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Morning Joe: Ted Cruz “Stupid, Snake Oil Salesman, Sarah Palin Of The Senate” (VIDEO)

Published On October 7, 2013 | By james |

Monday on The Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough and company absolutely destroyed Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) for his role in the current government shutdown;

“…the reason why approval ratings for congress are dropping even lower than ever before is exactly because of what Ted Cruz is engineering…”

Koch-supported Texas Senator Cruz, who has Presidential aspirations, has been called a “fraud” who was engaged in “governmental terrorism,”  and has been widely mocked by both the left and the right since his faux filibuster. He has been pointed to as on of the biggest causes of the infighting in the GOP and NY Republican Rep. Peter King has said on Fox News Sunday that Cruz must shoulder most of the blame for the shutdown.

Watch via No More Cocktails;

- james | Founder | Chief Editor | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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  • Linda Jenkins

    Ted Cruz “Snake Oil Salesman” indeed!

    • RuralDelivery

      Thank goodness for great patriots like David and Charles Koch who try
      their best to defeat the insanity of bigger and bigger government.
      Obama’s domestic policies are disastrous and have produced the slowest
      economic recovery–ever–in US history.
      Who are hurt the most? THE POOR!! The rich are doing ok, have you noticed??
      that’s what you get when you put an affirmative-action-type, community
      organizer-type person into the Presidency–incompetence and wedge issues
      out the wazoo. And, Socialism always seems so great on the front end
      and for the sucks who are paid for by someone else’s money.

  • Robin Berss Ross

    Sorry I don`t agree, the Republicans will NOT recover from this. They can`t be trusted. They need to clean house & restructure.

    • spazaru

      I wish you were right, but they control 31 governor’s mansions and are a heavy favorite to regain the Senate next year. It will be awhile, if ever, before we’re rid of them.

      • ReformedWingNut

        They’ll be gone in a generation if not sooner.

    • PoliticalThorn

      Yes, eventually. And were coming up on some redistricting, a chance to correct some of this. Too bad so many Democrats will sit the Mid Term Elections out; one reason why we have so many Republican Governors.
      people will need it stuck in them deeper and twisted a bit yet, then maybe they’ll get off their lazy asses and vote.

  • Rita Jane Clark-Smith

    Morning Joe is a honest man – he was part of the GOP that had brains and knew how Congress worked. We need more like him today rather than the phony ‘leaders’ like Cruz and Paul.

  • garry lafferty

    I had a girl Benghazi was her name sense she left me things have not been the same. OOO Benghazi OOO Benghazi . It like a old friend who died you have to let her go. OOO Benghazi Wa Wa Wa

  • Craig Poinsett

    Joe is wrong about 1 thing. The Tea Party is not smart enough to spot a Snake Oil Salesman their buying it with campaign donations “heat and Fear ” are easy to sell

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