Tom DeLay: “God Created The Constitution”

Published On October 31, 2013 | By james |

Disgraced Former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is having “conference calls” with God these days.

Delay was convicted of money laundering charges in 2010 after it was discovered that he shoveled $190,000.00 in corporate donations through the Republican National Committee to help elect Republicans and take over the Texas state legislature in 2002. After elected, those candidates successfully helped DeLay gerrymander the state and send even more Republicans to Congress. See how that works?

Now DeLay is back in the news after his conviction was overturned by two Republican judges in a 2-1 vote in Texas Court of Appeals.  When he’s not hailing Koch supported Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) as “a hero,” DeLay is claiming that;

“Jesus died for our freedom. And Jesus destroyed Satan so that we could be free and that is manifested in what is called the Constitution of the United States. God created this nation and God created the Constitution; it is written on biblical principles.”

EDITORS NOTE: Dafuq?? So much for separation of church and state, right?

USA Today reports that The Travis County District Attorney’s Office would appeal the decision to overturn the conviction before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Watch via Right Wing Watch:

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  • kccoallday

    That people continue to believe the propagation of this falsehood is asinine. The United States has never been a Christian nation with respect to the government. You need not look further than the First Amendment to discover why.

    Sure, the vast majority of our citizens are Christian, and always have been, but our government is secular, although we apparently allow for references to “God”…which, while I disagree…is still not Christianity. It’s deism, at best.

  • A Olson

    He is and always will be disgusting!

  • rwellsrwells

    It’s like the abyss. Look at fantasy long enough it starts looking back at you.

  • Richard La France

    Jesus destroyed Satan? Who knew? Our non-violent savior destroyed the ol’ debbil! No who’s going to tell pigs to fly off a cliff? Ah, yes. Justice Scalia, our Tea Party Argle Bargle Boogieman in the Supreme Court.

    Yet another loon who hears God’s voice. That had to be how he found out the Constitution was created by God and this nation was created by God. Put a comma before “by God” in each instance and it will change the meaning entirely. And raise your voice when you say it!

    So, Mr. Delay, who created your ignorance?

    • lindylou


    • Kathy English

      And if he claims Satan was destroyed, why is he still freaking the right wingers out?

  • Jose Segarra

    - If what we’re hearing here that two right wing judges overturned Tom DeLays conviction that means that in AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL DEMOCRACY does not exist but that the controlling element is money which makes us a FASCIST country!

  • edward

    Puritans had two groups :The non-separatists, and the separatists (from the Church of England). The Puritan separatists became Quakers (Pres. Richard Nixon was a Quaker). The non-separatists adhered to ; The Church Of England (which was catholic). The Pilgrims broke from those two groups to form the varying protestant s sects we have today. NOW: Was America ever a Christian country? The answer is yes, no matter how you slice it, early settlers believed strongly in God, and the Bible.

    • Jim Bodin

      You need to look into the backgrounds of our “founding fathers”. Most of them where deists.

    • lindylou

      Many of these men were raised in a Christian tradition, but they did NOT infuse the constitution with christian dogma. Edward, you have skimmed the surface, but, if you look at history, you will actually learn something.

    • Liza

      The Church of England was not/is not Roman Catholic. It was established by Henry VIII in a break with Rome so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. Or did you mean catholic (with a small ‘c’)? Still doesn’t make sense.

      • FaerieBad

        n ex-boyfriend always said that the CofE is Catholic Lite. Same religion with less guilt.

        • Liza

          The CofE certainly developed from the Roman Catholic
          faith, however, there are major differences. For example CofE will ordain women
          priests – RC Church not quite up to that yet!

    • Andrew Cort

      man, you are one deluded confused nudnick

  • Lawrence Mintz

    God put into the constitution separation of church and state so that vile low life anal retentive misanthropic criminals who dwell in the dark like DeLay ages could be kept from doing too much damage.

  • robert

    And God, in His infinite wisdom, created the First Amendment so that He could stay as far away from Congress and the Government as possible. Who can argue?

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  • Scott Carey

    Jefferson, Franklin, Washington and many others who signed the constitution publicly made fun of the christian crowd they were educated and knew it is a myth

    • Everybodhi

      One of the Tea Party Favorites, Thomas Paine, credited with inspiring the American Revolution with his pamphlets, wrote, The Age of Reason, taking the Bible apart myth by myth. He also wrote, Agrarian Justice, which proposes that the poor are entitled to land, as a birthright.

  • snakeguy

    Its hard to even understand this level of disconnect from reality

  • waraji

    They want so desperately for their personal religion to rule other people. Keep it to yourselves! Many people who are not christian are able to keep their religion personal !

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