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Early Fall Blizzard And Furloughed FSA Workers Leave “Tea Party-Loving” Rural America With Dead Animals On Their Hands (VIDEO)

Published On October 11, 2013 | By admin |

Due to the government shutdown, and an early fall blizzard, there are dead animals strewn about the mid-West–and there is currently no Livestock Disaster Program available and “some individuals might be on their own”.

“What?!?!?!  You mean the folks in Middle America who vote for the Tea Party are being hung out to dry???  Their cattle are dead because of a disaster?!?!?!  Ranchers, you see, they have no Federal help right now.  Remember even before the government shutdown Republican extremeists injected their ideology into places that it didn’t really belong.  Case in point…  The Farm Bill..”   —  which expired…  you guessed it:  October 1, 2013.”

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  • Angel Rivera

    how much karma going their way are we talking about?

    • RuralDelivery

      People in the midwest will take of burying their own dead animals and this bloviating fat MSNBC idiot can go do you know what to himself. WHAT AN IDIOT! Anyone who buys this crap is pathetic.

      • Skip Moreland

        It’s not about burying their dead animals, though that is costly. It is the loss of the herds which will devastate the rancher, who because of the government shut down can’t apply for relief for the loss. And you can bet that is exactly what they would do under normal circumstances while complaining about the federal government wasting their money. I say, if they don’t like the government, no money then for them.

      • Skip Moreland

        Oh to really put the lie to your statement, you should read the morning news where the ranchers are complaining about the lack of government help.


  • mlee952

    Who decided to close the FSA and keep the NSA open?

    • AW

      Well, the Antideficiency Act establishes the rules governing this shutdown. That’s a law that was originally passed in 1870 and last amended in 1982. So the president who approved the current version of the shutdown law was…?

      • Dustin L. Tabor

        Musta been Carter or Clinton. Surely it wasn’t St. Emperor Reagan, you must have your dates wrong.

      • mlee952

        What does the anti-deficiency Act say about the NSA and FSA?

  • John Cross

    I bet most of these people voted t-bagger and sat around their one-store town boasting about how “I built that” and they don’t need no stinking federal givmint… not much pity here. BTW Obama should refuse to sign any more piecemeal budgets. Or EVERYONE gets what they need or NOBODY gets what they need.