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Why Did House GOP Rig The Rules To Keep The Government Shut Down? (EXPLOSIVE VIDEO)

Published On October 13, 2013 | By admin |

Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) exposes how the House Republicans rigged the rules so that only Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R) or his designee can reopen the government, when normally ANY member of Congress should be able to call that vote.

He asks from the floor for a clarification on House Rule XXII Clause 4, which states: “When the stage of disagreement has been reached on a bill or resolution with House or Senate amendments, a motion to dispose of any amendment shall be privileged.”

He is then told by the  Speaker Pro Tempore that the rule had been “altered by the House.” Pushing further, he is told that the House adopted House Resolution 368, passed on October 1st. The resolution reads that “any motion pursuant to Clause 4 of Rule XXII relating to the House Joint Resolution may be offered ONLY BY THE MAJORITY LEADER OR HIS DESIGNEE.”

Rep. Van Hollen then clarifies,


He is told that he is correct.

“Why were the rules rigged to keep the government shut down?” 

After being suspended by the Speaker Pro Tempore, he offers,

“Democracy has been suspended!”

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  • Scaramongus

    Another example of how reprehensible the republican party is. Remove aspects of democratic process to maintain minority control.

    • RuralDelivery

      The epic battle is trying to get our Government and politicians to quit over-spending. $6
      trillion has been added to the national debt in the last 5 years. This
      burden on future generations is unconscionable and immoral. This is
      the message of the Tea Party that is so subversive to Washington
      politicians–STOP THE OVER-SPENDING–NOW!!! This is what the Govt
      shutdown in all about. These politicians just won’t stop spending
      unless dramatic measures are taken. Obama has tried to make the
      shutdown as painful as possible in order to politically punish the GOP.
      The effects don’t have to be that drastic–unless you’re a petty,
      vindictive politician who doesn’t care about the Country and future

      • Mino Juffre

        Why don’t we stop spending for wars and wall streets/banks bailouts? With all that money you can finance full medical coverage for all citizens and still have an active budget. But clearly, wars and rich people interest are more important to a group founded by a couple of billionaire fascist brothers.

        • jimchambers

          Which one of the dogs in the picture are you?

          • Mino Juffre

            wow excellent logical rational reply: you really have a good point there, are you 13 yo?

      • Sheep O’Doom

        OK you want to cut spending Lets get real about cutting spending GONE are all farm Subsidies & Corporate Welfare loopholes. you & your 1% now must pay 100% of your taxes owed.

        • EaDiot

          Throw in some defense cuts and stopping wars and Guatanemo Bay and people will be saying what deficits?

        • wcraigjohnston

          Retroactive to 2000, please!

        • Paulapilot

          Corporate loopholes? Care to name some examples? Corporations use legal deductions to lower tax liabilities; the same as the president to reduce his taxes. They are allowed by the IRS.
          You may want to take a look at the ACA and the provision allowing the government to provide subsidies to insurance providers so they don’t go bankrupt because they have to cover more health care provisions.

      • wcraigjohnston

        The GOP House sets the budget. This is NOT about cutting spending, they could and should have done that LAST YEAR. It’s not even about PPACA. This is about trying to make Obama look bad. The problem is, the current set of GOPers don’t have the wherewithal to pull it off.

        • RuralDelivery

          Wrong facts! Your biased viewpoint has mislead you.
          The United States budget process begins when the President of the United States submits a budget request to Congress. The President’s budget submission is referred to the House and Senate Budget Committees
          and to the CBO. In March, the CBO publishes an analysis of the President’s budget proposals.
          After both houses pass a budget resolution, selected Representatives and Senators negotiate a conference report to reconcile differences between the House and the Senate versions. The conference report, in order to become binding, must be approved by both the House and Senate. A budget resolution is a concurrent resolution that binds Congress, but is not a law, and so does not require the President’s signature.
          In recent years, Congress has not passed all of the appropriations bills before the start of the fiscal year. Congress may then enact continuing resolutions,
          that provide for the temporary funding of government operations.
          Failure to appropriate funds results in a partial government shutdown, such as the federal government shutdown in October 2013.

        • Kelli Hernandez

          craig, it isn’t just about Obama….I find it interesting how people assume that ‘BIG SPENDING” is what is being spent on social programs and the poor, when most of the government spending is for corporate welfare, tax breaks for the rich and other corrupt fraudulent activity in which the American people have been used as tax payers to cover 1% ass.

          There will be those who cannot see this. They are ignorant, bigoted, pathological and hateful. Hopefully, they are the minority and not the majority and they will be booted next year. Period.

          • wcraigjohnston

            If only that were true that they’d be gone. They have gerrymandered their districts to protect their seats.

          • jimchambers

            You said: “I find it interesting how people assume that ‘BIG SPENDING” is what is being spent on social programs and the poor, when most of the government spending is for corporate welfare, tax breaks for the rich and other corrupt fraudulent activity in which the American people have been used as tax payers to cover 1% ass.”

            I don’t disagree with that at all. As far as I’m concerned Monsanto, Conagra, IBM, and all the rest can do without the subsidies but then so can those that LBJ put in shackles using his great society programs of using govt payments to encourage women to have illegitimate children and evict the father, providing housing for anyone and fraudulently overseeing the states right to hold elections using their own rules.
            I believe that the government should confine itself to dealing with other nations to our benefit, running the military (and bringing every soldier home including those in the friendly countries) and concentrating on regulating interstate (not intrastate) commerce. Nothing more. They do not belong in the business of furnishing education, welfare, insurance or anything else the states should be responsible for and are capable of.
            If the federal govt confined itself to doing what the constitution says it should do your federal taxes would be less than what your state taxes are now, we wouldn’t have the deficits we are running and your senator wouldn’t be the pampered rock star he or she thinks he or she is. In short, we wouldn’t be arguing over this mess right now and would have the freedom we were born to and that was guaranteed to us in our constitution.

        • myralr

          Simply not true, it is about a debt that is not sustainable and a Senate that refuses to vote on any bill sent to them, Harry controls the senate and does not even bring the bills forth for a vote, so how is that any different

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        Those are pretty much direct quotes from the Republican/Tea Party people they have on FOX NEWS. Did you ever notice it is the same ones? FOX usually only has on the ones that agree with Sean, Bill & others. The facts are that Obama has spent less than others. Government spending under Reagan was about 9%. under Bush 1 about 10%, under Clinton about 12% & under Obama about 13% – Whereas GW II spending was about 42%….so whenever those Republicans whine about the future children ask them about Shrub. Get this straight – there were people elected in 2010 who were elected BECAUSE they said they were going to shut down the government. Even claimed they were doing so in order for the American people to figure out they didn’t NEED the government. These same people sent a letter to Boehner – they are holding his job over his head – forcing the government shut down. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WILL NOT REOPEN THE GOVERNMENT. They are holding their own party hostage & the American people with it. When House rules are changed to KEEP the government shut down – it isn’t the President’s fault.

        • Vikt

          Glenna Jones-Kachtik ” Did you ever notice it is the same ones? FOX usually only has on the ones that agree with Sean, Bill & others.”

          Just like when MSNBC, CNN, and all other hosts on the other socialist networks like ABC, NBC, CBS only have people on who agree with them? I’m guessing you watch that dude Rachel Maddow. Have you ever seen her talking to anyone who didn’t agree with her?

          “Republicans whine about the future children ask them about Shrub”
          How many Democrats or Socialists in our government have actually taken children, or homeless, or people without jobs into their homes and taken care of them? How many have you invited into your home so they have a place to stay or something to eat. Or do you just trust that the politicians will take care of these people with the money they steal from you and me. It’s people like YOU who have bought into the fraud.

          • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

            Most of those TV stations do have people they don’t agree with on their shows. Rachel Maddow is not a dude & just last week, she had on someone who doesn’t agree with her. I don’t watch much TV news. I am assuming you are an avid FOX news fan & that you probably believe every single word Hannity or Bill says?

            The Republicans have been the ones screaming about how we are spending our children’s future but the FACTS do not bear that out. If anything, our children’s future problems won’t be money – it will be lack of space, resources & non polluted land, water & air.
            You spit out the word socialist & you don’t actually KNOW what the word even means. If you think that the Republicans & the Tea Party are the ones who are taking children or homeless or people without jobs into their homes – then you are really sadly mistaken. It really isn’t about the money they steal from you & me – I am assuming you are talking about taxes? The rich CEOs & the big companies take more government money than anyone on welfare. Corporate fraud – even fraud by congress people should make you mad. Many of those congress guys who are complaining about welfare fraud? They have taken millions in farm subsidies – do you think they need it? Fraud? What I call fraud is 42 Tea Party Freshmen holding all the rest of the Congress hostage.

            You go on & believe they are heroes – as for me, I will believe in FACTS.

  • Andy Shores

    Treason … the tea party is the American Taliban

    • Rob Patterson

      I have to say, You would accuse hundreds of thousands of your American brothers and sisters of being jihadie Taliban? How dare you make such a claim. How dare you demonize good, hard working Americans because they believe different than you. How dare you insinuate such a violation of Constitutional rights upon your fellow Americans. I say you and those like you pose a far bigger threat to this nation.

      • EDVA

        Hundreds of thousands? Nah. Just the Tea Party that brings a Confederate Flag to protest the shut down they caused to the White House, that is real class there Rob. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-liberal/2013/10/right-wing-protesters-bring-confederate-flags-to-the-white-house-2470246.html

        • Rob Patterson

          That number is meant nation wide, not in attendance in D.C. Also, you would dismiss these voices because a very few show bad taste? Typical. Unfortunately there are always those that will push the limits of any position by such behavior. They can be found on both sides. As for it just being Tea Party members in attendance, well, that simply is not the case. Not by a long shot. But nice try to further obfuscate the real issues.

          • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

            No, I don’t dismiss their voices. but then we used to not let the fringe control the many…

          • Anton de Bergerac

            When Tea Party thugs shut down free speech at Congressional Town Halls they proved they have no respect for their fellow citizens. When the Tea Party lowered the credit rating of the United States with their games they demonstrated that they were neither responsible or patriots. When the Tea party took action on H Res 368 they demonstrated their complete disregard for the Constitution. You all have thirty percent of the military who have pledged allegiance to the Dominion.When Rick Joyner spoke his desire to end democracy because the wrong people vote your true nature was made absolutely clear. The truth is the Tea Party are a bunch of scared racist who want to install theocratic rule. You are the greatest threat this nation has ever faced.

          • jimchambers

            What are you smoking, Anton?

          • William Carr

            False Equivalence “both sides do it”.

            Both sides didn’t use blackmail to try to overturn an established Law.

          • Black Sheep

            Which Tea Partiers don’t show bad taste? They ride around on their taxpayer/medicare provided scooters to protest medicare. They cash their SS checks while calling it an entitlement. They bring guns to demonstrations. The KKK votes for Tea Party candidates. The Tea Party appeals to people who cheer the shut down of the government and wave confederate flags. If you disagree with any of that, maybe you need to rethink your affiliations.

        • Rob Patterson

          Typical again. Making accusations because you can not argue the facts. As to the courts rulings, yes, it was ruled constitutional, it was also ruled to be a tax on the people. That really doesn’t mean squat to the bigger reality. Your attempt to belittle me by associating my views with a particular media outlet is absolutely pathetic.

          The A.C.A. bill passed in congress. The House of representatives controlled by the Republicans passed it after the Senate. Now, how did that happen?
          Voting on many bills is done by only those in attendance. The A.C.A. bill was passed in a urgent night time vote where many republicans were unable to attend. Those that did voted against it but their numbers at the time of the vote were not sufficientto stop it. Not one Republican in the House or the Senate voted on it. Does that sound fair? It may have been technically Constitutional but it done in deceit. The
          left keeps saying, “well it’s law, accept it.”. Well, with that logic we would still be slaves to the Crown of England.

          • EDVA

            You are absolutely WRONG – the ACA was passed by both the house and senate and not one Senator nor Rep was absent for that vote. And they have tried to repeal it at a cost of way too much to our country how many times? Failed? As I said, it IS constitutional and the LAW OF THE LAND. Get over yourself. And what is the real issue? That an educated black man is in the White House and those few like you can’t stand it? Wait – next will be a woman…go Hillary!

          • josh

            you are correct, it was passed by the majority of both houses but if anyone remembers who was in control of all three parts of government that would be the democrats. Many people think the republicans controlled it but no they didnt and pelosi. yes the democrats. After it was passed the power of the people spoke during the 2010 elections and ushered in a new group of people over the issue of the ACA.

          • cleopete

            And then Obama got re-elected in 2012. Still want to claim a conservative mandate against the ACA?

          • Kiki Fogg

            With all due respect, Obama didn’t get re-elected because of ACA; he got re-elected because Mitt Romney was just awful. I mean, he was the worst. The Republicans had bona fide psychopaths running in their primaries who would’ve been better candidates than Romney.

          • EaDiot

            With all due respect as bad as Romney may have been he was specific about if elected he would repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Popular vote was lost by him by 5 million votes. You can’t selectively chose to ignore the facts of the night in question.

          • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

            Except that the exit polls disagree with you.

          • EaDiot

            So the exit polls said Romney was going to win? How did that work out for you?

          • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

            Better if the IRS hadn’t been used to bully voters.

          • EaDiot

            Dude/Dudette you need to get a better source of talking points! The IRS bullied voters/right wing conservatives is so parse since it was disclosed that the right honourable Darrel Issa only requested an investigtion into specifically right wing discrimination and to ignore the IRS’s same work against all others. Yeah I am being sarcastic calling Darrel (Benghazee I edit my emails) Issa honourable. Exit polls showed Romney to win… result President Obama was re-elected with a 5 million popular vote majority… exit polls showed voters didn’t like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (specifically when referred to as ObamaCare) and result President Obama received a 5 million majority. One was for and was was for repeal so what do exit polls prove… nada! zip! So sorry for your loss hope you get over it sometime soon, if not, don’t worry pre-existing conditions are covered by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

          • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

            Now, now. You’re supposed to say that there’s no “there” there and it was the fault of some low level schmucks in Cinci. And Benghazi was a response to a YouTube video. You haven’t read over your lying points.

          • EaDiot

            Well for starters I don’t believe it was the fault of some low level schmucks anywhere in the IRS and actually commend them for doing their job. I do believe the schmuck who loaded a question from the gallery wanted the IRS to get a smackdown because why waste a good skewed investigation started by Darrel Issa and then she pleaded the 5th. And the attack on Benghazi was a terror attack however the protests at it and all the other embassies around the world simultaneously were a protest to the scamming video on Youtube. I was fortunate to view the link for the video so I know that it required a pay for view and then those who did pay and view it would have been offended. Paid to watch blatant blasphemy in their opinion but then you knew that didn’tcha… Question? Name one terror attack during GWB Jnr’s reign of terror excluding 9/11? Yeah you got it I am not a big “USA defender of the free world bringing democracy to every corner of the world which has drill baby drill oil in it” fan. By the way we are so far off topic that I may just look at an answer. Have a great day and come January 1st 2014 excellent healthcare will be available for mental issues ;)

          • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

            Ah yes. The crowning (and only) “achievement” of the SCOAMF. Before passage, 47 million were dying without health care. After passage, liberals crowed that 30 million would now be covered. NOBODY seems willing or able to explain what ever happened to the other 17 million. Fewer than that can explain why those folks aren’t signing up. Hell, when I go to the site, all I get is a blank page. I’ve seen a link, though, showing the costs that we’re not supposed to see unless we register for DNC campaign emails. As broke as Debbie Wasserman Dumbass has rendered them, it should be quite a few solicitations. At any rate, I’d looked at the costs for insurance a few months ago and the cheapest policy was a helluva lot cheaper (100%) than what the SCOAMF would force us to buy. Oh, and I’ve already lost my doctor President Dumbass said I could keep. Must be nice to have the Inner Party coverage so you don’t have to put up with the same crap the Proles have to put up with.

            As far as terror attacks, which country and which year? There have been several from Killeen to Little Rock to Amman to Riyadh to Damascus etc. Oh wait. Killeen was just a case of “workplace violence”. Never you mind that it was carried out by an Islamofascist nut yelling “Allahu Akbar”. And if you factor in that liberals, as evidenced by recent hyperbole, obviously have no idea what terrorism even is, I’m sure you can explain it away all the way down to zero.

            BTW, I maintain that if Republicans really are terrorists, the SCOAMF would be falling ass over heels to sell them tanks, guns and fighter jets. Probably wouldn’t be any border patrol agents murdered so it won’t be as much fun for the left.

          • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

            And if Republicans really were terrorists, your dear leader would be deploying the military to them with orders to stand around while being shot at.

          • EaDiot

            What? You don’t believe God is Great? Okay conversation ends here because there no point in discussing with a heathen… or is only your God Great? Strange how your emphasis was on a stressed out islamic Captain in the defence force who cracked from the islamaphobia and didn’t count the bodies around the world, pssst those were conducted by islamic militants who don’t appreciate your foreign policies.

            I’m surprised you didn’t quote Avik Roy of Forbes explanation for the failing federal healthcare website, “it’s a plot to keep the costs hidden from you” paraphrased. And I pity you because you obviously live in a state that elected not to run their own exchange because where states are running their own exchanges no one is experiencing the problems like with the federal exchange. States had the option to do it themselves but elected to obstruct and obsufacate issues. But don’t worry it will work before the deadline and it will provide you with comparative prices and policies. As to losing your doctor because of ObamaCare well now you and I know that is a lie because you mention that you haven’t been able to get your ObamaCare policy… oops now now you have the makings of a great GOP politician don’t waste it here.

          • Robert P Bloch

            And now the BONAFIDE PSYCOPATHS are taking over the Repuklican party

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            I wouldn’t presume to speak for each voter, as you are. Many, many of us re-elected the President for many reasons othre than that Romney is a serial-lying elitist sociopath.

          • Kiki Fogg

            Sorry, I forgot that blatant hyperbole always gets taken seriously on the Internet.

          • Pam Hodge

            Mitt Romney is NOT awful! Obama got re-elected because of his rhetoric. Too many people fell for his lies and voted for him. No telling where Obama is leading us too, since he has not created more jobs for Americans as he promised. Most of the states he won, have no ID requirement to vote for the President. And if you don’t need an ID, you could vote more than once. But that is history now, and name calling is rude.

          • ladyfrancesca

            what’s rude is being ignorant in a political forum that makes an effort to have intelligent discourse.

          • Pam Hodge

            I wasn’t replying to you LADYFRANCESCA. But OK! I’m Rude! And you are RUDE too! ROFL

          • ladyfrancesca

            your ignorance is not funny. It’s dangerous

          • Pam Hodge

            Lack of knowledge is not a danger. And making negative remarks instead of (name calling included) helping with answers you think would be more helpful to educate people who may have missed the point might help us all understand better. This is America, and we do have the “Freedom of Speech” going for us. Your name calling is not helping people see truth. If your not so ignorant in political issues, then speak up or be quite. Useless rhetoric and bashing with name calling seem more dangerous to me. EDUCATE! DON”T BASH!

          • Kiki Fogg

            “And if you don’t need an ID, you could vote more than once.” If you’re lucky enough that the other voter’s name who you try to steal hasn’t already voted earlier in the day AND that you’re at their correct polling place AND that none of the poll workers recognize either you or the person whose name you’re stealing, then yes. Otherwise, you’ll get busted.

          • Pam Hodge

            Oh the name game. Right, and in my state along, I’ve counted over 50 people with my name. Just different address and age. If they took the time to verify who you are, then they should ask for an ID.

          • Kiki Fogg

            How many people with your name live in your neighborhood? Or know where YOU live/vote?

            The only problem with voter ID laws is when voters have to pay for the ID, making it a poll tax. If IDs can be provided free, then I’m on board; the poor should not be locked out of the polls. I’m actually proud of Missouri in that regard, because one of our options for ID is the election notification postcard that we get free in the mail a couple weeks before each election. It can only be used for that election, so criminals can’t steal it out of your trash to use next time (I shred mine after using it anyway, too).

          • Pam Hodge

            My state will as for your driver’s ID, but if you don’t have that will except Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and a Picture ID to go along with it. And yes, some may have to pay for those ID”S but that can’t be very much I would think.

            I never did think about how many people know were a person lives and uses that so they can vote. I’m just glad that my state will ask you for your ID. And that voter card you get in the mail, yes the will ask for your driver’s ID here. But at lease that one has you on file and you have to be a citizen to have it.

          • ladyfrancesca

            I had several family members, Republicans and Libertarians, who voted for Obama in 2012 because of the ACA. I asked them if they would vote for the ACA again and Obama and they all reluctantly said “yes”

            For the majority of Americans, the provisions of the ACA, poll high:


            Here are figures from Kaiser’s March 2013 poll:

            Tax credits for small businesses to buy insurance: 88% in favor.

            Closing the Medicare drug benefit doughnut hole: 81% in favor.

            Extension of dependent coverage to offspring up to age 26: 76% in favor.

            Expanding Medicaid: 71% in favor.

            Ban on exclusions for preexisting conditions: 66% in favor.

            Employer mandate: 57% in favor.

            If you agree with those provisions, congratulations: You love Obamacare. Yet when respondents are asked how they feel about “Obamacare,” they’re against it.

          • William Carr

            Newt ? Perry ? Ah… Santorum !

          • Black Sheep

            Romney was the least of the crazies. He looked and sounded Presidential. Or at least Republican crazy presidential. If he couldn’t get elected, no republican can. R’s have all crazied themselves out of viability.

          • Kiki Fogg

            That’s what I’m saying, though, even some of the GOP’s *real* crazies would’ve been better choices than him.

          • Sheep O’Doom

            Tho9se same people will NO%T be making that same mistake as they discover ACA is BETTER than you fearmongering bullshitters claim.

          • Pam Hodge

            ACA is a great idea, but not at the point where you are force to buy or get fined. Not at the point that it hurts business, and the goverment gets $63.00 for each person insured by companies. Not at the point where tax is going sky high for the middle class people.

          • Black Sheep

            Pam Hodge, would you rather people sign a waiver that you will never ever use emergency medical services, incuding ambulances, that the rest of us have to pay for? I’d go for that.

          • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

            Thousands are losing their coverage and thousands more are paying higher costs. ObamaCareless relies on 20-somethings to pay for it, but you made it so they can stay on their parents insurance until 26.

            It’s designed to fail. Where’s all those tens of millions you said had no coverage? They don’t seem to be signing up,

          • Black Sheep

            It’s too bad insurance companies would rather drop policies than bring them up to acceptable standards. But then, I see this was written 8 months ago. What say you now Strangelove?

          • Kelli Hernandez

            And what a nightmare it has been….for the American people…the tea party are sociopaths and there is something pathologically wrong with those who vote for them

          • ZombiesAroundUs

            I rarely hear anyone from the Tea Party spewing as much hatred and ignorance as you are in this post.

          • Gina Fogelsonger

            Then you are not listening.

          • William Carr

            Apparently you haven’t been paying attention.

          • John Robles, III

            I guess you are just not listening! Fear, hate, ignorance and misinformation are pretty much the TeapubliCON cornerstones.

          • ladyfrancesca

            that’s because your blind ideology makes you deaf and blind. the Tea Party is the party of sedition.

          • motstraumen

            and who elected the Democrats to both houses and the white house? The American People and indeed then some lost their seats but again the Senate and White House were left in control of their respective houses…and the Republicans are working hard like any party to come into control of all three. Are you saying that when and if (unlikely in the vision seen in my tea leaves this morning) the GOP regains all three that they won’t push through the privatization of many things, the deregulation of many things, the cutting of top tax rates, the abolition of abortion, the abolition of most birth control, the illegality of many minorities to vote, and a myriad of other things that see as their sacred duty.Josh, Democracy as we know it will be completely over.

          • josh

            you are right, America as a democracy is over. The reason being it is a republic. You could say the same thing about Democrats in that they are trying to take away other liberties just like the Republicans seem to do from time to time. I think its a bad idea that either party has control over the whole legislative branch and executive branch. I think both parties need to look themselves in the mirror and figure it out. Ask Clinton when he was in office and we had some of the best years in office and wait who controlled Congress it was the Republicans. For everyone who thinks it was Clinton yes he got it done but the laws of the land that was passed and created come from a Congress controlled by the Republicans. And when Bush was in office his second turn when many people hated him the Democrats controlled it. I think many people need to realize that America works when the each party is in control of one part of government not all of it.

          • GregForest

            When you win its democracy. When you lose its a republic.

          • josh

            the United States is always a republic with democratic ideals. I never go back in forth, i guess i might not be following you

          • William Carr

            America is a Constitutional Democratic Republic.

            A Democracy is a government in which the People elect their leaders.

            A Republic is a government in which elected Representatives govern, drawing their authority from the votes of the people.

            What’s the difference, Josh?

            In a Democracy, the people retain their authority and can protest and criticize their leaders freely.

            In a pure Republic, once elected, a Representative is a Prince, and need not listen to his constituents until the next Election.

            That’s why our System of Government combines Democracy and Republic.

            If you actually checked a 18th Century dictionary, you’d discover “Democracy” and “Republic” were synonyms.

          • ladyfrancesca

            please do tell us what liberties Democrats are trying to take away. Waiting…

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            Don’t forget gerrymandering put some of the GOP in seats that they wouldn’t have had before that gerrymandering.

          • William Carr

            Wrong. The Democrats don’t control the Supreme Court, the Conservatives do.

            And BTW… every time a Party takes the Presidency, they lose seats in Congress in the mid-term Elections.

            Every Time.

            It wasn’t the “power of the people” speaking in 2010; it was low turnout and the power of the Koch Brothers.

          • josh

            I am not saying your wrong but every president learned to work with the other part. I am not saying the republicans or wrong or right, but i am saying is the president has not figured out how to work with the opposing party and since he hasnt then he needs to find out. Yes, you could look at it the other way as well, the republicans need to find a way to work with the president as well. However, the republicans still retained the house after the president was reelected as well to a second term and i believe that says something as well. I think both need to understand that

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            NO President EVER had the opposing party meet and pinkie-swear to do everything possible to obstruct him. NO President EVER had this amount of racism, bigotry, etc. aimed at him in history. And the GOP kept the House due to Koch money and gerrymandering. Look at the stats – more Dem candidates got House votes.

          • Vikt

            @ReallyTiredOfPolitics:disqus “And the GOP kept the House due to Koch money and gerrymandering.”

            And the Democrats and Socialists are funded by George Soros and are trying to achieve his vision of turning this country into a third world entity.

          • ladyfrancesca

            Really? By providing affordable and accessible health care to the American people? As a health care professional who has lived in a country with universal health care, I can attest to the fact that it works for everyone (rich and poor). If other industrialized countries can do it, then surely the US can do the same.

          • Pam Hodge

            This is not about racism or bigotry! That health care law that was passed has alot of issues. From the start when Nancy Polosi told the Democrates to pass it and then find out later what’s in it, was unfair to all Americans. She got Democrates to sign without Republican votes. The President signed it, and said it was law, took $500.BILLION from Social Security and spent $394. MILLION to set up the internet program that doesn’t work. Now they need more money ontop of what they spent.

            Do we really need to invest our money into a program that will tax people and force healthy people who don’t need a health care plan, to turn over more money to the goverment who can’t control spending? Look at the debt Obama has put us in since he has been President befor you answer.

          • EDVA

            Oh Pam, you are so wrong and where do you get your info? Faux News? ACA is fully funded on it’s own – do research and don’t repeat what you find on Faux News. And the deficit has gone down since Obama’s Administration, unlike how it ballooned from being a “balanced budget” under GW’s. Omit it, you are scared of the black man in the “White” House. How dare he be educated and of a mixed race background. SMH.

          • EDVA

            And it is too about race. No other POTUS in the history of this nation has been through more scrutiny, obstruction or plain meanness.

          • Pam Hodge

            Go google U.S. Debt Chart and see how many trillions of dollars it went up since President Obama has been in office. ACA is not fully funded, it took money from Social Security that belongs to retired people to live on to start with. And they need more to keep it going. That’s one of the reasons why we had the SHUTDOWN, They passed Obamacare with the Democrats and one Republican. So now it’s a law, but to fund it, they needed Republicans to say yes to funding. They need to borrow more to spend more. Their ACA website is in need of more funding. What do you think raising the debt ceiling is about?
            And you have no right to tell me I’m scared of the BLACK MAN in the “WHITE” House.! I have one thing in common with him, I was born in Hawaii just as he was. His color of skin has nothing to do with anything. Obama needs to be more mature and work with the Republicans to keep America moving forward. That’s his job! To be a leader, not a dictator. All the Republicans were trying to do is change Obamacare so it would not hurt our jobs or income. Delaying the penalty for one year, would certainly help our working class. We the people are the ones paying off the U.S. Debt every time it passes a law that needs to be funded.

          • Pam Hodge

            What is Faux News? I don’t go there for information. ACA is fully funded? How? By our American money that the governments collected in taxes or Social Security funds that the government holds for us? Either way the money came from the American people.
            Why do people like you have to toss in the BLACK MAN in the White House remarks? That is just rude! I don’t care how educated he is, as long as he’s doing his job! And a mixed race background? Oh come on! American is full of mixed races! Race has nothing to do with doing the right thing!

            I fear only one! Like Jesus said ” do not fear what man can do to you, instead fear God who is able to cast your soul into hell.”

          • ZombiesAroundUs

            The race card has been overplayed to the point that it’s absurd. Liberals are doing as much to initiate and fan the flames of class and racial warfare as anyone. Conservative racists believe in teaching while liberal racists believe in redistributing. Is one better than the other?

          • John Robles, III

            Josh must be on some other planet! The President has done nothing but try to work with RepubliCONs, and they screw him over every time. They agree to something, then turn around and vote against to try and barter for more because they can’t satisfy the lunatic fringe that is the Tea Party! Even worse, they have their base of dolts convinced they are patriots!

          • Pam Hodge

            I see the Republicans as doing there job, and the same for the Democrates. But the one person who should lead them both is “OUT TO LUNCH” so to speak. Obama is telling Republicans “No way!” This is not his job to favor one party or the other, he needs to be a leader and come to the table and be willing to make it work between the House and Senate.

            So where is our Fearless Leader? I saw him on a video at the sandwich shop down the street in Washington D.C. making bologna sandwhichs with a group of young people. Looks like he wants to feed us more bologna instead of being a leader to help us solve problems for Americans.

          • ladyfrancesca

            Ok, let’s see…what has obama accomplished:

            1. Passed Health Care Reform: After five presidents over a century failed to create universal health insurance, signed the Affordable Care Act (2010). It will cover 32 million uninsured Americans beginning in 2014 and mandates a suite of experimental measures to cut health care cost growth, the number one cause of America’s long-term fiscal problems.

            2. Passed the Stimulus: Signed $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to spur economic growth amid greatest recession since the Great Depression. Weeks after stimulus went into effect, unemployment claims began to subside. Twelve months later, the private sector began producing more jobs than it was losing, and it has continued to do so for twenty-three straight months, creating a total of nearly 3.7 million new private-sector jobs.

            3. Passed Wall Street Reform: Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010) to re-regulate the financial sector after its practices caused the Great Recession. The new law tightens capital requirements on large banks and other financial institutions, requires derivatives to be sold on clearinghouses and exchanges, mandates that large banks provide “living wills” to avoid chaotic bankruptcies, limits their ability to trade with customers’ money for their own profit, and creates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (now headed by Richard Cordray) to crack down on abusive lending products and companies.

            4. Ended the War in Iraq: Ordered all U.S. military forces out of the country. Last troops left on December 18, 2011.

            5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan: From a peak of 101,000 troops in June 2011, U.S. forces are now down to 91,000, with 23,000 slated to leave by the end of summer 2012. According to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the combat mission there will be over by next year.

          • Pam Hodge

            Well I certainly can see why the debt ceiling needs to be higher. Hopefully someone can help the President get his budget under control.

          • ladyfrancesca

            6. Eliminated Osama bin laden: In 2011, ordered special forces raid of secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in which the terrorist leader was killed and a trove of al-Qaeda documents was discovered.

            7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry: In 2009, injected $62 billion in federal money (on top of $13.4 billion in loans from the Bush administration) into ailing GM and Chrysler in return for equity stakes and agreements for massive restructuring. Since bottoming out in 2009, the auto industry has added more than 100,000 jobs. In 2011, the Big Three automakers all gained market share for the first time in two decades. The government expects to lose $16 billion of its investment, less if the price of the GM stock it still owns increases.

            8. Recapitalized Banks: In the midst of financial crisis, approved controversial Treasury Department plan to lure private capital into the country’s largest banks via “stress tests” of their balance sheets and a public-private fund to buy their “toxic” assets. Got banks back on their feet at essentially zero cost to the government.

            9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Ended 1990s-era restriction and formalized new policy allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military for the first time.

            10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi: In March 2011, joined a coalition of European and Arab governments in military action, including air power and naval blockade, against Gaddafi regime to defend Libyan civilians and support rebel troops. Gaddafi’s forty-two-year rule ended when the dictator was overthrown and killed by rebels on October 20, 2011. No American lives were lost.

          • ladyfrancesca

            11. Told Mubarak to Go: On February 1, 2011, publicly called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to accept reform or step down, thus weakening the dictator’s position and putting America on the right side of the Arab Spring. Mubarak ended thirty-year rule when overthrown on February 11.

            12. Reversed Bush Torture Policies: Two days after taking office, nullified Bush-era rulings that had allowed detainees in U.S. custody to undergo certain “enhanced” interrogation techniques considered inhumane under the Geneva Conventions. Also released the secret Bush legal rulings supporting the use of these techniques.

            13. Improved America’s Image Abroad: With new policies, diplomacy, and rhetoric, reversed a sharp decline in world opinion toward the U.S. (and the corresponding loss of “soft power”) during the Bush years. From 2008 to 2011, favorable opinion toward the United States rose in ten of fifteen countries surveyed by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, with an average increase of 26 percent.

            14. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program, Expanded Pell Grant Spending: As part of the 2010 health care reform bill, signed measure ending the wasteful decades-old practice of subsidizing banks to provide college loans. Starting July 2010 all students began getting their federal student loans directly from the federal government. Treasury will save $67 billion over ten years, $36 billion of which will go to expanding Pell Grants to lower-income students.

            15. Created Race to the Top: With funds from stimulus, started $4.35 billion program of competitive grants to encourage and reward states for education reform.

            16. Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards: Released new fuel efficiency standards in 2011 that will nearly double the fuel economy for cars and trucks by 2025.

            17. Coordinated International Response to Financial Crisis: To keep world economy out of recession in 2009 and 2010, helped secure from G-20 nations more than $500 billion for the IMF to provide lines of credit and other support to emerging market countries, which kept them liquid and avoided crises with their currencies.

          • Pam Hodge

            When I asked “Where is our Fearless Leader” (meaning President Obama), I was asking “Why isn’t he in the White House making some kind of negotiation with the Republicans to stop the Shutdown.

            My mistake that I didn’t make that clear, sorry. I wasn’t trying to pick your brain for information. Your information and history of what Obama and the Democrats have done is very commendable. But the pass is not the current issue.

          • Pam Hodge

            Well at lease now your being helpful. Good! BTW Government Shutdown issue, the GOP was wrong to hurt the working people. Congress was divided on Obamacare. And as Jesus said “A house divided will fall.” So our nation took a fall, but now it’s time to help each other find a way to be united for the sake of the American people.

            I don’t mind if the President and the Democrates what Obama care. But I don’t want America to be stripped of their money to pay for it either. Some place in the middle our government needs to be fair to all of us, rich or poor.

          • ladyfrancesca

            there’s much more, but then you live in your right wing bubble and refuse to believe facts

          • ladyfrancesca

            I can’t think of any president in my lifetime that has reached across the aisle to work with the other side as this president has. Progressives, Liberals and moderates have been furious with this president for being too conciliatory and giving away too much.

            Part of the reason that Republicans felt empowered to attempt to use extortion is that this president has rolled over too many times to the right. This time, the overwhelming majority of the American people stood behind this present, which included many Republicans because they understood the impending catastrophe of a default and did not want to weaken the office of the president for future presidents.

          • William Carr

            Ah. You must be an Independent.

            It’s impossible to work with the opposing Party when they swore on the night of Obama’s Inauguration that they would block any legislation he proposed.

            Republicans had a three-way lock on the Government from 2002 to 2006, and they want that back badly enough to shut down the Government as a political ploy.

            Yes, the Republicans retained the House. That was ONLY because they had Gerrymandered their Districts.

            That’s done by piecing together the “Red” precincts in bizarre patterns, to get a District that wouldn’t vote for a Democrat without a giant Democratic Surge.

            The irony is that this creates stronger Democratic Districts too, which is one reason we don’t do it…. it makes your enemy stronger.

            The vote tally showed that despite the Republicans keeping the House, they lost seats in 2012; and House Democrats got 1.5 Million more votes nationwide than the House Republicans did !

            Without the Gerrymandering, they would be out of power now.

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            And gerrymandering.

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            You DO realize that Republicans were part of the team working on the law, right? And as far as “control” – not a super-majority.

          • John Robles, III

            Obviously josh, it is you who does not remember. The Democrats only had 57 of the 60 votes needed due to illness and death, therefore creating the situation to have to deal with RepubliCONs, who weakened the law by doing away with the public option, always hoping to make it fail. President Obama did not have a Supermajority for two years as Faux News keeps misinforming you. It was somewhere closer to 140 days, not over 700 days!

          • Black Sheep

            Josh, if you would do your homework you would find that congressional Dems only had control for a short window of time while congress was in recess, and only then if ailing congressmen were available to vote. That was not the period of time when the ACA was passed. I didn’t think there was anyone still spouting that nonsense, it was debunked long ago.

          • Pam Hodge

            This is not about the color of skin, or what sex you are! This is about “Freedom” in American. They are forcing ALL Americans to get insurance, even if they don’t need it. Rigging a rule that hurts our freedom should be looked into. This EDUCATED BLACK MAN you spoke of, uses his KINGLY POWERS to rule our nation, which takes some rigging around the White House is dividing our county and people in office.

            If Hillary were to act like him, she would be booted out of office far faster then Obama.

          • Andy Shores

            First, you are not willing to admit your prejudice. Let’s go this direction, Pam … have you or do you currently ever use the N word?? Be honest, if not here, to yourself.

            Secondly, we need to take care of our people. If there was less greed then it would happen without the need for this act – but we do not live in a Utopia.

          • Pam Hodge

            What N word? Black is not an N word. This is not about what color you are, Black or White but rather it’s about 2 sides with different views. Coming to an agreement between the house will let us each go our own way and live our own lives. You like the ACA, good then go buy it. I don’t mind that people want ACA, and I don’t want the middle class under heavy tax because of ACA either.

            Doesn’t mean I have to like it and buy it. This is about Americans who have the FREEDOM to live the life they have built for themselves. I can live with you and many others having ACA. But if I get taxed for it and don’t use it, I will stand up and scream to the world till they take the tax off me. And I do object to healthy people that don’t need Health Insurance and are forced into it because the law made it so!

            Help the poor and rob the rich is what it’s coming down too. Is that fair to you?

          • Andy Shores

            Eventually, healthy people become unhealthy and they will need health care. I don’t consider it robbery rather I feel spreading the benefits of good fortune or hard work is important. With the human element and the greed, this isn’t being done, so we have to do something for the less fortunate. It is the price of a productive society and it is morally right. We can’t save everyone / provide for anyone, but we can’t ignore the need. Other primate societies do care for their own — we can do the same. I do see where you are coming from but maybe you haven’t been with these less fortunate people and worked with them closely.

          • Pam Hodge

            Yes I do know healthy people can get sick. Life is a gamble. I do understand the need to care for the poor that can’t help themselves. There is some help out there for them, but not as many as we would like to see I’m sure. I don’t mind that ACA is out to help the poor. Just be fair about what you take from the rest of the people while you help the poor, is all I want of the government.

          • ladyfrancesca

            As a health care professional I find your lack of understanding of this issue very sad. The number of patients that have no insurance or are under insured, or prior to the ACA were denied coverage for “pre-existing conditions (prior bladder infections, strep throat, etc – I’ve seen the denials) or due to their diagnosis (cancer, diabetes, etc) were dropped, is huge. How is is that other great countries like Australia (where I resided), New Zealand, Germany, France, UK, etc are able to provide for their citizens but we, the greatest country are unable to do so? You have no idea to the suffering I and others have witnessed. It is shameful. The US is better than that.

          • Pam Hodge

            Preventing health problems comes with the good sense God gave us. Our bodies are able to heal it’s self given the right foods, vitamins and minerals. Keeping your diet in check, doing exercise, sleeping well, eating properly are all part of preventing illness, including staying off drugs, don’t smoke and eat junk foods that harm more then help. Health Care Professionals do not sit down to teach how foods will heal you, because there is no money in it. Instead they want to either cut you open or put you on drugs, or give you shots that if it kills viruses also does some damage to your body.

            I have lost my husband to cancer. It started with a flu-shot that compromised his health. Getting sicker and trying to work for 3 months, not eating right because he felt sick, till the doctor told him he had cancer. Had I know back then what I know now, with proper food and minerals his body, he could have healed. But the doctor wanted to cut him open to look at the cancer, closed him up and gave him 6 months to live. The doctor made a mistake and left an air pocket that blocked his bladder, it cost him his life. I have since searched the internet on the subject of cancer. Barbara O’Niel at the Christian Mount Health Retreat has some wonderful books on health. She has taught me more about health, and gave me a better understanding of how you can prevent bad health issues with out drugs. Many of our illness are food related, and too many doctors are giving people drugs that can’t cure, but do take away the pain of it temporarily. Or doing surgery instead of giving you time to heal.

            Our processed foods in American does not have all the vitamins and mineral it needs to repair our bodies. Americans don’t live as long as people in Japan. This should be a clue that we have a food related problem. We can all learn how to keep our bodies healthy if we take the time. But that would be bad for doctors who need us sick, because they need our money to live on.

            You don’t have to believe me, I know. Go do the math healthy foods that heal you, then you won’t have to come back here and tell me how much I lack understanding.

          • ladyfrancesca

            I’m very sorry to hear about your husband. I hear and feel your grief, your trauma and your pain. I wish you healing. I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, and utilize alternative medicine in addition to traditional western medicine. But in life there is always a balance and sometimes these different modes and practices are complimentary; other times they interact negatively (as in drug-herbal interractions, etc). Each has their place.

          • Pam Hodge

            Well thank you for being so thoughtful. You do have a kind heart. Yes I agree each has their place, and each have their own ideas about how to deal with life.

          • ladyfrancesca

            wow, how orwellian

          • Pam Hodge


          • ladyfrancesca

            your definition of freedom is warped. Your hatred blinds you. Referring to the president in terms of “King” is disturbing because it exposes your lack of understanding of the democratic process and your lack of character.

          • Pam Hodge

            Forcing all Americans to buy Health Insurance or be fined is a lost of FREEDOM to our right of choice. Do we all need Health Insurance in America? NO! We have healthy American’s that are not sick and don’t need a plan. Many do get sick and pay their Doctor bills right on the spot, and it’s not a $500.00 deductible policy plan either.

            And Doctors do tell people how much they need to cover their surgery, so the uninsured have taken on credit at times to pay the doctor off or used their bank savings. Some of us would rather pay our own way for health care, and have the right not to have insurance when we don’t need it.

            If my metaphor about the President “King” disturbs you, then please don’t worry about me. What I lack in understanding, someone will educate me on it. I learn more from people who are kind, and never from the rude ones. You don’t have to live with me, and you are not my shrink. My lack of character is not your business! ROFL

          • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

            You’d think an “educated” half black man could speak without a teleprompter. You forget the liberals threw Hilary under the bus for said “educated” half black man.

          • wcraigjohnston

            No. The Democratic House of 2009 passed PPACA, not the GOP House of 2010. Nancy Pelosi was still Speaker at the time.

          • Mupsycho

            Introduced in the House as the “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009″ (H.R. 3590) by Charles Rangel (D–NY) on September 17, 2009
            Committee consideration by: Ways and Means
            Passed the House on October 8, 2009 (416–0)
            Passed the Senate as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” on December 24, 2009 (60–39) with amendment
            House agreed to Senate amendment on March 21, 2010 (219–212)
            Signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010

          • http://www.themidnightreview.com/ Kevin

            The A.C.A. was passed in March, 2010. The House of Representatives was controlled by the DEMOCRATS. 255 Democrats versus 179 Republicans. NOT in a Republican-controlled chamber during some nighttime trickery where the Republicans couldn’t stop it.

            Your claims make no sense. If the Democrats were the minority party, how did they call a nighttime session to sneak the bill into law??? Easy. They didn’t.

          • Kelli Hernandez

            And this is the commie type bullshit they spew. You totally invalidated the lies Rob believes….and we need more who will. They are nothing more than parroted Fox news talking points and I’m sick to death of them all….

          • chuck cochran

            They didin’t sneak it in. Dems had a 70% majority at the time. Literally it was shoved down our throats without anyone even bothering to read the act. Pelosi’s quote of “We have to pass this so you can see what’s in it”. Yes, Americans want affordable Health Care but they’ve put the most inept and corrupt division of the government (the IRS) as the watch dog? WTF People.

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            That quote has been taken out of context and furthermore, she was talking to a small group in CA. Your claim that no one read it is BS. And the whole “shoved/rammed down our throats” rhetoric is SO LAME! And SO OLD! Get a new schtick. And why on earth do you think the IRS is doing anything but providing the info about income in order for the subsidies to be properly applied? and of course to keep the fine out of any refund due, if the person refuses to obey the law. WTF Chuck.

          • Vikt

            @ReallyTiredOfPolitics…”And why on earth do you think the IRS is doing anything but providing the info about income in order for the subsidies to be properly applied? and of course to keep the fine out of any refund due, if the person refuses to obey the law. ”

            Yeah, right. Like when the IRS was exposed a couple months ago for unfairly targeting individuals and companies who donated to conservatives? Or do you just ignore that because it doesn’t fit into your delusion?

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            You mean the 527 organizations that included their donors’ SSNs on disclosure forms which the IRS expressly said not to do because the forms would be available for public viewing? It sounds like you are the delusional one, since a) the IRS didn’t “unfairly target” anyone, it simply made the forms available per law (though it should have notified the organizations that were idiots to submit “clean” forms ASAP); and b) the names weren’t solely those of conservative donors. Although, if the majority of those organizations that stupidly put SSNs on the form despite being told not to do so were conservative, that might indicate *something* …

            Stuff happens, and apparently anyone can find a “conspiracy” in anything if they look hard enough.

          • John Robles, III

            Uh, newsflash for CONservatives! It is the job of the IRS to target individuals or groups who refuse to pay taxes.

          • nander74

            They didn’t target donors and companies that donated to Conservative causes, moron. They targeted Conservative groups seeking a tax exempt status through a 501(c)-4 exemption. The reason they were targeted, as were liberal groups (and PLEASE ask me prove it so I can make you look stupid twice) was because they did not have their net earnings “devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes” as per section 501(c)4(a) of the tax code. Rather they had their earnings going to political causes which exempts them from being tax free. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/26/501

            Surprise, surprise – the IRS was doing their fucking job and NOT wasting your money and you douchebag Conservatives STILL aren’t happy.

          • ladyfrancesca

            in the congressional hearings, it was also revealed that they targeted progressive and liberal groups as well.

          • Pam Hodge

            Nancy Pelosi Ouote “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

            Nancy took advantage of the lack of understanding in Senate on this bill. Did she even know everything that was in the bill herself? LOL From what I understood the house needed a bill to pass and this is the one they picked. Jokes on the American people, when they trust leaders to represent them in Washington DC. Does it look like they knew what they passed when they sided with Nancy Polosi?

          • nander74

            The ACA was NOT “shoved down your throats”. It was voted on legally and in the proper order of government function because THAT IS HOW ELECTIONS AND REPRESENTATIONAL GOVERNMENT WORKS – ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR SIDE LOSES. Conservatives are OBVIOUSLY in the minority for the fact that they can’t and didn’t get enough of a majority elected to Congress to get it repealed.

            You clowns may run the House, but you do not have the Senate and you do not have the White House. Do you honestly believe that because one side has “some” people in the Congress and controls one of the three branches, in this case by only 17 people, they are entitled to and should be granted whatever the hell they want?

            Now, with 1/3 of a majority control of our full government you are demanding that there be no government when you can’t get your way. ALL Conservaties knew the ACA was being implemented over time so it’s YOUR FAULT you didn’t get enough control of Congress either by getting more Conservatives or Republicans elected to stop it.

            Like it or not, we’ve had a Presidential and Congressional election since the ACA was signed into law and had Republicans taken 2/3 or 3/3 of the government they could have what they want. They didn’t, so the Conservatives should do the Republican Party a favor and quit being petulant babies about it.

            Clearly, it you CONSERVATIVE / TEA BAGGERS that are trying to shove what you want down the throats of the American people and it fucking makes me sick.

          • ladyfrancesca

            prove it

          • http://www.themidnightreview.com/ Kevin

            Shoved down out throats? Democrats held huge majorities because they were elected by the people. The bill was debated for countless hours. The Pelosi quote was taken out of context and you know that. The Senate did not have a reform bill ready and House Democrats were urging passage so that the two bills could be reconciled and we could “see what’s in it.” A bill that passes only one house is not a final bill – it is half of one and therefore not an accurate portrayal of what would become law.

          • Andy Shores

            Your claims are not factual. the ACA was passed by both the house and senate and not one Senator nor Rep was absent for that vote.

          • GregForest

            “The A.C.A. bill was passed in a urgent night time vote where many republicans were unable to attend.”

            Wonder were the GOP was at the time that made them unable to attend this “urgent” vote? Fluffing the Koch Bros.

          • William Carr

            There was no deceit. This was debated for a full YEAR.

            The Bill contained 114 Republican Amendments !

            You may not be aware of this; but when power changes hands in Congress, the new Majority can’t simply ignore Laws that were passed when they were the Minority.

            The procedure is simple; to overturn a Law, you need to either get the Supreme Court to declare it Unconstitutional… and that failed… or pass a Repeal with both Houses of Congress, and get the President to sign it or over-ride his Veto with a 2/3rds Majority in both Houses.

            And no, the Affordable Healthcare Act isn’t a “tax”.

            Chief Justice Roberts called the Penalty a “tax”, because he’s a Right Wing Idiot.

            A “Tax” is something everybody pays. A Penalty is something only paid by scofflaws.

            Roberts only ruled in favor of the ACA, because he knew Mitt Romney was a weak Candidate, and wanted to make the Election a referendum against Obamacare.

            That was a brilliant attempt; but it failed miserably.

            Roberts also knew that if the Court simply struck down the ACA, Obama would run for re-election against the Supreme Court instead of against Mitt Romney, and he’d win.

            The next step would be a Constitutional Amendment to ban Judicial Review.

            After the debacle of the 2000 Election when the Supreme Court seized power and blocked the legally mandated Recount in Florida, ONE MORE scandal would have enraged Liberals.

            And we would have campaigned on that Amendment until we got it in 2014.

            Oh… just in case you didn’t know… Judicial Review isn’t in the Constitution.

            The Supreme Court seized that power in 1805 when Jefferson was President.

            Jefferson was livid, and said ‘this makes the Constitution a mere ball of wax in the hands of the Judiciary’.

            And he was right.

          • jimchambers

            Or….the house of representatives just withholds funding of the law thereby negating it.

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            Thereby hijacking democracy. YOU may think that’s fine, but the majority of Americans do not.

          • jimchambers

            In reply to RTOP,

            You say: “Thereby hijacking democracy. YOU may think that’s fine, but the majority of Americans do not.”

            I say, All’s fair in love, war and politics.

            And, I’m not so sure most Americans would agree with your assessment of how they feel about “hijacking democracy”. You may just prove to be presumptive now that people are beginning to find out what’s in this albatross called Obamacare and what it is going to cost them as opposed to what they will gain. It’s beginning to appear that, judging by the numbers available for those signing up for the exchanges, people are not so much in favor of increasing their healthcare insurance payments by anywhere from 30 to two hundred percent and receiving less for it. They don’t seem to be that much enamored with this plan’s far reaching intrusions into their lives and pocket books. The elderly don’t seem to want nor do they need plans that cover pre and post natal care given that they are past the age of menopause. You might find that they possess something that you and others here lack, common sense.

            You use the word ‘hijack’. You give away the fact that you watch and listen to CNN, MSNBC and/or the other left wing wind bags. They are the ones who use words like that to inflame intellectually lazy people who think that they have a claim on the labor and wealth of others, those who, having such weak hearts and dull minds, fall for the pitiful crap that democrats and republicans feed them in order to get their vote.

            No, I think if you are lucky enough the republicans will stand firm on this and Obamacare won’t get funded. But if that happens you will still complain, if you are one of those receiving a subsidy, that you were cheated out of getting something that someone else had to pay for. If you are one of those who will have to pay more and receive less you will also complain because of misguided idealism, ignorance and stupidity.

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            A reply full of personal attacks. Typical. “Intellectually lazy”? Wrong. “Lacking in common sense”? Wrong. And the word “hijack” is used in many situations (ships are hijacked, threads are hijacked, planes are hijacked), so it’s hardly “proof” that someone using that word watches any particular network or reads any particular news media. You know what they say about “assuming.”

            The elderly are covered by Medicare, correct? So why would they even be concerned with the PPACA? Many people are signing up and finding they can get coverage they can afford. Lastly, I already have health insurance, so I have no need to sign up, but that doesn’t prevent my being happy for others that they can no longer be rejected for coverage due to a bout with cancer 20 years ago.

            You, however, in approving of the reprehensible tactics of the slime masquerading as legislators “looking out for Americans,” expose yourself as someone who would cheat if he couldn’t win fairly AND someone who has apparently never had to worry about healthcare. I wonder how loudly you would be screaming if the tables were turned and the Dems were in this position, and able to hold government hostage over gun control?

            As far as “lucky enough” – they’d better give in and now, because THEIR blind adherence to their own ideology is causing more and more Americans to view them unfavorably. They lost the election and need to get. over. it.

            And “stupidity”? Mensa doesn’t admit stupid people. So much for your “ass”umptions and tone of [inappropriate] intellectual superiority.

          • ladyfrancesca

            the elderly are covered under Medicare and are ineligible for the ACA; however, they benefit from the decrease in the “donut hole” in Medicare Part D

            Really, stop listening to right wing media or at least devote equal time and learn something.

          • ladyfrancesca

            Rachel Maddow admits her mistakes on air and corrects them.

          • ladyfrancesca

            Those that did voted against it but their numbers at the time of the vote were not sufficient to stop it. Not one Republican in the House or the Senate voted on it. Does that sound fair?

            You obviously know very little about the legislative process and democracy.

          • Patrick Rogers

            “we would still be slaves to the Crown of England”? You are saying we should abandon rule of law over a legally passed healthcare bill. Good news for you it covers mental health, go get some, you need it.

        • jimchambers

          They didn’t defecate on any police cars, they are not destroying property, their rallies do not smell like pot parties, no one is getting hurt or raped and they pick up after themselves when they are done. Can you say that about liberals? Of course not.

          • William Carr

            The Koch Brothers provided buses worth $500,000 apiece, a professional soundstage, organizers, port-a-potties, and security.

            They bussed the paltry few Tea Party members from town to town to town, to create a fake political movement.

            That’s what’s known as “astroturf”.

            Non-astroturf political movements are typically unorganized, unfunded, and with no paid security personnel, just as likely to have a crime committed as you’d expect.

            Criminals are attracted to crowds.

            That doesn’t make the issues being debated WRONG.

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            “no one is getting hurt”??? 800,000+ furloughed employees and all those who stand to lose billions in the markets would disagree. And plenty of conservatives do all the other things you listed.

          • nander74

            If you think that was bad just keep pushing your Conservative/Tea Party policies and watch what happens. Now, before accuse me of being a “liberal” or making a threat, rest assured I’m guilty of neither. The fact is; when you have massive amounts of money backing your move to have the United States become an Oligarchic Christian Dominionist Theocracy, supported by Corporations and Wealth that seeks to take away the basics that the poor need because rich people believe being taxed to provide that help violates their freedom, what do you expect to happen… everyone comes together and sings Kumbayah?

            You see, the food stamps, housing, cash assistance and help with medical care that you Conservatives/Tea Party members despise serves a dual purpose and as that fact seems to be lost on you, I’ll help you out:

            1. Public assistance is a humanitarian benefit as it ensures that those that are unable to work (children, disabled, elderly, etc) are provided for at bare minimum.

            2. Public assistance also provides a backstop against violent social unrest committed against those that have those basics needs met by those that do not.

            The occupy movement saw that those that had been standing up against government involvement in their affairs for years (Wall Street) were very quick to come to that same government with their hat in hand when, in their own pursuit for the elusive ‘more’, they nearly destroyed themselves. Yet, rather then being told to accept personal responsibility for their actions, these reckless individuals were provided over $700 billion in taxpayer provided funds to help them correct a problem they brought on themselves.

            Those at the occupy movement had done nothing but what they were told to do to succeed. They went to college and when they graduated they came into an economic wasteland while and the same Conservative politicians that handed Wall Street billions in welfare were trying to cut benefits for these people knowing they were unable to find work – a problem they didn’t cause.

            Occupy was a show of force and, while it was unorganized, unlike the Tea Party rallies, these people weren’t bussed in and told where to go while being handed a talking points memo.

            But it certainly got your attention, didn’t it?

            And you know the best part? Thanks to the Conservative/Tea Party push for gun policies that practically ensure everyone has easy access to a firearm, you’ve armed the very people whose children you’re taking food from.

            Well done! (Clap. Clap. Clap.)

            Paraphrasing Sun Tzu, “The one man you never want to piss off is the one that believes he has nothing left to lose.”

            Your party has been taking their food, their money, their freedom – and now you’re taking their government because you, a minority of the total population, believe you are more entitled to freedom from any government than the majority are entitled freedom of a government of their choosing.

            In that act you’ve taken the liberty to step on the necks of those that you believe have less than you because you believe you are entitled to more for the sheer fact that you desire it. Unfortunately for your kind, without a consistent source of funding and people willing to make sure those whose necks you’re standing on don’t decide to grab your foot and break your leg when they get tired of it, that liberty you’re taking will only be effective for so long.

            Now, if you think the Koch brothers are going to fly in on their flying money carpet, or that a police force that isn’t being paid because their is no formal government to pay them is going to save you and your kind from the unwashed masses you seem to despise, think again.

            So, if you Conservative/Tea Party faithful keep on with your cruel, greed fueled policies you will learn firsthand what Sun Tzu was talking about. Considering you only make up about 5% – 8% of the total population of this country, have gotten fat and lazy having everything handed to or done for you, and have no experience making due with the resources you have available, it’s really not looking good for you at the end of the day if and when the lights go out.

          • jimchambers

            “Conservative politicians that handed Wall Street billions”. You should really recheck who voted for and against it, it might surprise you. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1008/14196.html
            “an economic wasteland” that you can chalk up to guys like Clinton, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who expanded the community reinvestment act which finally brought the economy down. By allowing individuals to take loans for which they were not qualified and allowing organizations like ACORN to shake down banks as the price for approval of mergers, the CRA forced banks to fail. It was federal policy, not the free market, that brought us to the point of economic collapse and it was democratic congressmen who both blamed the economy and voted for the $700 billion bailout.
            Why, then, didn’t the Occupy fools protest the government for making all that possible? Because they were just as ill-informed as you proved you are with your rant.
            “(A)rmed the very people whose children you’re taking food from.” Another foolish statement. You have proved that you are unaware of the dropping crime rate since the push to allow citizens to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. The only place where killing goes on and on is in democratically controlled districts such as Detroit, Chicago and DC.
            Additionally, why would those people be spending their money on guns and ammo when their children are going hungry? I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t make sense.
            “The one man you never want to piss off is the one that believes he has nothing left to lose.” I agree and that is more and more getting to be those of us who are paying all the bills while others sit back and watch your big screen TV and eat your munchies getting obese from welfare while your kids are out running wild and robbing and assaulting decent people.
            “Your party has been taking their food, their money, their freedom”. In the first place I have no party because I believe that the republicans are as, if not more, corrupt than the democrats (and that takes some doing). In the second, no one is taking anything from those sitting on welfare. We hear the president talking about not having enough money to pay the soc sec payments but we never hear him state that there isn’t enough to make the welfare, WIC and EBT card payments. If anything I subsidize these louts.
            “(E)ntitled freedom of a government of their choosing.” I take that to mean that you should have some sort of claim on my income and labor. That isn’t in the constitution. “(Y)ou believe you are entitled to more for the sheer fact that you desire it”. No, because I work for it. This is not a zero sum game. If you want more you have to work more. Under your plan you think you deserve the things of your choosing just because you exist and that I should be obligated to supply them to you. Doesn’t work that way (without govt taking from me through the threat of force).
            “(H)ave gotten fat and lazy having everything handed to or done for you”. I think you need to look in a mirror. You are the one demanding that you be handed what you want and taking from me, because I work, that which you desire. I’m not taking welfare, I’m working every day, paying my taxes, donating to the church and the wounded warriors, going to school board meetings making sure your kids get fed each and every day even during the summer and holding up my end. I can tell by the way you express that you and those like you think that you are so put upon and down trodden and that it has nothing to do with decisions you have made in your life that has led you to the point in life that you have to rely on the philanthropy of others. If you didn’t study in school, that was your decision. If you decided to have sex and got pregnant that was your decision, not mine. If you decided that wearing your pants down past your butt to your interview and fail to land the job it was because of your decision, not mine.

            You are such an uneducated hypocrite.

          • nander74

            You wrote, “‘Conservative politicians that handed Wall Street billions'”. You should really recheck who voted for and against it, it might surprise you.”

            I did. – http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/30/business/30bailout.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

            …so what’s your point?

            You wrote, ” ‘an economic wasteland’ that you can chalk up to guys like Clinton, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who expanded the community reinvestment act which finally brought the economy down”.

            Experts in the fields of finance tend to disagree with you and your personal opinion – http://www.businessweek.com/investing/insights/blog/archives/2008/09/community_reinvestment_act_had_nothing_to_do_with_subprime_crisis.html

            …but what do they know, right? You’re a Conservative and goddamnit you just know better. Either that or Rush told you differently…

            You said, “(A)rmed the very people whose children you’re taking food from.” and “We hear the president talking about not having enough money to pay the soc sec payments but we never hear him state” – I have no problem with loose gun control laws. I just hope you’re ready to deal with the fallout of it when the time comes if you douchebags want to keep turning off a government that provides protection for you and your family. You are not the perfect quick-shot you clowns seem to think you are and, when the lights do go out I’m going to be laughing at you bumbling around with your .45 as those ‘pants around their waists’ people come to get what you’ve tried to take away. Will it be right of them to do so? No. But your side has offered no solutions other than to quit paying taxes and quit helping them, so as far as I’m concerned, you’ll deserve whatever you get as a result. As far as Social Security is concerned, that is funded by F.I.C.A. specifically and can be altered over time. Children that are alive NOW need food and housing NOW. Are some of them stuck with parents who aren’t worth a shit? Yeah. But how is that their fault and, other than because you’re a sack of dicks, what reason can you give that they should be punished with going hungry because their parents suck?

            You said, “”Your party has been taking their food, their money, their freedom”. In the first place I have no party because I believe that the republicans [blah, blah, blah]”

            You are a member of the Conservative / Tea Bagger bowel-movement and while I have no problem with finding an effective way to keep people from getting aid that do not deserve or need it, your ‘side’ makes no distinction in whom you wish to take it from. You’ll pull the food out of a child’s mouth as quickly as you’ll pull it from the mouth of someone abusing the system because you’re tired of ‘subsidizing these louts’ regardless of who they are or why they are in the position they are in. You are a heartless, self-centered, greedy ass who could probably use a good ass-kicking yourself to remind you of your place. That said, I suggest you continue to attend your church and beg for forgiveness, because while I abhor violence and wish you no harm, given what I’ve read of the Bible, I have a feeling there is an amusement park in hell reserved for you and those like you who are unwilling to help their neighbor. You know… “render unto Ceasar…” and “…the eye of a camel” and so on.

            You said, “‘(E)ntitled freedom of a government of their choosing.'” I take that to mean that you should have some sort of claim on my income and labor.”

            Wrong again. What I meant was that you Conservatives believe if the currently seated government is not doing your specific bidding regardless of the fact that you are a minority, you’re willing to shut the whole thing down completely until they do. That is tyrannical. It is your ‘group’ taking away a government that was duly elected by more people than you had and, since you want to play the typical role of, “I’m a Conservative and thus an EXPERT on the Constitution” is NOT a Constitutional method of redress and should be banned with a 28th Amendment – but I digress. What is in the Constitution is that if you want your policies enacted into law YOU GET A MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE TO VOTE YOUR WAY, you do not support the taking away of the government from everyone that wants different things than you do because you can’t.

            You said, “(H)ave gotten fat and lazy having everything handed to or done for you”. I think you need to look in a mirror. You are the one demanding that you be handed what you want and taking from me, because I work, that which you desire.”

            I made no such demands – and YOU made assumptions.

            Case in point: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/neil-anderson/77/61/7aa

            This particular one of your whiny-ass and equally pointless retorts was the one I found the most hypocritical and similarly the most amusing. First, you Teabaggers assume entirely too much about people, and it’s probably why you just want to eliminate social service programs for everyone – well, except for yourselves in the event of a job loss or natural disaster. I suggest you get something through your tiny little mind; just because someone disagrees with your ‘I got mine, so screw you’ attitude on life does not mean they are a “taker”. It simply means they do not believe in or support your bullshit and have no problem opposing it.

            Now, at the risk of making my own assumptions about you, I think the ironic thing here is I’ve probably held my job longer than you been able to keep hold of any single one you’ve had. I spend my time figuring out ways to fight your wars, defend you and your disgusting ‘me, me, me’ attitude about how our country should be, and all so you can continue to cut everything that we could be doing to make our country better – like education, food assistance, etc. The proof of this can be seen in the simple fact that you spent your whole reply post bitching about having to pay taxes rather than blasting me with ways to improve our current system.

            Typical Conservative mentality I guess… If you can’t understand it or it disagrees with you, kill it.

            Come to think of it, not ONE of you Tea Baggers have EVER suggested anything that any rational person could see as a viable way to help improve this country other than to keep what YOU have and “keep government off your Medicare”. What you seem to forget is that before you were born our government – a government of by and for the people – provided for the people that were trying to better themselves by making the country better with their tax dollars. Among many, many other things, they provided railroads and eventually common roads that allowed them to travel to and from work and even across the country so they could make their fortunes. They also provided regulatory committees that kept the work places your forefathers toiled in safe so he could live long enough to bone your grandma and make your parents, who in turn made you. They even had the foresight to provide YOU with a public education system that I’m pretty sure you took advantage of as a child and is ultimately what allowed you to know to do more with a book than rip out the pages and wipe your ass with them.

            The point is, YOU wouldn’t be able to do anything now without the help of those that came before you and paid the same taxes that you now think are violation of your rights. Rather, you and your infantile Tealiban terrorist group want to shut it down because, even though you got yours off the backs of those that came before you, you believe you have no obligation to those that come after you – because “by golly u’n yers ain’t have nutin’ ta do wit a’birthin ‘em” or some other repugnant excuse you spew out of your vile hole, right?

            If that’s how you feel go buy a fucking island and TRULY make your own way. Then you won’t have to worry about those ‘evil socialists’ that helped to make sure you had a country you could thrive in and you won’t have to contend with those that want to collectively do the same for their kids.

            Now, what was that you were saying about uneducated hypocrites…? Nothing…?

            That’s what I thought.

            Try to keep in mind that the next time you want to kick up a fit because you can’t have what you want when you want it you aren’t just fighting against those ‘poor folks with their pants hung around their ass’ as you seem to think all who oppose you are.

            Try to get over yourselves. We certainly have.

          • jimchambers

            Wow, do you eat with that mouth? Just like all liberals they resort to name calling when they feel that they are unable to sustain their position. I don’t blame you though. You are probably a product of the teacher’s union version of education.

            Additionally, you prove that anonymity is your ally. You are the kind of coward who denigrates others as long as they can’t get their hands on you but my guess is that you are one gutless pussy face to face. My experience tells me that’s the way you are.

            I’m not sure whether you are incapable of or just not willing to engage in rational civilized debate but I have not further wish to engage with you. I know you will think that you have bested me with your debating skills entirely overlooking the fact that I do not wish to lower myself to that level, but that would be like claiming victory in a sewer pit wrestling match when your opponent declines to enter the arena.

          • nander74

            Oh – I know I bested you, and the sheer fact that you replied proves you indeed entered the arena, but that’s OK. Tell yourself whatever you have to in order to feel better, lick your wounds and wipe away the tears. Just keep in mind that I tried to engage in rational discussion with you in my original reply – and it was YOU that resorted to calling me an “uneducated hypocrite”.

            So… Let’s address your points, shall we?

            1. I’m very willing to engage in civil discourse as soon as you are, but until then;

            2. Yeah I eat with this mouth. You wanna know what else I do with it? Ask your wife.

            3. So far the only anonymous person here is you – yet you seem to think I’m the “pussy”? Again – another demonstration of Tea Bagger hypocrisy. Not only are you unwilling to reveal who you are enjoying the benefit of anonymity yourself, but you chastise me for using foul language claiming you’re above it, then engage in it moments later. Laughable.

            4. I figured you were some hillbilly living in one of these sick southern welfare states claiming you don’t need help from the government while you take more in federal money than you pay in. – http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/11/states-federal-taxes-spending-charts-maps
            While I’m not originally from the Confederacy like you I am unfortunately stuck down here amongst you trailer dwelling filth because I have family here that need me. They are far more important to me than living above the Mason/Dixon line where I don’t have to tolerate your foul, racist, redneck, hayseed lifestyle. Rest assured, as soon as I am no longer needed, I’m gone – and you foul ass people can slide off into the ocean for all I care. Now, go get back on your lawnmower you hard worker you.

            Since I was the one that attempted to engage in rational discourse in my original reply I’m still willing to do so. Apologize – and I will do the same and we can start over. Otherwise, feel free to drop by anytime! I’d love to show you just how “chubby” I am
            and, if you’re actually stupid enough to come by, we can certainly “have a talk”.

            Just pack a lunch and bring a friend if you have one – it’ll be a very long day.

          • jimchambers

            OK, be seeing you.

          • nander74

            (sigh) Suit yourself…

          • ladyfrancesca

            oh wow…guess you are so ideologically chained that you cant see the false outrage, the misinformation, the lies and the real motivation of your own. Must be your white, male privileged status that thinks you are entitled and able to make false judgments about others.

        • glenn

          Hey you should be proud of that Confederate flag its the symbol of the Democrat party, since it was theirs.
          Besides anyone with half a brain knows this is just more games played by Democrats to suck up more money and destroy America, since nothing they ever produce (which is only more government and taxes) ever works, nothing.

      • Nadine Gizak

        lol it’s a quote from an historical fiction tv show. what constitutional violation? lmao!

      • Andy Shores

        Yeah I dare and I am not alone … It’s not that they belive differently, it’s that they are irrational, bigoted, religious fanatics. We would be a better nation without them.

        • William Carr

          What if we were to build a giant spaceship, name it the “B” Ark, and tell the Tea Party that the Sun was about to be swallowed by a giant Interstellar Goat ?

          • Andy Shores

            I imagine they would believe it IF it came from a ‘reliable’ conservative source

          • James Mazzarelli

            Like Rush Limbaugh? The Tea Party IS the American Taliban!

          • James Mazzarelli
      • Daniel W.

        Tea partiers love to bring their guns to “rallies”. They are “pro” life, how many were responsible for bombing abortion clinics? They want a Theocratic government. They think they are in a holy war with Islam. Seems to me the shoe fits.

        • ZombiesAroundUs

          There are extremists on both the left and the right. I’m willing to acknowledge that and I want to avoid sinking to your level.

          Trying to paint all people on one side of the issues with the same extremist brush makes you appear either ignorant or desperate.

      • Sheep O’Doom

        You Jihadists are NO LONGER Americans.

      • wcraigjohnston

        Yes. You and your ilk treat those that disagree with you as treasonous parasites. Take a closer look at yourselves and you will see that you are the ones fighting the government. You are guilty of sedition. You are trying to impose your pseudo-christian beliefs on the rest of our enlightened society. This nation was not founded on religion, Obama is not a tyrant, and your view of how this country should be run is in direct conflict with its purpose.
        The Taliban in the middle-east would appreciate your “2d amendment solutions” as well.

        • Paulapilot

          I wonder if you’re familiar with the communist party USA and their work and existence.

          • GregForest

            I sure am and they haven’t been a major player in the U.S. political system since the 1920’s. You need someone new and improved to blame. Didn’t you get the memo? Its SOCIALISM that you are supposed to fear now. There are like only 3 commie countries left in the world and lots of socialist ones to pick and choose from. Broaden the horizons of your hatred.

          • William Carr

            250 members nationwide, completely powerless… yes, we’ve heard of them.

            They HATE Liberals. We hate them, so that’s fair.

          • Paulapilot

            You better check those numbers. More than 250 members.

          • Paulapilot

            As a matter of fact, the current president’s mentor for 11 years belonged to the party.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        Rob, You only have to listen to this tirade & these facts:
        There are probably about 49 Republicans in the House that are holding the government hostage. They are the reason the government is shut down. In a closed door session on 10/1 they changed the rules of the House so that no other member but Speaker Boehner or his “delegated” person could entertain a motion to reopen the government. That means the government will remain shut down until Boehner decides to reopen it…

        800,000 federal workers are now furloughed or working without pay; WIC is closing so little kids can’t get food or infants formula; Head Start is affected so little kids can’t get early education to ready them for school; veterans cannot get assessed for disability; meals on wheels are suspended in many states so that seniors cannot get at least 1 hot meal a day; social services are not working; REAL PEOPLE are being affected by this shut down…it doesn’t effect you or me – but it does affect others. THAT IS TREASON. Look at what they have been upset about? National Parks????

        Rob, wake the hell up. I don’t give a damn if they believe differently from me…but when they jeopardize other lives & then ;pass these kinds of end runs without even a hail mary pass…it pisses me off. They don’t want to negotiate. They are holding America hostage & meanwhile we are loosing money every day. They don’t care. They are getting paid. Boehner is a disgrace to America & these tea party hacks who don’t CARE that they are costing America it’s economy which was slowly recovering.

        For them to rig the rules so they can keep the government shut down is inexcusable. People such as yourself who support them are the real threat to this nation.

        • ZombiesAroundUs

          President Obama refused a deal which would have opened the government with virtually no strings attached. The government is not being held hostage by anyone. It’s been left to die by the POTUS.

          • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

            You just keep believing that. The 1st Amendment gives you the right to believe in anything you should so choose. You are also free not to believe facts or to interpret them any way you so choose. This is what YOU believe. This is what I believe & why I believe it…

            I have read, & I have listened to factual unedited tapes of many tea party congressmen who campaigned & were elected precisely because they promised that they would 1) get rid of the ACA & 2) they would shut down the government so the people could see HOW they didn’t really need it. What I know is that failing to repeal the ACA 42 times did not deter these people. That 80 of them sent a letter to John Boehner in Sept threatening his job if Obamacare was not tied to the spending bill & if it wasn’t passed, he had to shut down the government. That among house Republicans they had enough votes to pass a clean CR but Boehner wouldn’t bring it up for a vote. Now we find that he, Cantor or a designated person are the only ones who CAN bring it up for a vote. When you negotiate – both sides have to give & take…These 42 House Tea Party Members will not negotiate…they really don’t care the government is shut down because it isn’t affecting them. The deal Pres Obama (or rather the Senate) refused would have funded the government but kept the sequester cuts as well as keeping the government shut down.

            74% of the people of America believe that the Tea Party/Republicans are to blame for the government shut down…..Congress have the lowest approval rating ever. It isn’t the Democrats nor the President who won’t call for a vote – it is the House & this change in law makes it impossible for just any House member to call for 1.

            My belief is based on facts from credible journalists & documented video…your belief is based on Tea Party talking points & probably FOX News or any right wing talking site.

          • jimchambers

            Glenna Jones-Kachtik,
            “Congress have the lowest approval rating ever.” This only proves that advertising works.
            You prove that yourself by your statement that your belief is based on facts from credible journalists. There is no such thing as a credible journalist. You’ve been duped like the rest, poor child.

          • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

            “virtually” being the key phrase here

          • William Carr

            Strings ? There was a giant, honking CABLE attached to that offer !

            It would have given the Speaker of the House the Line Item Veto.

            Don’t like the Military?

            Refuse to fund it. Don’t like the Department of Education, or the EPA ?

            Refuse to fund it.

            A SINGLE man that controls the entire spending power of the Government would be… a King.

        • jimchambers

          And Obama could rectify all that with the stroke of a pen and refuses to do so to make it hurt regular Americans as much as possible. Then the MSM shouts that it’s the republicans doing all this and mutton heads take that to the bank.
          All in all, judging by the comments here, it all seems to be working rather well. It’s got people like these fools who genuflect to Obama and other useful idiots riled up and blaming anyone but the pres. They are all clamoring for the govt to put the chains on them so they can have the free stuff. Sheep to the slaughter.
          You were born to freedom and this is not it. You have rights guaranteed to you by your birthright as well as a constitution and you willingly give them up so you can feel a bit safer and have someone else pay for your benefits. The way things are going, it seems, you may just get what you want and in the end you just may not like it. By then, though, you will be stuck with it without recourse.
          You all deserve it but there are thinking people out there that do not and neither do your children who will have to shoulder what you are begging for here.

      • Kelli Hernandez

        We call it like it is…those of us who live in reality. Their actions are sociopathic in nature, clearly and defined without empathy.
        They are NOT for the American people, they are the people’s abusers and America is trauma bonded and they carry Congress as the abusers they are, while exploiting the hate, religious zealousness and intolerance of their voting minion.

        We cannot change your pathological belief in hearing lies and then blow horn them, Rob, but those of us who do have empathy and compassion for our American brother’s and sisters do not do what the tea sociopaths have clearly done to destroy Americans…..

        You will see your betrayers mask slip…..then you will blame fhe black man for the evil that you see…

      • jsadfids

        pretty sure andy shores didn’t shutdown the government and simultaneously disregard the LAW, of which ACA is. nice thread hijack attempt. stick to the issue we’re all here for. the FACT that the GOP intentionally shut down the government

      • William Carr

        Well, that’s easy. The Tea Partiers are delighted that they finally shut down the Government, and are blackmailing the GOP leaders to KEEP it that way.

        They’re deluded, confused, angry, and frustrated.

        Oh, and by the way “How dare you insinuate such a violation of Constitutional rights upon your fellow Americans”…. that doesn’t make any sense.

        What Constitutional Rights are being violated by being compared to the Taliban?

        BTW, we KNOW what the Taliban is; a group of Right Wing fanatics that impose their religious beliefs and practices on everybody else.

        So the comparison is pretty sound, really.

      • Doorman60

        Rob…Did you see the video and do you understand what happened here? Is this done by hardworking Americans or by political hacks who have circumvented Democracy? Listen again.

      • Mark Schmidt

        There are NO decent people in the republican party at this point. How dare YOU falsely represent yourselves as “good Americans” when every damn one of you is nothing but bigoted, anti Anti American terrorist trash. My only problem with this is that it is limited to those GOP scum in congress…it should be leveled at every person who still belongs to the GOP/teabag party. If this offends you, you are free to leave OUR country…it will be better off without your kind.

      • WTauto
      • Patrick Rogers

        Hey “guest” they are not “good” and “non demonic” if they support threatening our economy and the world economy with extortion. Making millions of Americans worry about their economic security for two weeks, is bad, evil and demonic. This is an evil, non-good, demonic movement the tea party. Thanks for helping me find the words “guest”.

    • myralr

      That statement is just plain ignorant

      • Andy Shores

        No, but those it describes ARE ignorant of many things — listen we can extend this a long, long, way — there are often confederate flags at their rallies, many think evolution is a myth, many believe in the literal translation of a mostly historical / contrived book, and many are homophobic; they are irrational, bigoted, religious fanatics. No señor, la declaración no es ignorante.

    • Pam Hodge

      NO SUCH PARTY! We are divided in America because of our diffrent ideas. The Republicans are doing their job and the Democrats too. No need for war, we need a LEADER who can settle this matter instead of letting a cold war go on between Americans! But where is our Fearless Leader who can lead both sides into an agreement? Republicans are part of his responsibility as President. Obama is showing favortisim to one side and rejecting the other. It’s all ONE GOVERMENT with Reps and Dems, and their leader is “AWOL”.

      This cold war in the goverment is all Obama’s fault.

      • Andy Shores

        No, our leader is standing firm on what is right for this country. In fact, he is just refusing to negotiate with terrorists (yes, I am saying it — tea party / American taliban / terrorists –> igual). Let’s look at the reality … the ACA is law and Mr. Obama and his advisors feel it is in the best interest of the country. The tea party people are deathly afraid he is right and are not willing to take the chance he is right — and for the same reason the southern governors are refusing to accept it (at the cost of 100’s of millions of dollars to their state’s economies) — they are bigoted, short-sighted, greedy, and are trying to preserve their ill-fated, ultraconservative, and backward beliefs.
        SO, no, madam, he is not to blame — the rule changes and the terrorist tactics are causing this. Understand this fact — there are more than enough votes in the House and the Senate to fund the government and increase the debt ceiling — your buddies, through these wrongful rule changes, are holding the majority at bay (holding them hostage) and are willing to cripple the world economy through their terrorist actions. Just think of the person, working for the govt, just about to get out of the economic calamity and suddenly they are missing missing credit card payments — their credit scores are going to shit and now they will not have the credit to buy a new house/ That not only hurts them personally, but the whole economy. LET THE ACA WORK FOR AMERICA AND REOPEN THE GOVERNMENT NOW.

    • Patrick Rogers

      Sign the sedition petition! Over 40K signatures asking for the Republican house leadership to be arrested on sedition conspiracy.


    • hungry4food


      The reason for this
      Petition is because We the People have become Disenfranchised from our Nations
      rights and Liberties with the Isolation from OUR right to Choose Monetary
      Policy through Our Representatives and this Legislation will Restore this Part
      of LIBERTY !!!!!

      That’s why I created a
      petition to The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, and Governor John

      Will you sign this
      petition? Click here:



  • Patti

    They are trying to push their poll numbers down below 20%. For what. To damage the economy and hurt the middle class and working poor. 2014 can not come soon enough.

  • Fionnbharr

    Anyone for an “Enabling Act”?

  • Mercedes Marton

    they need to play this on the 9pm news.

    • Michael Brooks

      The Video needs to go Viral online!

  • Michael Hill

    Every Republican could legally be prosecuted for the following Obstruction of justice is the impediment of governmental activities. obstruction of congressional or administrative proceedings (18 U.S.C. 1505),
    conspiracy to defraud the United States (18 U.S.C. 371),

    • Dana Bullock

      No need to wait until 2014-

      https://www.change.org/petitions/senator-john-boehner-call-a-vote-in-the-house-or-have-your-congress-seat-recalled If you feel like I do please check out the petition and sign it. A recall of a congressman is a possible thing, if we get enough support going for a petition to have his seat recalled or force a vote(or both) it will send a clear message- we the american people will not stand for this tomfoolery.

      • Michael Brooks

        There was a Petition online since a few weeks ago, and was recently being signed also by the House and Senate GOP and Democrats for the Removal of John Boehner, and others so that the bill can be brought to the floor for the vote.

      • EaDiot

        Only 17 states have rules for recalling a Senator or Congressman, the others rely on the House rules which require a two third majority of the respective Houses to censure members. And to censure there has to be a reason like for example Cruz is getting the House to block and not do their work so this current shutdown even though started by him can’t be blamed on him in terms of rules. When the Congressmen realise they got played for patsies by him watch his free fall begin.

      • EaDiot

        BTW Texas has no recall rules! So you stuck with him for another 5 years of his 6 year term.

        • Mupsycho

          im ashamed to have Ted Cruz as my senator……….

          • jimchambers

            Which one of those two girls in the picture are you?

      • Michael Hill

        There is no provision in the constitution that allows We The People to recall elected federal legislators. Impeachment can only take place in the House or Senate. The only way that We The People can remove a federal legislator from office in to vote them out.

  • Richard Rech

    look on the Brightside when we take the house e can use it against them

  • royce

    Hi al this is appalling to say the least !! for this I would like top bring to your attention that I am the author of a petition it states “Petition the Department of Justice ” “Investigate the Koch Brothers for their seditious Government Shutdown Plan ” It can be found either on change.org petitions or petitions moveon.org also it can be found on my f.b. page I do repost often .This needs to STOP PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND SIGN & SHARE THANK YOU
    Royce Hohn

    • Dana Bullock

      No need to wait until 2014-

      https://www.change.org/petitions/senator-john-boehner-call-a-vote-in-the-house-or-have-your-congress-seat-recalled If you feel like I do please check out the petition and sign it. A recall of a congressman is a possible thing, if we get enough support going for a petition to have his seat recalled or force a vote(or both) it will send a clear message.

      • Zorb

        You might want to rewrite this. Boehner isn’t a senator…

    • BigBen2k

      Sadly, nothing that the Koch brothers have done is illegal, thanks to the Citizens united Supreme court ruling.

      It is not possible to change this, regardless of who is in the majority. It would require a 2/3 majority vote from each and every state. Or some lightbulb moment from SCOTUS, who’d revise their ruling.

      We got here because some people thought that Dubya was a better choice for this country, twice, who then appointed Conservative judges.

      Most house representatives cannot be recalled, and those that do, are because of criminal charges only.

      Since the GOP mostly relies on PACs for political funding, they would never approve a change; it would sink them lower than where they are now (if that’s possible!). We can always hope that the GOP does *not* recover from this shutdown. Rural districts are gerrymandered, and rock solid Republican; they have nothing to loose, regardless of what they do.

      Get the money out of politics, and you’ve got a starting point. Educate people in rural areas and get them engaged in our government, and you’ve got the basis of something good. Representatives are supposed to be leaders, not feeding and banking on people’s fears to promote themselves.

  • Linda Jenkins

    Did 368 require a “simple majority” vote? Why didn’t the Democrats protest this when it first came up?

    • EDVA

      They did! No democrat voted for it and a few republicans voted against it. Remember the majority in the House is Republican. Vote them out.

      • http://hiepsfinance.com/ Hiep’s Finance

        Actually some Democrats voted for it. Doesn’t really change the outcome of the vote, but we should respect the truth anyway.


    • Mike Farris

      there is 232 republicans to 200 democrats in the house. so the republicans can go 232 to 200 and win any vote by simple majority. just like in the senate the dems have 53 with 2 independents caucusing with the dems vs 45 Republicans in the senate

  • Brandi

    Amendment 14.. use it Mr. President..

    • theo j. williams

      Yep. Sections 4 and 5 particularly, by my reading of the Constitution…

  • Patrique

    There’s no point to taking a reasonable approach with people who see reality as whatever they want it to be, especially those who talk about “All Americans…” – That’s always the first clue that they’re only interested in whichever lobbyist’s dick is in their mouths.

  • Lily Lorber

    Something you never learned in History Class* – The Republicans are no
    strangers to threachery and treason; they have attempted a COUP before.
    in 1933 Prescott Bush led a coup plot to overthrow our government and removed
    FDR from office. It was Major General Smedley Butler’s patriotism and
    good character that put an end to the coup plot ! ___ http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USAbutlerSD.htm

  • Rob Patterson

    This is an example of how both sides of the isle have been deceitful. The fault here is 100% on the American voter.
    But let us break this down to nuts and bolts-
    1st- The A.C.A. (OBAMACARE), is unconstitutional and was voted into being under political subterfuge. -FACT.

    2nd- A minority block of Constitutionalists from the republican side,
    using the budget debate, were able to include language in the budget
    bill to de-fund the A.C.A.
    3rd- After repeated subsequent budget
    proposals submitted by the House and each one making less demands for
    the A.C.A. bill to be modified, the Senate, led by Harry Reid, have shot
    them all down.
    4th- The House Speaker, John Boehner is NOT one of
    the minority of republicans that backed the de-funding of the A.C.A. and
    has, in fact, moved repeatedly against those same minority republicans.
    John Boenher want’s the government reopened with almost NO change to
    the A.C.A. in it’s current form.
    5th- THIS video depicts one tiny
    little operational debate of the House. It is not related to ANYTHING
    currently causing the government shut down nor is it wholly relevant to
    the re-opening of our government. In fact, may very well be designed to
    Re- open the government by “side-stepping” those very same house
    republicans by solidifying the Speaker’s powers over this one issue.

    6th- That this video will be hailed by the left as a smoking gun when,
    in fact, it is irrelevant to the budget debate, is irrelevant to issues
    of the Constitutionality of the A.C.A. and is merely a smoke screen
    designed by the left to increase the divisiveness of the American
    7th- This video depicts, again, one tiny operational point
    of contention that is relevant to only one tiny Congressional bill- the
    budget. It is not an attempt by the right to take over the government.
    It is not relevant to any other bill that is or may be in the House.

    8th- Government is to be answerable to the people. It is the People
    who must preserve and protect the Constitution. AS such it is the fault
    of every voter in this country. This is made evident in our 2nd
    amendment, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of
    a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not
    be infringed”. This amendment is far reaching in it’s scope. It is meant
    for US, the people, to be able to throw off the shackles of tyranny
    when it is made evident.
    9th- Both branches of our government, the
    Legislative AND the Executive no longer REPRESENT the American people.
    They are answerable to foreign banking cartels before they are
    answerable to the people. AS such, this “Government” is tyrannical and
    needs to be dismantled BY THE PEOPLE as indicated by the 2nd amendment
    to the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Governance of the People, by the People, for the People is what is at stake. It is what has been lost.


    • EDVA

      Wow! You truly make most of this crap up, must have lots of time on your hands. FYI – ACA was ruled constitutional by a CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court, remember? Oh, that’s right – you get all your news from Faux News, right Rob?

    • PhiloKGB

      Do you know how federal constitutionality is determined? When the US Supreme Court upholds a law, it is constitutional by definition. You can disagree, but you don’t matter. Sorry, them’s the facts.

    • Michael Pascoe

      FACT, both sides not only debated on this, but the Republicans added 161 Amendments to the bill.


    • KarenCanfieldMaskens

      so, when the supreme court said Obamacare WAS constitutional …you don’t have to follow that rule?

    • ladyfrancesca


  • Dana Bullock
  • Postal Trucker

    Yet every right-wing source of information you’ll see or hear still advances the lie that Obama is the one responsible for the shutdown…. incredible !!!

  • Rashida Khan

    This should be played round the time on responsible media, instead of discussing who is to blame. Even a four year old can see that it is unfair to alter the rules of play to favor one team over another.

  • Patriot

    HOW DARE THEY RIG THE SYSTEM AND USE A BACKDOOR RULE CHANGE TO CONTRAVENE THE CLEAR RULE OF THE PEOPLE!!!! They should be made to follow the constitution like the democrats were when they passed ACA…oh wait, that’s right they violated the constitution, denied members of the senate an opportunity to even read the bill before they crammed it down our throats!

    • alf514

      The whole damn ACA is full of “formerly” Republican ideas (that is, of course until the black guy decided they were good ideas…) . You’d think we got single payer or Medicare for all the way you lunatics bloviate. So tired of you hair-on-fire clowns. STFU!

      • ludiofelix

        The best idea was a single payor system, you troglodyte. That Democrats were willing to compromise with moderately sane Republicans does them credit, though I’m glad they have realized they were negotiating with terrorists.

      • Patriot

        Nice change of subject. When you can’t use facts I guess you resort to insults.

  • Michael Brooks

    Democracy has been suspended by the Tea Party Republicans!

  • Jay Jacobs

    so in effect the speeker of the house by passing this res., Boehner has stolen the power base of this country. Would that not be an act of treason. Should we not then have him arrested for this act of treason.

    • BigBen2k

      Sadly, no.

      HR 368 was passed by the Rules Committee.

      There are also no rules against a House representative, knowingly making a false statement, save section 17, for which they’d get a slap on the wrist.

      They’re lawmakers; a very powerful position to be in.

      Blame the Koch brothers, not Boehner; he’s just playing along, letting the Tea Party hang itself, and until we get money out of politics, yeah, it’s a game.

  • Judith Finley

    If this is true and the video has not been altered in any way then ALL citizens of the US need to be afraid. Those here with the Tea Party/ Koch Brothers that think this is ok, be careful what you wish for is all I can say. Our government, with the help from Congress has just been hijacked by people who could care less about you and I.

  • bennyseay

    Re: “any motion pursuant to Clause 4 of Rule XXII relating to
    the House Joint Resolution may be offered ONLY BY THE MAJORITY LEADER OR
    Wouldn’t that mean Eric Cantor (the House majority leader) rather than Boehner? (Even scarier.)

    • ladyfrancesca

      that’s exactly what it meant. Eric Cantor is getting away with this scott free while the entire blame goes to Boehner (not that I’m a fan of Boehner)

  • Cowboy

    TEA Party: Taliban Egredior Americanus. Or: Taliban Expugno Americanus. Either way.

  • frankdatank

    The tea party is the last party in america that can save this country from bankruptcy ……bash them all you want but we can’t keep spending like the dems and the gop are doing

    • Kelli Hernandez

      Empty platitudes Frank…turn off Faux….it’s for entertainment only, not ‘news’. Do your research….oh wait, teabaggies don’t do that….for that would require EDUCATING one’s self…better to PRETEND to be ignorant and stupid.

      Willful ignorance is hate, Frank. You might wish to contemplate….

    • ladyfrancesca

      another false outrage. Where was your outrage under Reagan and Bush?

  • Paul Rold

    Article 1 section 7

    All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives

    • ladyfrancesca

      and your point is?

  • Linda

    Wow… How much more proof do the tea partiers and rwnj need to see the truth??!?

  • Susan Garrett

    See how quick they will change that rule when democrats take the house back!!!

  • Peter Flynn

    just imprison them

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  • Joe Licari

    What’s the point? Harry Reid, the leader of the democratically controlled senate can decide unilaterally not to allow any legislation to be voted on. This gives him sole power as great as, or greater, than the president or the supreme court. So now we have a democratic congressman arguing that the house of representatives is doing something untoward?

    • LeeVT

      You’re mistaken. Both House and Senate rules are that the Speaker and the Senate majority leader control the legislation brought to the floor of the respective chambers.

      This change means that no one except the Speaker can even bring a resolution to the floor.

      • Joe Licari

        If that was the case why did the house pass resolution 368 on October1?

        • LeeVT

          The Republican controlled house passed that so no democrat or even moderate Republican can introduce a resolution to remove the House amendments and vote on a clean bill

        • Chris Melvin Parsons

          Because they are tea party republicans.

  • one4REALchange

    Why did the GOP rig the rules? Because, they cannot win with fair voting. If they cannot gerrymander, cheat, steal, or buy, then they lose.

    It’s one thing when they try to silence the voice of the American people, but now, they silence their very own congressmen?

  • whitmail

    Here is the reason you can’t and shouldn’t elect a Republican/TeaParty majority into ANY governing body, they do not believe in majority rule or past Democratic or Liberal

  • limbomonkey

    I’m trying to understand how HR 368 is constitutional.

    • Andrew Scott

      It’s actually H res 368. It only has effect in the house.

      • limbomonkey

        Um….that’s what my r in hr stood for. And, believe it or not, what happens in the House effects the entire country.

        • Andrew Scott

          A bill that originates in the house starts with HR for House of Representatives, and does have the effect of law when signed by the president. however, a resolution that originates in the house starts with H Res. which stands for House Resolution and doesn’t have the effect of law, because it isn’t sent to the Senate nor the President.

          • limbomonkey

            Ok, well, sorry for not using the magic words. I always thought HB referred to “House Bill” and used HR because I was also tweeting and trying to conserve characters.

            But I guess since I used the wrong magic words, it means that, even thought it’s not law, it doesn’t effect our rights as voters to equal-ish representation. House RESOLUTION 368 makes it so that only one person (and one person’s district) has any say in who votes for a budget. Without one person’s vote/approval (ie, the majority leader’s decision to bring it to a vote), we could have been shut down forever. That means voters in Virginia had a greater say in the running of the nation then the rest of us.

            But it’s all moot now (mostly).

            Please excuse me if my magic words aren’t accurate.

          • limbomonkey

            Sorry for being snarky. I’m just (still) incredibly frustrated by H* 368. So far, I haven’t been able to get an explanation about how it didn’t violate my rights as a voter. And it was kind of frustrating to hear it didn’t violate my rights because I used the wrong abbreviation.

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  • LeeVT

    They should pass a resolution that no one named John Boehner is allowed to open his mouth in congress.

  • Chris Melvin Parsons

    Republicans have on Oct 1st made this country a Communist not a Republic country. Time to stop paying taxes. Period.

  • Chris Melvin Parsons

    What are they going to do when we as citizens have an uprising as in other countries where the government abuses the taxes which have supported the lawmakers? What will they do when DC looks like Lybia, Egypt. And other countries who has lost the republic government that is to protect and make this the greatest country on earth?


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  • Pam Hodge

    This is not a rig! It’s a Bill Summary & Status of Congress H.RES.368 Action on 10/1/2013 Passed/agreed to in House Status agreeing to a resolution by the Yeas and Nays. The Motion to was laid on the table and agreed to without objection.

    Yeas and Nays: 228 – 199 (Roll no. 505) Looks like a Major Congressional Action to me. LOL

  • Pam Hodge

    This was not a RIG! Pull up the Bill your self and read it, congress voted on it.

    • ladyfrancesca

      you really can’t be serious *laughing*…I mean seriously?

      Previously, clause 4 of rule XXII could be brought up by any member of the House of Representatives to push a bill forward despite disagreements.

      Not only did this H.R. 368 change the ability to use clause 4 of rule XXII, but it specifically applied it to House Joint Resolution 59, the appropriations bill that the House of Representatives and Senate fought over.

      • Pam Hodge

        Sorry but I can’t get serious about calling a move by the House a RIG. Yes they changed it, and I saw the votes with the 228 yea – 199 nay. This is the way they change a bill in, it got the votes to move forward. So that doesn’t look like any type of rigging if they all had a say and it got passed. Sure they had some angry Democrats, but some of those Democrats did vote Yea. Sounds funny (or more like strange) that some would call this bill a rig, when even some of the Democrats sided with Republicans.

        • ladyfrancesca

          wasting time trying to reason and have an intelligent discussion with you is pointless. You disregard facts and substitute talking points, and are reduced to parroting rather than critical analysis. Enjoy speaking with yourself because I’m done listening as well as engaging with you.

          • Pam Hodge

            Thank you for turning a deft ear to me. ROFL Now I don’t have to listen to your cyber bullying.

  • Pam Hodge

    Stop calling our Americans names! If you don’t like what they do in Washington DC, then complain to the one that represents your state. Some of us may not win the battle, but we can conduct our self in a way that doesn’t shame our country.

    • Rstlne

      Who, precisely, are you yelling at? Do you even know?

      • Pam Hodge

        Yes I know, it was suppose to be under Andy Shores remark about American Taliban, but it didn’t go into the right place. Sorry!

  • Rob Patterson

    I have to say, all of you who fall victim to infantile partisan bashing are idiots. There are bigger issues at play that have direct consequences to this nation’s sovereignty. BOTH parties have done damage to our nation. For that I blame YOU, America, for voting in these corrupt “politicians” over and over again. That so many of you have lost touch with our history, with what it really means to be an American, is pathetic. When the bullets fly I will be with those who would defend our Constitution. You will be in the way. Figure it out.
    And here is some food for thought from a friends FB Wall-
    To anyone that cares:
    I would like to thank all of congress for the amazing job they have done. They have fought with each other, not negotiated with each other and yet found a way to come together in this 11th hour to thwart a government shutdown. You all look like hero’s. Smiling, fist pumping and patting each other on the back. You have saved the world from certain disaster. But after all the dust has settled, what have you REALLY done??? You have managed to put your job off (again) for about two months. Which means NOTHING was accomplished. You have raised the debt ceiling which ensures we go further into debt. But most importantly you opened the govt back up. And it’s a good thing you did. I don’t know how all of you would have survived going into your winter recession with the govt closed. Whew!! Disaster adverted there. So I want to thank you all again for putting YOURSELVES ahead of your country and the American people (again).
    Disgusted With You All,

    One Pissed Off American

  • Mark Schmidt

    Please sign this if you will…petition to arrest GOP House leadership and charge them with sedition…Gitmo beckons…


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  • John

    Republicans are the Nazi’s of America. They should all be arrested for Treason to the United States. Arrest them NOW

  • single mom

    The only way a person is truly free (and not a slave to the government) is to not be indebted to one’s government. What the Democrats are taking away is individual control over one’s own destiny. By handing out money in the form of stimulus packages, the government is enslaving its own people by keeping them indebted to those in control. Requiring larger and larger portions of income be withheld for services an individual may or may not need is taking away the individual freedom to capitalize on his or her own efforts to earn as much money as possible. Some people may feel comfortable with the government controlling every aspect of human life, but I certainly do not. This doesn’t make me racist, and it doesn’t make me a hate monger. What I am is a single mother (widowed) of four children (school age) who has shown that it is possible to attain individual freedom from the ties that bind me. I do not receive any form of government assistance, and I am tired of hearing the excuses of those who don’t want to try. If I can do it, anybody can. I shouldn’t have to pay for laziness.

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  • Robbert Pattinson

    A Democratic aide told CBS News that extraordinary measures provision is a “poison pill” for Democrats. “They want to put on a prohibition on the treasury secretary and the president to use extraordinary means to stave off a default. No president or any secretary of the treasury has been constrained in that way. It is not a good thing,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told Bloomberg News.
    Thanks for sharing…..
    Video Companies Washington DC

  • WTauto
  • jakopnaz

    I have a better idea, lets get all of them out have people vote the laws online, I can’t stand this two party team rah rah rah BS. What ever happened to we the people? We all want the same basic things in life. Things get complicated when you put a few people in power, corruption, greed, manipulation takes over. Almost all of the people in power are so far gone and disconnected from reality. The major problem a lot of us deal with is the lack of education and the majority of the new generation of kids are not educated at all. It’s clear we are naturally lazy and we are waiting for the alpha roll to come in and play their part.

  • Patrick Rogers

    It is very refreshing to see normal Americans that normally quietly go about their lives, finally taking the time to tell these rabid foaming at the mouth tea party crazies, how messed up their thinking really is. Unfortunately we had to live through this extortion of a shut down and debt limit threat to wake up everyone to the threat these crazy right wingers pose to the USA.

    We need to call out the lying right wing tea party at every turn. One tea party republican was on CNN saying the shut down did not cause any economic loss to the economy.

    I have a question, if rabid tea party crazies are so sure about their point of view being correct, why do they have to lie about economic data?

  • Guest

    Sound for video does.not work, at least not on my iPad using google chrome

  • oOXOo

    Sedition is cause for arrest!

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