Alan Grayson RIPS Tea Party “Largest Suicide Pact In History” (VIDEO)

Published On October 19, 2013 | By james |

Democratic Representative Alan Grayson (FL), has been on a roll lately, emerging as a leading voice against GOP obstructionism and ripping Tea Party politicians and their tactics. During a heated exchange on the House floor last week, Rep. Grayson was silenced for comparing the popularity of congress to “dog poop.

On Friday, he took to the airwaves on  MSNBC’s Politics Nation with Al Sharpton. Railing about the increasingly desperate tactics employed by the Tea Party (the recent Tea Party-led government shut-down is estimated by Standards & Poor’s to have cost the U.S. economy 24 Billion dollars), Rep. Grayson let loose when asked by Rev. Sharpton if President Obama had the Tea Party “on the ropes,”

 “…I think that ordinary Americans are with the President, I think they’re appalled by the Tea Party’s tactics where they come to the President and the Congress and say, ‘if you don’t let us steal your car then we’re going to burn down your house.’ They’re appalled by the way the Tea Party cheered on the shutting down of the government – cheered on that we put our credit at risk for generations to come – and they’re appalled by the enormous expense, the fact that this Tea Party shutdown ended up costing America $24 billion dollars – that’s almost $100.00 for every man, woman and child in this country… they want their money back… at this point the tea Party is no more popular than the (Klu Klux) Klan.”

Continuing his attack further, he listed a host of domestic issues that the Tea Party has offered no solutions for, saying;

“…(the Tea Party) simply want to bring about the end of days as quickly as possible – that is the ultimate Tea Party Republican desire – to bring about the end of days. The Republican Party has become the largest suicide pact in history…”

He also blasted House Speaker John Boehner for his inability to harness his caucus and allowing the shutdown, saying he has become the “short order cook for the far-right wing;”

“…would you like some French fries or cheese with that?”


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Watch via MSNBC’s Politics Nation:

– james | Founder | Chief Editor | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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