asked them to charge the woman with theft.)

  • Cal

    I like it!

  • ME

    I would have called the police and had the C*NT arrested for theft

  • Tim Owens

    Had it been any other corporation than DQ, they would have fired him. Glad to hear that DQ is a class act, like this kid is.

  • Jake Grzelka

    Too bad we do t know who she is

  • Poet – Janette Marie

    Now this is doing the right thing… what a fine young man – One act at a time making the world a better place.

  • Johntheoldguy

    Tis sacrilege to take advantage of the blind.

  • Wanda Overmyer

    that is wonderful thing.and i just hope that lady is so proud of are a man i would love to serve in my food chain also if i had one.god bless you hun and never stop

  • Strange Cosmic Experiment

    If i was the blind man or if i was in a similar situation i wouldn’t have cared..I would have just said to her, “God Bless you” and let her keep it. This is an inspirational story. God, through the manager, gave him back what was stolen from him..I pray for the Lord to deal with her heart and for her to be blessed as well..

  • leslie green

    There are good and honest people in the world, this helps restore my faith in mankind.

  • Rene H. Provencher

    I would have called the police and have done a citizens arrest on her ass.

  • Skeeter McClusky

    That’s the America I know and love!!!!!

  • Eddie Varley

    LOL she slipped him 20 and said go to college on it!

  • Walter Hughey

    Thats awesome. Joey is the kind of young man a mother and father hopes their child turns out to be. To bad we didnt get some video from the stores security camera or something. The womans picture would have made the perfect poster child for worthlessness.

  • Karen Brooks

    Joey Prusik I bet your mom is really proud of you.I have a son who is blind and I would hope that if anyone tried to take advantage of him, someone like you would step forward and do the right thing.You are a strong man of character! May God bless you.

  • insidmal

    His last statement was very important.

    “They think what I did was so extremely nice, when all I did was really the right thing to do”

    Remember that.

  • TUNA4U

    money is so tight…..everyone’s crazy!

  • David Smith

    I would have taken her order and charged her an extra $20

  • I-Jay Jay

    That shows how selfish many people can be, and of course, there are people that won’t stand and watch these evil people. Great job Joey.

  • Cheryl Lopez

    God Bless you Joey! Feel proud of yourself. You DID do something wonderful!

  • Robert B. Andrews Sr.

    He restores my faith. When I left my wallet on the table at DQ and left it there accidentally, a DQ employee (Amanda Theresa Lindsay) stole all my cash and credit cards. She was arrested, but barely punished. I never did get anything back… Except a lot of grief!

  • Brian

    Hooray people (except that one bitch that took the money and ran)!

  • Amanda De

    What a good guy! Love hearing stories like this, I just wish there weren’t such awful selfish people like the lady who took it. Also surprised the other people in line who saw it didn’t chime in when she claimed it was hers. It all turned out alright though.

  • Jeff Koski

    i wish i had a dairy queen in north knoxville

  • Jossie Gregg

    Who could do that to a VISUALLY IMPAIRED person? I hope she gets what’s coming to her soon. Bless this young man. If only there were more people like him in the world and less people like her.

  • Sher Wheeler


    First and foremost, THANK YOU FOR BEING A KIND AND HONEST YOUNG MAN. I am sure that your friends and family are proud of you for doing the right thing. You set an example for others to follow that seems to have gotten lost over the last several decades.

    I am astounded that many of those leaving comments regarding your act of kindness have turned it into a political, economic and/or even a racist debate. Those stating, “you could have, should have or if it were them I would have” suggestions need to take a step back and relax.

    Joey did a good deed for a stranger and neither wanted or expected anything in return. This is Joey’s story, so please instead of trying to overreact by turning it into debates of all types, just take the time to thank a nice young man for extending his kindness and honesty to a blind man.

  • johngy

    I’m surprised that DQ didn’t fire him.

  • Jack D’Ambrosio

    His parents can truly be praised as well. They raised him up to be a fine human being. These kids want role models? Look to Joey. Great young man. I hope only good things are in store for him.

  • Godweiser

    Let’s just hope that his management doesn’t take the side of the thief and have him fired. “Oh, but you didn’t provide her the absolute best customer service experience possible!” That’s how the suits think.

  • Pk Mitchell

    No camera footage? wonder why that is?

  • Dan Cohen

    why no camera or image of the bitach?!!!

  • The Wumpus

    What a good man!

  • Ondreij Schevchenko

    With ObamaCare out there, can you blame her? (I’m just kidding)

  • tenderoni

    I would place a bet.. the woman is black. Any takers?

    • baruchzed

      Wow…well you certainly have showed YOUR true colors in your post. Bigotry is ugly.

  • Larry Arnold

    nice to see at least one young man never forgot where he came from

  • Troy Young


  • Michael Murdock

    AWESOME!!! Nice job for him to step up and do the right thing. I hope ELLEN sees this and rewards him.

  • Wendy Briggs

    I’m familiar with the Hopkins Mainstreet Dairy Queen, having frequented it several times during my own teen years. I lived in Minnesota for about a decade and I have to say, that nasty old woman aside, Minnesotans are some of the nicest people you’d want to meet. I commend Joey on doing the right thing – but not only that, for going beyond doing the right thing. And I commend his parents for raising an honest, hard-working young man with integrity. We need more people like Joey – and we need more parents like his to raise those good, decent and honest people. No good deed goes unrewarded in even some small way. No kindness is ever wasted. Keep up the good work young Joseph – ya done good!

  • Jack D’Ambrosio

    Rpw I just read your last post. I agree. An arrest was not going to happen and the young man wise beyond his years handled it beautifully.

  • Barbara Craker

    um…some of you need to look up what the real meaning of liberal actually is, and stop going by FOXNEWS’ definition….(Liberal means generous…)

    • Gamer First

      Liberal means being generous with other people’s money.

      • iyamtoo

        Really? then pony up all the tax dollars of mine and everyone else’s and go live under a rock. You are an idiot.

        • Gamer First

          Your tax dollars don’t mean anything…. when the government is putting you in debt at the rate of over $30K per year. Of course you don’t understand finance or economics…
          edit: oh your an idiot.

    • psteverific

      Liberal means open to new ideas, conservative means preserving traditional ideas.
      There is an international association of liberal parties, Canada’s Liberal party is a member, for example, as are many ‘left leaning’ parties from our part of the world.
      However in former Soviet Union countries, it is in fact the ‘right leaning’ parties who belong to this association.
      How can that be, you ask?
      Simply because the traditional politics in those countries is socialist. That makes socialism “Conservative” and capitalism “Liberal”… in those countries.

  • Don Clark

    Mr Joey Prusak Good thing. This shows integrity and good character, By helping this blind person retrieve his loss.

  • Charlie Fardette

    Now if only the dishonest woman who took the $20 in the first place can fess up and hand the unsighted man back his $20. It won’t happen, but I wish it would.

  • Gina de Miranda

    Thanks. This is the sort of stuff that gives me hope.

  • Michelle Domingo

    Why y’all arguing about what’s right and what’s wrong? The boy did a good deed, I’m extremely proud of his professionalism in handling a woman as she. To take something from someone helpless is beyond me. Have a heart people, give this young man some praise. Stop knocking down someone who did right.

  • Shi Bob

    seeing as he was an employee, he handled it perfectly. it would have been nice if he was able to get the 20 from the lady and given it back to the guy, but that might have (right or wrong) opened DQ and the employee to a (frivolous) lawsuit/threat from the thief or some other BS. way to go dude!

  • ryan

    heck yeah good job dude need more people like you

  • Serene Love

    There some people who recognize Lady. They link her to be Right Conservative Tea party Member. Fox News originally report the story like rest of the media. Suddenly, Fox news abruptly stop after knowing the identity of the lady.

  • maniatreks

    Seriously? Why are people fighting about this?

  • Linda S Rager-Ewald

    There was no mention of the higher ups in DQ reimbursing the boy for the money that he put out. DQ can surely afford $20.

  • Debby Berg

    Good job young man. And good on ya for posting this story. In light of the week I’ve had, this gives me hope for the future and the youth of our country.

  • GaLiberal

    Gee when I saw a man at the bank drop some money in his rush to make a deposit I picked it up and handed him the money. It was two $100 bills. All he did was snatch it out of my hand. And this rube gets invited to Buffet’s big annual bash over $20. Next time I’ll just pocket the money and leave.

  • Mick

    Video not aviable in my country….

  • Gancho

    All these comments make me sorry I even scrolled below the story. For crying out loud people.

  • Pingback: Integrity at Dairy Queen |

  • Cuda

    Kudos for Joey and how he handled it and returning the money. What is disgusting is none of the “witnesses” you would be relying on to prove theft stood up and also demanded she return the money. Yes one person was moved enough to send a letter but more need to say enough and stand up when it happens!

  • KWB

    I think everyone agrees what the woman did was wrong – both morally and criminally, with the criminal part more difficult to prove.

    But what I don’t understand is why anyone would debate what 19 year old Joey Prusak Dairy Queen in Minnesota store manager did. What he did was excellent for good customer relations, it was excellent for his relationship with GOD and himself, and it was just down right good for a whole bunch of reasons.

    And for the people who say it is wrong for somebody to make a big deal out of this; what is wrong with you – no wonder our country is filled with crime – we have a country filled with people who only want to heard news about “bad people”. THAT ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO BE BAD.


    I for one thing this was a very good story; and I believe the lady did wrong; 19 year old Joey Prusak Dairy Queen in Minnesota store manager did excellent; and this story should be told – and that anyone who would rather read about the shootings, killings and robberies every night than sometimes hearing about this is sick.